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One of the buildings of Family Side as seen in Toaru Majutsu no Index II.

The Family Side (ファミリーサイド Famirī Saido?) is an apartment complex found in the School District 7 of Academy City. Yomikawa Aiho's apartment is located on the thirteenth floor in of the buildings, which is also Accelerator and Last Order's current home.


It is described as an apartment building meant for teachers,[1] however since Management lived in the building it can be assumed that it also allows non-teachers as well.

As Academy City is full of student dormitories, apartments are far and few between, easily allowing for taxi drivers to search for them just by their name.[2] The outside of the apartment building however did not look any different from a student dormitory, but small differences in the service side of things gave the apartment an overall distinctive feel. The apartment gave more thought to the wishes of the residents regarding security, specifically that of security cameras, which are prevalent in student dormitories in order to control the children.[1]

A single apartment contains 4 rooms, a living room, a dining room, and kitchen (4LDK), a set up that is made for a family. It is a high-class apartment building, and the price for an apartment is likely very high. According to Aiho, public servants like her can I get by as the apartment complex doubles as a practical experiment in construction, so the university pays some of the rent. But in exchange, the security measures will sometimes suddenly change. Regardless, it still has good security as Aiho's apartment can attest, as the entrance to her apartment has an automatic glass door that looked defenseless at first, but was made to resist explosions. The lock appeared to only require a swipe of the card, but it actually scanned the fingerprints, the pattern of bioelectric signals, and other data from the fingertips holding the card.[1]

Yomikawa Residence

Kikyou, Accelerator, and Last Order check out Aiho's luxurious accommodations in her apartment.

The Yomikawa Residence can be found on the 13th floor[1] of number 2 of the apartment complex[2]. It is the current home of Accelerator, Last Order, Misaka Worst, and Yoshikawa Kikyou, a fitting number of residents for a 4LDK style apartment.

Aiho has a television, air conditioner, stereo, video recorder, and other electronic devices. She also has a sofa. As Yomikawa Aiho has a habit of cleaning her apartment when she's got herself into trouble, the apartment would most likely look spotless, with alcohol and glasses were arranged decoratively on shelves, and the magazines and newspapers were stored on special racks. The remote controls for the TV, air conditioner, stereo, video recorder, and other devices were neatly lined up at one corner of the table. Each individual cushion on the sofa was carefully placed in the proper spot.[1]

Aiho's kitchen on the other hand, had many other different types of cooking equipment lined up in it that she had as part of the experiment, like a steam microwave oven and an AI-equipped high-frequency automatic dishwasher. All of these however, seemed to have been in little use by Aiho before Accelerator began living in her apartment. The only items however that seem to have seen regular usage is her many electric rice cookers, apparently since, according to Aiho, they can boil, simmer, steam, and bake.[1]

Management Residence

Unabara Mitsuki (not pictured) searches Management's Residence.

Management's 4LDK apartment can be found on building two of Family Side as well. Management has a television, blu-ray player, computer, refrigerator, microwave, and other electronic devices.[3] Little is known of what Management used for the apartment other than it matched his lifestyle and that he uses it to keep some of his money. The room is later destroyed by BLOCK in order to cover for SCHOOL in order for them to use SCHOOL's actions to their advantage.[4] After the murder of Management no one lives in the apartment anymore.