An Esper (能力者 Nōryokusha?, lit. "Ability User") is a term used to refer to a person who emits AIM. Although, it is generally used to refer to people who have gone through Academy City's Power Curriculum Program. It is also used to refer to people who are powers, especially those who have gone through to the curriculum without gaining powers such as Level 0s and Skill-Outs. The term is also used to refer to magicians by those who are unaware of magic and can only rationally explain their powers by equating them as espers.


Index refers to espers as beings who have talent—most likely referring to Gemstones and as, such unable to use magic without causing much harm to one's body.[1] All espers emit AIM, which is unique to the esper's powers, for example: an pyrokinetic esper will heat up their surroundings unconsciously than any other person due to their AIM.[2] Furthermore, all espers have what is called a Personal Reality, it is the basis of an espers power and refers to the espers ability to replace ordinary reality with his own.[3] It is in contrast with magic's Idol Theory.

Regarding abilities, all espers can only have one type of esper power, for example: Misaka Mikoto is an Electromaster and is in control of all eletrical phenomena.[4] Although, this did not stop researchers from finding of ways to achieve more than power such as Dual Skill and Multi-Skill. In contrast however, esper powers need no such preparation and elaborate rituals to create some sort of phenomenon or effect in reality.

Moreover, esper abilities are categorized as either Active or Passive abilities. Active refers to an esper knowingly having to use his power to create an effect on reality, whilst passive has the esper subconsciously effect reality with their abilities. However, both can be present at the same time in an esper, such as Accelerator's subconscious reflection ability.[5]

Their distortion of reality to create powers is based on quantum theories. This distortion is an isolated phenomenon, pertaining only to the observations of the world by an esper based upon their Personal Reality. This is in startk contrast with holism, where a large distortion of the laws of the world as a whole is used to create powers.[6]

Power Curriculum Program

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All those who enroll into the program are referred to as espers. The purpose of the program is to cut an esper from regular reality. Through the use of experiments, drugs and the like, a student can get cut-off from regular reality and achieve their own personal reality.[7] They are later given ranks depending on the results they have in a System Scan. It has been stated that even those who have a Level 0 rank have enough esper ability to barely pass grading on the esper curriculum.[8]

All espers are theoretically able to gain an ability or gain a level using the curriculum, such as Misaka Mikoto, a Level 1 at first becoming the 3rd Level 5.[9], of course, since there are exceptions such as the existence of Level 0s. Furthermore, with the Parameter List, it is apparent that there are certain limits that humans wanting to become espers using the curriculum, such as some having a slower development compared to the rest. As such, Academy City allocates their resources and money to the helping of students who would become an esper faster for example.

All those who have are part of the Power Curriculum Program will be listed within the Data Banks of the city, along with their power, level, as well as some comments regarding the person. Furthermore, certain espers such as Kamijou Touma have certain security protocols to protect the truth regarding their powers.

Currently, only Academy City is able to produce Espers; although others have tried, such as the Stargate Project.[10]

Gemstones and speculation

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Gemstones are espers who are people who have not gone through any power development program, but is still able to emit AIM. They are most likely the beings that Index referred to as "talented", and the reason that ordinary beings created magic to compensate for their lack of powers.[11]There are currently 50 confirmed Gemstones in the world.[12]

In extension to this, it has been speculated that there maybe persons who have not realized that they have powers, or that their certain propensities or idiosyncracies, as subtle as good looks, or good penmanship may actually this power.[13]

List of Espers

NameAbility NameLevelNotes
AcceleratorVector Change5Second protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index; Ranked #1 Level 5 Esper; Former operative of GROUP. Can manipulate vectors.
Kakine TeitokuDark Matter5Ranked #2 Level 5 Esper; Former leader of SCHOOL. Can create and control matter that does not exist in this universe.
Misaka MikotoRailgun5Main protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun; Ranked #3 Level 5 Esper. Can create and control electricity.
Mugino ShizuriMeltdowner5Ranked #4 Level 5 Esper; Leader of ITEM. Can shoot a beam of electrons.
Shokuhou MisakiMental Out5Ranked #5 Level 5 Esper. Can manipulate the minds of people.
Sogiita GunhaUnknown5Ranked #7 Level 5 Esper; Gemstone. Ability is "impossible to define", but capabilities include but are not limited to: moving past the speed of sound, enduring otherwise fatal attacks, and creating forcefields.
Kinuhata SaiaiOffense Armor4Operative of ITEM. Can control nitrogen as a means of attack and defense.
Kirifu MegumiTelekinesis4Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Kongou MitsukoAero Hand4Can create a propulsion of wind wherever she lays her hands, which displaces objects or creates projectiles.
Kuroyoru UmidoriBomber Lance4Member of Freshmen; cyborg. Can create nitrogen lances from her hands.
Kushiro KatabiraSynchrotron4Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability is hinted to allow the creation of large explosions from certain periodic elements.
Misaka WorstElectromaster4Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Musujime AwakiMove Point4Former Operative of GROUP; Once considered a potential Level 5 candidate.[citation needed] Can teleport objects without the need to touch them.
Shirai KurokoTeleport4Second protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun; Member of Judgment. Can teleport herself and other objects upon touch, as long as the total teleported weight is less than 130.7 kg.
Takitsubo RikouAIM Stalker4Potential Level 5 candidate; Operative of ITEM. Can track down espers, copy their abilities, and manipulate their AIM fields.
Unabara MitsukiTelekinesis4Appearance used by Etzali. Can move objects from afar. Can also turn his own body into a cryogenic state of invulernability.
YotsubaTelepathy4Member of Judgment. Mentioned by Komoe as a specialist in Mind Hound-related matters.
Awatsuki MaayaHydro Hand3Can control water.
Kobayashi ShimanakaTelepathy3Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Konori MiiClairvoyance3Member of Judgment. Can see through things, which is akin to X-ray vision.
Last OrderElectromaster3Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Misaka 9982Electromaster3Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Misaka 10031Electromaster3Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Misaka 10032Electromaster3Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Misaka 10777Electromaster3Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Okahara RyoutaPyrokinesis3Ex-user of Level Upper (anime only). Can shoot homing flames.
Usukinu YasumiInsulation3Appears only in a Drama CD. Ability involves energy barriers.
Wannai KinuhoHydro Hand3Can manipulate water.
Haruue EriiTelepathy2Displays power beyond her Level class when exposed to certain frequencies.
Jufuku MihoDummy Check2Ex-user of Level Upper. Can make people less aware of her presence.
Kaitabi HatsuyaSynchrotron2Ex-user of Level Upper; Perpetrator of the Graviton bombings. Can create explosions by accelerating gravitons found in objects made of aluminum.
Kumokawa MariaViolence Doughnut2Ex-student of Kihara Kagun, younger sister of Kumokawa Seria. Can increase the centrifugal force in her by 0.5 to 2 times.
Uiharu KazariThermal Hand1Member of Judgment. Can keep part of an object's temperature constant.
AkemiTelekinesis0Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved levitation of objects when under effect of Level Upper.
Fremea SeivelunUnknown0Younger sister of Frenda Seivelun.
Hamazura ShiageUnknown0Third protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index; Former leader of Skill-Out; Member of ITEM.
Hattori HanzouUnknown0Leader of Skill-Out.
Hebitani TsuguoUnknown0Usurping leader of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
Kamijou ToumaUnknown0Main protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index; Any possible esper power manifestation gets cancelled by his Imagine Breaker. Originator of Kamijou Faction.
Komaba RitokuUnknown0Former leader of Skill-Out.
Koujun KikuhikoUnknown0Ex-user of Level Upper.
Kurozuma WataruUnknown0Founder and ex-leader of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
MakoUnknown0Ex-user of Level Upper.
MuuUnknown0Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved levitation of objects when under effect of Level Upper.
Saten RuikoAero Hand0Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved manipulation of wind when under effect of Level Upper.
TamezouUnknown0Former member of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
TrickTrick Art0Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability allows him to distort light, which can be used to create illusions.
Tsuchimikado MotoharuAuto Rebirth0Magician; Former operative of GROUP. Ability heals all injuries (unspecified time period), but can fail at any time.
YokosukaUnknown0Leader of his own Skill-Out band in District 7.
AIM BurstMulti-SkillUnknownAn aggregation of AIM dispersion fields of those in the Level Upper network. Displayed various unidentified abilities. Power initially controlled by Kiyama Harumi for being the network administrator.
AmimeUnknownUnknownAbility involves manipulation of frictional coefficients.
AnzaiTelepathyUnknownAbility mentioned to involve telepathy.
AokiUnknownUnknownAbility involves the manipulation of earth to create crags.
Aogami PierceUnknownUnknownStudent of A Certain High School; one of the Delta Force, alongside Kamijou Touma and Tsuchimikado Motoharu.
Boy with gogglesUnknownUnknownOperative of SCHOOL. Can rip vehicles apart and attack with some sort of force. Ability theorized to be Level 4 and a form of telekinesis.
Edasaki BanriTelepathyUnknownCan communicate with other telepaths.
Elder SisterFlux CoatUnknownEx-user of Level Upper. Ability allows the manipulation of the viscosity of asphalt to the point of reshaping it.
EllisUnknownUnknownParticipant in failed experiment to create a Magician-Esper hybrid twenty years ago.
Full-TuningUnknownUnknownClone of Misaka Mikoto.
Girl in dressMeasure HeartUnknownFormer operative of SCHOOL. Can regulate the perceived relationship between two targets; can set herself as a target.
Himegami AisaDeep BloodUnknownGemstone. Attracts and kills vampires.
Junta (Railgun anime)UnknownUnknownEx-user and dealer of Level Upper. Member of Elder Sister's gang.
Junta (Railgun manga)UnknownUnknownEx-user and dealer of Level Upper.
Kazakiri HyoukaCounter StopUnknownAn aggregation of AIM dispersion fields of the entire Academy City. Key to the Imaginary Number District.
Kounoe HarukiUnknownUnknownAvid video gamer and ex-"delinquent".
NaoyaElectromasterUnknownCan create a spark if he concentrates hard enough.
Nunotaba ShinobuCriticalUnknownAbility unconfirmed but said to involve touching the target.
SarakuUnknownUnknownOperative of MEMBER. Can teleport directly behind a target. Ability dubbed as 'Kill Point' by Accelerator.
Silvercross AlphaUnknownUnknownOperative of Freshmen; A cyborg who apparently displayed no ESP ability.
TetsumouSkill PolygraphUnknownOperative of BLOCK.
Therestina Kihara LifelineUnknownUnknownProvider of the First Sample of the Crystallized Esper Essence; Former captain of Multi-Active Rescue; Creator of Capacity Down.
TodorokiUnknownUnknownAbility involves manipulation of water particles.
UnknownEqual SpeedUnknownBank robber. Can maintain inertia of his projectiles continuously.
Yanagisako AomiUnknownUnknownMember of Judgment; Roommate of Konori Mii.


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