Exit of the Evening Dusk (宵闇の出口 Yoiyami no Deguchi?), also known as Dusk Exit, is a British Golden-style Magic Cabal that was involved in the background of the events featured in Mark Space SS.


At some point the cabal started supporting oil drillings in the Arctic Ocean to use the funds they gain from the drilling to buy children from a Portuguese "market" magic cabal.[1]


Exit of the Evening Dusk is apparently very wasteful as they would use up a lot of resources to obtain a small, non-proportionate effect. It seems that the cabal primarily uses children as materials for spiritual items. As a human’s life force is used to refine magic power, they want to refine a large amount of magic power in an instant to get an explosive reaction from a large-scale spell. According to Leivinia Birdway's example, to create a simple charm that can conjure a few biscuits, Exit of the Evening Dusk needs to use the lives of three children. She also estimates that it takes about 0.7 seconds to shatter the minds of the children and turn them into empty shells.[1]


Mark Space SSEdit

While none of the cabal's members are featured in the story, they are at the root of the incident as they support the oil drilling of the Blue Research to obtain funding. This leads to a planned attack on the ship to sink it and crush their finances, and has Leivinia send Mark Space to retrieve her sister, Patricia, who is on board.[1]


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