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The Female Knight (女性騎士 Josei Kishi?) is an unnamed member of the Knights of England.


The female knight has wavy, blonde hair. She wears silver armour and a maroon surcoat with gold lining.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


The female knight has been described as straitlaced and stuffy,[8] though not without a conscience,[5][8][6] and has been speculated to have perhaps had a pure upbringing and been left somewhat unaccustomed to speaking with men outside the knights.[3] She also acts in the old-fashioned manner of a knight.[5]

She has a strong sense of justice, deciding to go after Touma after he escaped the Tower of London when no other knight went after him.[4] However, she still showed concern for his well-being when he got hit by Leivinia Birdway and Lessar on their moped.[5]


The female knight's background is largely unknown, though Carissa tasked her with looking after her horse Alex while she was incarcerated in the Tower of London.[9]


Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the attack on the British Commonwealth by the Crowley's Hazards, the female knight was in charge of forces on the defensive line at the Strait of Dover.[1] After the invaders breached the defensive line, she fought one of the Crowleys, a multiple armed monk, but was defeated after the monk transformed into a giant octopus. After Kamijou Touma and Accelerator intervened, with the latter killing the Crowley's Hazard, she asked who they were and if they were with the invaders, before Accelerator knocked her out.[2]

Index drops in on Touma and the female knight.

When Touma was captured by the knights, as part of Aleister's plan to have him destroy the final barrier of the England-Londinium Fortress, the female knight brought him to the Tower of London.[3] After Touma escaped, she pursued him on horseback.[4][5] Eventually catching up with him, she was shocked when he was suddenly hit by a scooter, ridden by Leivinia Birdway and Lessar, startled by Index dropping in from above and then spooked by Karasuma Fran descending from her UFO balloon like an alien. Having been stopped in her tracks by these successive shocks, the female knight listened as Birdway confessed to Touma about the cargo they were transporting, as well as the likely intentions of their employer.[5] Touma then proceeded to destroy the Divine Mixture Wadjet-Leto, leading her to question if doing so was really a good thing, and after asking why Birdway looked happy about it, she was dragged off by the cabal leader, returning a little later, dejected and slightly disheveled.[8]

Shortly after the blast signalling the activation of Isis-Demeter, the female knight was surprised by the arrival and appearance of Aleister Crowley. After the others split up, she ended up in a daze on horseback by the riverside, unsure as to who she should go after, shocked by what had transpired and perhaps feeling guilt over the actions of her fellow knight. So that she wouldn't get caught up in the battle against Isis-Demeter, Aleister used a powder to spook her horse and have it run off with her on it.[6]

A short while afterwards, during the emergence of the reproduced Golden Dawn and the evacuation of the British Royal Family to Scotland, the knight was involved in the battle between the defenders of the royal family and the pursuing cabal, together with Touma, whom she encountered on her way out of the capital and ended up giving a ride.[10][9][11][12][13]

Kamijou Arc[]

Main article: Kamijou Arc

The female knight was present at Windsor Castle during the party celebrating Coronzon's defeat and was subsequently involved in the conflict which arose due to the emergence of the other Touma.[14]


The female knight is a competent swordswoman and can ride horses.[2][5] She is capable of acting as a commander, being put in charge of forces on the defensive line at the Strait of Dover.[1] She describes herself as a standard Type 25 Commander.[8]

She is armed with a steel sword and an ordinary, non-magic crossbow. With the incantation "Respond to my vibration, General Use Series 25. …S T T A T L O J!! (Shatter this threat as the light of judgment!!)", the sword's outline transforms above the grip and changes to a giant spear of bluish-white light.[13]

She can speak both English and Japanese.[3]


  • Judging from her behavior and comments about how Alex is apparently known for only growing attached to pure maidens, Othinus guessed that she is a virgin.[9]



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