The Fall of Pearl Harbor in November 10 of the current Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline was a major victory by the Trident and GREMLIN forces led by Cinesic Evers over the military forces stationed at Pearl Harbor.

The battle was unprecedented, and in the chaos of the invasion, the United States military could not properly mount a counterattack against Trident, and were forced to retreat. Despite their victory however, Trident quickly abandoned Pearl Harbor in order to search for Lindy Blueshake.


Several members of government offices and government agencies were either being controlled by Saronia A. Irivika of GREMLIN or were in league with them without being mind controlled all along,[1] regardless they made their move in trying to gather information on Trigger, a device created by the military that artificially induced volcanic eruptions. The plan was to use the eruption to isolate Hawaii from the mainland, and other neighboring American military bases, ensuring that Trident would be able to take down Hawaii without outside interferences.[2]

These strange actions by people, however, was not unnoticed, as Roberto Katze (who later fled to investigate on his own)[3] and Roseline Krackhart suspected something was awry in the government.[4] With Roberto's investigation using the Imperial Package, as well as the help of the Leivinia Birdway, he is able to determine that GREMLIN is the culprit of the strange events happening in the government.

Eruption of KilaueaEdit

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Roberto and Leivinia later conjecture that GREMLIN will try to use Trigger to cause a major disaster in the Hawaiian Islands, which will cause a chain reaction of events that would tear the balance of powers of the world.[5] Together with Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Leivinia Birdway, they go to Pearl Harbor to determine Trigger's current state. Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst, also go to Kilauea to investigate, and thither they discover that Trigger is already being set up by GREMLIN. Meanwhile, Roberto, Touma and Mikoto are led into a wild goose chase by Olay Blueshake, who even tricks Saronia A. Irivika into thinking that Trigger was still within Pearl Harbor.[6]

After intense fighting, and destruction of cargo, Saronia flees that damaged cargo plane that should've contained Trigger. With the help of Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto, the pilot was able to land the plane on the ocean.

Despite, Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst's efforts, Kilauea erupts and though it did not cause the destruction predicted by Roberto and Leivinia, the thick ash that came from the eruption covers sky, isolating Hawaii from the mainland, and makes flying of planes a danger.[7]

The battleEdit

The invasion of all the islands of Hawaii occurs immediately after the eruption. Trident forces waited in the seas disguised as tanker and passenger ships, carrying possibly thousands of soldiers, several tanks, and most especially, anti-ship weapons like the Narwhal.[2] With the aid the aid of GREMLIN members amongst their own ranks, as well as their used of anti-ship weapons, the invasion force easily destroys military ships.[8]

Pearl Harbor was a targeted in earnest, likely because of its importance to the United States in the Pacific, as well as having the largest collection of facilities in Hawaii.[4] Roberto Katze, Kamijou Touma, Misaka Mikoto, Arc Daniels, and a handful of other personnel from Pearl Harbor witness one of the first attacks, downing their patrol boats.[7]

Flying the flag of the mercenary (gray flag), Roberto and Roseline, initally had no idea which private military company would be daring enough to attack America. However, due to their unique movement, and use of the Narwhal, their identity was discovered as that of Trident, though this was of little bearing on the outcome of the battle.[9]

At the height of the battle, Trident with their GREMLIN comrades manage to destroy several of Pearl Harbor ships, such as Aegis ships. With the aid of magic by GREMLIN members, anti-ship missiles, the element of surprise, carefully coordinated attacks, Hawaii's isolation from the mainland, and chaos in the American side's chain of command, Trident easily overwhelmed Pearl Harbor, despite their continuing efforts to counter-attack, invading Blackport Naval Base as well as Pearl Harbor's Third Marine Base.[8] The invasion forces of Trident spills into the road of Oahu, and in one instance, attacks Roseline Krackhart's vehicle, Roseline also witnesses the domination of Trident, which uses the occult along with convential forces.[10]

Intervention of other forcesEdit

Members of the Dawn-colored Sunlight, such as Mark Space were hidden in Blackport Naval Base to gather information, and later aid the Pearl Harbor personnel in order for them to regroup and retreat.[8]

Leivinia Birdway later arrives alongside Accelerator from the inside of Pearl Harbor, saving Roseline, and then attacking Trident members. Here, they stay and try to buy enough time for the Americans to retreat.[10]

Withdrawal of TridentEdit

ProtagAntagLocation Fall of Pearl Harbor-Map

Map showing the assumed movements and positions of the Kamijou Faction, as well as Saronia A. Irivika, right after the Fall of Pearl Harbor. (Click on image for more detail)
Mt. Kilauea
Saronia A. Irivika in Molokai.
Accelerator and Leivinia.
Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto.
Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst.

The fighting continues up until Olay Blueshake reveals herself to Roseline Krackhart, and tells her plan on making the United States of America into a theocracy. With that Roseline was able to determine that they still have a chance in turning the tide of the current invasion by using Olay's daughter against her.[11]

Trident leaves soon thereafter, judging that nothing would be gained by attacking further, gone off to target another base. Meanwhile, the soldiers stationed at Pearl Harbor had finished evacuating the base. Leivinia later determines that Olay Blueshake may use Trident to search for Lindy Blueshake, her daughter. She also determines that Saronia may use Lindy as a trumpcard against Olay after the events of the cargo plane crash, using her as a diversion to allow Trigger to successfully erupt Kilauea. Leivinia states that they mabye their chance to beat Olay.[12]

Aid from the mainlandEdit

The situation in Hawaii was not ignore by the mainland. Immediately after the eruption and subsequent invasion of Hawaii, Alfred Thirdman of Grand Arrow Air Force Base in California, directed the order in securing the President's safety. He also tried to find a way to aid Hawaii, despite the thick ash cloud. He later contacts Dirty Lance in Texas in order to use its explosion to scatter the ash.[2] At the end of the invasion however, nothing came out of this plan, he was most likely prevented by the Vice-President of the United States of America.


Although an overwhelming victory for the forces of Trident, the order to carry out a search for Lindy Blueshake would later prove to be a key in their downfall, as they did not take advantage of pressing and concentrating on the invasion, not to mention the strain due to the different motivations of their leaders, Olay, Saronia, and Cinesic for the search of Lindy.

With Olay Blueshake's identity known, Roseline would later try to search for Lindy herself to use against Olay. A group made out of "trustworthy" volunteers (most likely from Pearl Harbor as well), would later reform under Roseline's command.[13]


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