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Febrie (フェブリ Feburi?) is an anime original character introduced in the Silent Party Arc in the second half of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime. She is a Chemicaloid, and is a backup of STUDY's work of the same name. The younger twin of Janie, she serves as a strong motivation for the protagonists to save throughout the arc alongside Janie and Nunotaba Shinobu. Mostly seen with a lollipop stuck inside her mouth, she is considered to be the "Railgun team" mascot.


Febrie's name is derived from February, the second month of the Gregorian Calendar, a fitting name as she is the back-up of STUDY's plan while Janie is the core.

"Febrie" may also be a play on "febrile" (meaning "feverish"), which would suit the feverish state she enters when the toxins in her body build up to a certain point.


Febrie's new outfit.

Febrie is a petite girl with long blond hair, with two ahoges (literally, idiot hair) sticking out of at the top of her head, as opposed to Janie who has only one. With purple eyes, she dresses in a black and white dress stereotypical of that of a Gothic Lolita, which was given to her by Nunotaba Shinobu.[2] She carries with her a heart-shaped satchel, and characteristically always has a piece of candy in her mouth.

Later, she dons another gothic lolita dress[2] which is mainly white with black ribbons after Kongou Mitsuko gifted it to her.[1]


She is quick to friendship but slow to amend grievances, as demonstrated by her antagonism towards Misaka Mikoto.[3] She is also stubborn, willful, and is easily distracted by Gekota. She is relatively quiet as she often has her lollipop in her mouth. This lollipop has a strong taste that not even the older girls around can take it. She also loves the rare pink Gekota that she took from Mikoto during their first meeting.[4]

She is trusting of people, and to those who are her friends refer to them by their given names. Some names are shortened by her, such as "Uiharu" being turned into "Uiha"[3] For reasons unknown, she initially dislikes Mikoto, prompting an entire episode dedicated to have become close with her.


Shinobu tells Febrie to remember the name "Misaka Mikoto".

She is referred to as "the youngest girl to appear so far" in the anime, though it is unknown how old she truly is as she is a Chemicaloid thus her life is not natural. Sharing the same biological base with Janie,[2] she is created through the Chemicaloid Project, Febrie is presumably the second successful product of it as Janie is the core of STUDY's plans. She is made up of chemicals, though as part of her metabolic processes, her cells naturally secrete a poison that if left unattended it will accumulate in her body, disrupting her organ functions, making her ill or even killing her.[5] Moreover, Testament was used to input information into her, and as a consequence, having certain biases in the focus of her knowledge, as well as having her autonomic nervous functions, the thing that is keeping her alive programed into her.[6] Regardless, she was made as a back-up for her sister, who had the Diffusion Ghost esper power, which STUDY uses for their Silent Party.

She is freed by Nunotaba Shinobu, gives her gothic lolita clothes from her own collection, an ample supply of the lollipops that neutralize the poison in her body, as well as having her remember the words "Misaka Mikoto."[2]


Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

Febrie sleeping in a flower garden.

Febrie acts like a child throughout the entire arc, naive of the great danger that follows her. Most of her appearances is her acting cute or just playing around.

After being freed by Shinobu, she first appears watching from the distance the fire that started in a warehouse due to the fight between ITEM and STUDY's Powered Suit. For reasons unknown, she later opts to sleep in flower garden in a park. She is later found by Misaka Mikoto and the gang, and after much prompting, with the help of Saten Ruiko, starts talking to them. She confides to them her name, as well as saying Mikoto's name non-sequitur.[7] When Mikoto introduces herself to her, she becomes antagonistic despite being friendly with everybody else. Mikoto spends the most part of the next day trying to win her affections. As there is no way to contact Anti-Skill in the late hour they met, she is taken in by Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari in the latter's home and enjoy their evening, as Febrie has taken a liking to the former.[3]

Febri hugs Mikoto before stealing her pink Gekota.

The girls later decide to hand her over to Asunaro Park after there was inconclusive search on her in their databases, and as taking her in requires 5 days, the girls take her to the venue for the Academy City Research Exhibit Assembly, as Shirai Kuroko and Kazari, being Judgment need to prepare the security of the venue their. Ruiko later takes this chance to have her bond with Mikoto, with them leaving the both alone. Unfortunately, Febrie wanders off after seeing a large Gekota picketing around (Aogami Pierce in a costume). She is later horrified that Aogami is behind the mask, gets lost further and finds herself in the sights of Aritomi Haruki, who and his compatriots in STUDY are looking for her. He attacks her with Security robots apparently trying to test her skill, but is later saved by Mikoto. She later bonds with Mikoto, apologizes for troubling her, and later plays with her.[3]

Mikoto tries to ask or manipulate Febrie into giving the pink Gekota back. However, this all changes when she and the others go to a public bath where she is seen taking care of Febrie as they bathe. The others refer to as if she was Febrie's big sister. Being reminded of her own Sisters, she finally lets go of the Gekota into Febrie's hands, much to the other's surprise. As an attempt to retrieve or kill Febrie as well as test Misaka Mikoto, they are soon attacked by STUDY's Powered Suit. During this, she somehow forces it to shutdown, but then promptly collapses for mysterious reasons. Feverish, she is taken to the Mizuho Medical Institute but is soon transferred to a certain hospital for they do not have the means to help her. There, she takes rest and Heaven Canceller discovers the true nature of Febrie.[4] She is later visited by Misaka 10032 in the night, confiding to her that she is a sister of Misaka Mikoto. Here, she notes on the biases that Febrie uses similar to hers as she was sent through Testament to input information, as well as mentioning her own "big sister".[5] Heaven Canceller as well informs Mikoto of her true nature, as well as the fact that Febrie has only 72 hours to live based on the number of lollipops she has left.[5]

For the rest of the arc Febrie is in the sidelines playing around while the rest of the girls are forced to deal with the dangers that surround her existence. She is visited by Kongou Mitsuko, who gifts her a new lolita outfit. Febrie loves it, much to Mitsuko's delight.[1] Later, after Mikoto meets up with Shinobu herself, she is informed that Febrie can detect the general location where Janie is when she uses her powers. During the night, Febrie makes riceballs with Ruiko and Kazari, for her friends for tomorrow, believing that they will succeed. After a long night, awaiting for STUDY's Silent Party and the protagonists confrontation with them, Mikoto takes Febrie up on a roof as they await the dawn and Janie to use her powers.[6] As expected, Janie uses her powers, Diffusion Ghost, and Febrie points the way toward her. Mikoto carries Febrie as the Silent Party goes underway, and is present during her face-to-face confrontation with Aritomi Haruki, the leader of STUDY.[2]

Febrie offering her riceball gift to Shinobu.

She is reunited with Shinobu, and stays with her as she finally consumes her last lollipop. As she looks upon her sister trapped inside a tank while Mikoto and the others scramble to stop STUDY's AIM bomb, Ruiko arrives after being told by Haruki where she can find more lollipops. Due to Haruki's use of the AIM bomb, Janie becomes part of the system that has now gone out of control, making any sort of connection impossible as it will kill her. Despite this, Shinobu still attempts to save Janie from the runaway system. And as she is not taking any outside input, she has Febrie's "strong emotions" to reach her, as they share the same biological base. A plan that Saten Ruiko says is pretty much the "power of love."[2]

Her untested plan is successful, with a little help from the Sister clones, stating that Janie and Febrie are like sisters to them as well, giving the computers a boost to allow Febrie's emotions to reach Janie. She later awakens, and Febrie greets her a good morning. Ruiko urges Febrie to give to Shinobu her gift, and here with tears in her eyes, Shinobu accepts the riceball gift that Febrie made for her the other night. Here, Shinobu says to the two of them that she has a lot of things she wants for them to see.[2]

Janie and Febrie in the midst of acquaintances.

Like the Sister clones, she and Janie are in need of body readjustments in outside institutions. She and Janie has Shinobu as her guardian for their trip. In the end, they are in a Kongou Airlines runway in School District 23. Here, she bears witness to Ruiko and Kazari crying over her because she is leaving. And thus, the fellowship, though bound by friendship and love, part ways.[2]


Since she is a Chemicaloid, created to replace the esper system run by Academy City, her creators have made sure that she too has esper powers fit enough to make Academy City take notice.[6] Her powers are currently unknown, however, she is seen to be able to stop a moving Powered Suit manipulated by her sister's Diffusion Ghost.[4] She is also able to detect the general location of her sister's whereabouts whenever she uses her powers.[6]

Character Art Designs



  • Febrie has two ahoges as she is the second twin, while Janie has one ahoge since she is the first twin.


  • (To Janie, from Railgun S episode 24): "Good morning, Onee-chan."