The Eurotunnel bombing meeting in Buckingham Palace was conducted on October 17 of the current year of the timeline sometime after 8 PM (GMT).[1] Attended by important members of the three factions that control the United Kingdom, as well as Index and her manager Kamijou Touma, the meeting was supposed to be a strategy meeting on what to do in light of the discovery that magic is involved in the Eurotunnel bombing.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

Five days prior,[3] the Eurotunnel bombing occurs, destroying the United Kingdom's only land route to mainland Europe, resulting in a negative impact on the British and French economy. This forces the country to increase the use of sea and air transportation to move to England until the tunnel is repaired.[4] This weakening becomes problematic for the United Kingdom as the Roman Catholic Church has become aggressive as of late and has already allied itself with the Russian Orthodox Church, there is a good chance the they will be isolated by other countries becoming part of this vanguard, countries like France.[3]

Laura Stuart, and likely Elizard herself, aware that Carissa may pose a threat, had summoned Index analyze her actions in order to determine the danger she may pose before she could do anything, likely unaware of the Knights of England's involvement with her plans.[5] Regardless, this summon was in the guise of determining the magic used on the Eurotunnel if it was French in origin.[3]

Apparently the meeting was to start on 6:00 PM, if Kanzaki's warning to Touma that they are 7 hours later after he and Index arrives in Edinburgh Airport. Regardless, the schedule goes awry after Touma and Index decided on taking a commercial flight, the Sky Bus 365, instead of the Supersonic Passenger Plane, which could take them to Western Europe in about 2 hours.[6] Moreover, due to the events of the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident, the incident has become even more complicated as the terrorists were French, as well as magic used in the interference of the magic used by the Anglican Church for the operation against the incident.[3] Kanzaki Kaori is later tasked by the British Royal Family to take Touma and Index to Buckingham Palace,[1] with Knight Leader supplying her with a helicopter for the task.[7]

The meeting after Touma and Index arrives in Buckingham Palace sometime before 11 PM.[8] The participants were the British Royal Family, Queen Elizard, Princesses Riméa, Carissa, and Villian; the head of the knights, the Knight Leader; and the representative from the Church of England, Kanzaki Kaori, and Index with her manager Kamijou Touma. With the all the three factions that rule over the United Kingdom together, this meeting marks the gravity of the situation the country is in.

The meeting was supposed to be recorded and the main participants were to be joined by other people and "specialists".[2]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Pre-meeting[edit | edit source]

After arriving in Buckingham Palace's heliport, Touma and Index enters the palace after Kanzaki's explanation that Touma need not worry about destroying anything magical in the palace with his Imagine Breaker. Despite this, they are still hungry as they are greeted by Knight Leader. After Touma tells him that Index is hungry, they are given scones by a maid, at which point, after discovering it is free, they gorge themselves with it. The Knight Leader, shocked at the display and the fact that are in a hurry, asks Kanzaki if he can draw his sword to persuade them, to which Kanzaki does something much qucker, punching Touma in the stomach and dragging Index by the hand.[7] Knight Leader later tells them that they are gathered there to discuss the recent Eurotunnel explosion, which was actually a bombing and magic is involved. They later meet the Elizard and her exuberant behavior, after Knight Leader scolded her for being unprepared for the meeting. After Touma notices the Curtana Second on Elizard's person, they start a lecture regarding the purpose and power of the sword and its connection to the history of the United Kingdom.[2]

After Touma becomes wary of the importance of the Curtana Second that Elizard carries with her, she then says to Touma that even if he truly destroyed the sword with his right hand they can always make another. At this point, Riméa points out to her mother that the method in recreating another Curtana has been lost, and making a third or fourth one will not be easy. Carissa then arrives, escorted by two knights, sneering on Riméa's choice of not wanting knights escorting her out of concern. She then meets Touma, and notes his unfamiliarity with her. Villian later arrives, and is introduced to Touma and Index by Carissa.[2]

As all of the girls have gathered, Elizard suggests they move to another room where their conversation isn't recorded and not wait for the other participants or "specialists" in order to allow them to talk without reservations, much to Kanzaki and the Knight Leader's chagrin, though Carissa agrees as it is fine as long as the representatives of the three factions are. She notes however about Laura Stuart not being there, though says a Saint like Kanzaki Kaori should do fine. Kanzaki then apologizes, saying that the Archbishop Laura is acting secretly behind the scenes as usual. Carissa then asks Touma's role in the meeting assuming he isn’t needed. Elizard then says that Touma is the one who saved the lives of their people from the terrorists in the Sky Bus 365 without being rewarded, and in recognition for that she is willing to listen to his opinion, which impresses Carissa and accepts his presence.[2]

The meeting[edit | edit source]

Touma takes a selfie with the princesses.

After Touma takes pictures of himself with the present British Royal Family members sans the Queen, much to her disappointment due to the Knight Leader's intervention, the discussion begins. Japanese is used for the meeting, which is likely because Touma is present.[3]

Of France and the Roman Catholic Church[edit | edit source]

The meeting begins

The discussion opens about Elizard's suspicions with the French government being involved with the bombing of the Eurotunnel using, though she has no proof. She tells them that is why Index was summoned to the United Kingdom in the first place as so she can analyze the spell used in the bombing if is a French-type Roman Catholic spell. She hopes that with the evidence, they can contact a group in France that hates the Roman Catholic Church's meddling in French affairs and through talks resolve the situation peacefully, though she notes how it has little chance of succeeding.[3]

Hearing this, Touma references the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident as he is sure that the terrorists were French. Elizard points out that France may not have been involved, though suspects that they may have known that the attack was going to happen, even suspecting the fact that the French demanding the terrorists be extradited to them. Elizard adds that since the planes are being inspected due to the incident, the air route has been cut off. Moreover, Riméa adds that if the French took military action to prevent the movement of ships on the sea then they will be completely isolated. Despite this, even if they knew that the French use a Roman Catholic spell, they'd still have to deal with God's Right Seat, the one who is truly behind it, and an extension to the current tensions between the alliances of the United Kingdom and Academy City against the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox church.[3]

Knight Leader warns of the danger posed by the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches' alliance, with it slowly tightening its noose on all of Europe including those that are not affiliated with the European Union, isolating the United Kingdom politically.[3]

Of enemies within the United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Elizard turns her attention to something that caught her attention. She tells them that during Necessarius' operation in forcing Sky Bus 365 to emergency land, someone had tampered with their illusion magic from a distance. Elizards shows Index documents for her opinion, to which she concludes that the spell that was used was a Norse spell, and goes detail regarding it, specifically it used by females. Seeing this, it is obvious to them now that the magician is a female.[3]

After Carissa complains on how the French didn't have magicians in the group, Elizard reveals that the magic came from Scotland, making it obvious that there is an enemy within the United Kingdom. Riméa states the magicians may either be a traitor or a French magician sneaking into the country. Elizard becomes suspicious on why the magician only interfered with the plane once, and didn't see the terrorist attack through, and putting out that the magicians may have not been working with the terrorists. Carissa questions for what purpose on why the magicians did so other than to help the terrorists. Elizard replies that the magician's aim may have been to prevent the highway that was to be used as a temporary highway for the Sky Bus 365 from being sealed off. Here, Touma concludes that the magicians may have wanted to pass through the highway at that time during Necessarius' operations.[3]

Elizard states that the magicians' objectives may truly be great if they are willing to make an enemy out of the country after interfering with Necessarius' magic. With threats coming from both the outside and inside the country, the Knight Leader is shaken by the news.[3]

Handing out of roles[edit | edit source]

With the growing threats pressed from outside and inside the United Kingdom's borders, the members of the meeting have roles to fill in order to deal with them.[3]

As it is known that the highway the operation by Necessarius was to use connects Scotland and England, Elizard says that the magicians may be heading to England. Kanzaki says that Necessarius will investigate the magic cabals based in Scotland, though says it would take time.[3] Villian, who has been silent throughout the entire meeting more so than Touma, asks if they can least listen to the message the French, Roman Catholic, and terrorists are trying to get across and find a non-military way to resolve it. Carissa however points out that it will be just a waste of time, and says that even if they responded favorably, they still need to get them back for their actions, to which Riméa agrees, saying that they need to resolve the situation quickly, much to Villian's consternation.[3]

Elizard says that there are two things they need to do: First, investigate the cause of the Eurotunnel bombing and deal with their external enemy the French; and second, find out what group this inner enemy magician belongs to, discover their objectives, and crush them if needed. Carissa wants to prioritize the first objective and prepare their military forces, though Elizard vetoes her and says that they should focus on the second objective, much to Carissa's dismay.[3]

Elizard orders for the investigation of the Eurotunnel bombing to be led by the Knights of England with Index aiding them, while the Anglican Church handles the investigation of the magic cabal within the United Kingdom. She then says that they should report what was decided in the meeting and finish the investigation as soon as possible.[3]

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

As ordered, Index goes to Folkestone to meet up with the investigation there,[9] with the Knights of England for her role in the investigation of the Eurotunnel bombing with Princess Carissa[10] and Princess Villian in tow.[11]

Kanzaki later discovers from Agnese Sanctis that their enemy is the pseudo-Cabal Reserve Army New Light, and through the evidence they gathered from their headquarters postulate that the group is heading to London. Here, Kanzaki and the rest of the Amakusa Church will be on the lookout for them throughout London.[9] Touma, who is unable to join Index despite being her manager due to the fact that his Imagine Breaker may interfere with the investigation, volunteers in searching London for New Light despite there's no need for him in doing so,[9] and is later joined by the mercenary Oriana Thomson.[12]

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