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Fiamma of the Right

Fiamma of the Right (右方のフィアンマ Uhō no Fianma?) is a character introduced Toaru Majutsu no Index. He was the leader of God's Right Seat, the most powerful group inside the Roman Catholic Church. Though introduced later in the original series, he made a big impact in the story. He initiated a series of events that would cause unrest in key areas around the world, and is ultimately the main cause of World War III, making him the main antagonist of the original Toaru Majutsu no Index series. His powers are such that he can literally be compared to entire forces like the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City.[2]

After his defeat at the hands of Kamijou Touma, he dedicates himself to protecting the world Touma himself protected. He later joins up with Ollerus in order to stop Magic God Othinus, who became active again as a result of the war Fiamma of the Right caused in the first place.


Fiamma's assumed name is the Italian word for "flame".


Fiamma of the Right is a young man with a lanky physique, golden eyes and fiery red hair, who wears a simple red suit. He is always seen with a calm, calculating expression and a slight smile. After his plans fail, he remarks to Aleister Crowley that his expression must’ve been the same as the one Aleister shows: cold indifference.[1]


He is an arrogant, self-centered, and sarcastic person with many goals, but he is not inherently evil, as he wants to save the world with his power, truly believing that he can bring about absolute good with his plans.[3] He constantly mocks his opponents’ powers because they are no match for his own divine powers. He is described as a solitary[4] and isolated[5] man, compounded by the fact that he (originally) only sees the rest of humanity at its roots as consumed by anger, resentment, and jealousy.[6] His speech pattern matches his arrogance as Fiamma of the Right uses the Japanese pronoun "Ore-sama" to refer to himself, meaning "The Glorious Me"—a linguistic trait used in the Japanese language to convey extreme rudeness and arrogance for a character's speech patterns. Due to certain linguistics, Japanese to English translations can't convey this properly without swapping every instance of "I" Fiamma of the Right utters to "The Glorious Me."

He almost never loses his temper because of his overwhelming confidence, but he showed he can be wrathful[7] and obscene[8] after Kamijou Touma and Acqua of the Back destroy his control over Archangel Gabriel.

At the core of his existence is his obsession with "saving the world"—something he can accomplish with his Holy Right. However, because of that burden he feels, he doubts whether he truly has the power to save the world. Because of that doubt, he hatched Project Bethlehem and other plans to make absolutely sure he did have that power. As Touma points out, Fiamma of the Right lost himself when he decided to save the world instead of the people within it—someone who says he will save the world means he cannot protect it in the first place.[5]

After his defeat at the hands of Kamijou Touma, Fiamma of the Right’s personality seems to be shifting to a kinder one after he realizes that he’s only arrogantly focused on saving the world and ignoring the world’s people. His transformation is said to be almost as if an evil spirit has left him.[1]


He is the leader of God's Right Seat, the shady sect that is even above the Pope in authority within the Roman Catholic Church whose goal is to reach the status of La Persona Superiore a Dio to save humanity from its sins. Due to the nature of the sect's goals, Fiamma of the Right is essential to its success; as such, the positions of Back, Left, and Front can be replaced whenever needed.[4] Without Fiamma of the Right to spearhead the group's efforts, God’s Right Seat would cease to exist.[1]

Nothing else is known about Fiamma of the Right’s past or life before he revealed himself in Volume 16.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Fiamma of the Right is briefly mentioned during Volume 13–14 as a member of God’s Right Seat,[9][10] but his identity as its leader and true intentions are kept a secret until the end of Volume 16.

Acqua of the Back Arc

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Fiamma of the Right appears right after Acqua of the Back’s crushing defeat before the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica, apparently having stayed within the building for a long time. Here, he implies to him that the Pope hoped for Acqua of the Back's defeat and mocking the Roman Catholic Church for erasing all traces of it stirring trouble. Fiamma of the Right then criticizes the Pope's leadership in the midst of crisis, specifically in the defeat of Acqua of the Back, prompting the Pope to ask what he is going to do now that all of the rest of the God's Right Seat have failed, telling him that a plan to crush Academy City is needed.[4]

Betraying the Pope's expectations, Fiamma of the Right says that they must bring England down to its knees, pointing out that with their alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church, all of Europe is in their grasp, giving the means of crushing England. The Pope doesn't understand, to which Fiamma of the Right points out that since they are allied, if England were to come under attack, it would deal a severe blow to Academy City as it would be unable to continue the war. The Pope however says that conversely, if the war were to fall on Academy City first, England's actions would be halted as going to war with the other great denominations of Christianity would be unthinkable.[4]

Fiamma of the Right retorts that his target isn't Academy City, but something which is in England and that the Church must focus all of its attention on England instead. The Pope doesn't understand what Fiamma of the Right is saying. He states that his actions are not entirely out of the Pope's wishes as if he acquired that thing in England, he can utterly shatter the entire science side. The Pope tries to ask what the "thing" Fiamma of the Right is referring to, Fiamma of the Right instead slams two columns of the basilica down upon him. Shocked, the Pope asks if Fiamma of the Right is truly of Christianity. Here, Fiamma of the Right reveals that he's been using him all along. Knowing that Fiamma of the Right's isolation of England would surely cause a war in Europe, the Pope tries to contend against Fiamma of the Right, though he is unperturbed by the Pope's threats. With that, the Pope used magic based on the suffering of Judas after his betrayal of Jesus Christ to trap Fiamma of the Right in 40 years of despondency. In spite of the Church's billions of followers and thousand years of history, Fiamma of the Right uses his own power to easily destroy the Pope's magic and destroy part of the walls that surround the Vatican, severely weakening the defensive array that surrounds the city.[4]

Fiamma using the Holy Right against the Pope.

The attack sends the Pope flying one-hundred meters though he survives. Fiamma of the Right reveals to the Pope his power, the Holy Right. However, Fiamma of the Right reveals that though the Holy Right possess immeasurable power he is still human, and that he is unable to utilize its full potential. Fiamma of the Right asks the Pope if his Holy Right is what he wanted, as it is the Right Hand that creates all miracles and destroys all evil, and asks if he isn't curious what would happen if masters the Holy Right, though he needs materials to master it. Then the Pope realizes something, Fiamma of the Right may be after the Imagine Breaker, the Right Hand that destroys all miracles if touched. Moreover, he realizes that even if he had gathered the materials to master the Holy Right, he needed the knowledge to create the spell, and the only way for him to do that is to get the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. The Pope realized that Fiamma of the Right is targeting England in order to draw Index back there. The Pope tries to charge Fiamma of the Right again anew but almost instantly is blown away by his overwhelming attack, enough to destroy the rest of the basilica, and even destroy a part of the perimeter wall separating the Vatican from the Rome.[4]

Vatican soldiers finally respond and attacks Fiamma of the Right, though are completely defeated as well. Fiamma of the Right however realizes that the damage to the rest of the Vatican was too minimal and finds out that the Pope manages to divert the spell onto himself to save the city, impressing him. FIamma of the Right later leaves, not hiding that he was the one that caused the destruction.[4] Fiamma of Right would then take almost complete control of the Roman and Russian Churches.[11]

British Royal Family Arc

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Fiamma of the Right showing off his new toy.

Fiamma of the Right arrives in England to mock the defeated Carissa, revealing that he used his influence over the Roman Catholic Church to get the French government to cause unrest within the United Kingdom with the Eurotunnel incident. Carissa made his plan much easier than he had originally intended by distracting everyone with her sudden coup d’état. During all the fighting, Fiamma of the Right got a hold of the spiritual remote control for Index’s John's Pen mode that was within Buckingham Palace. Having achieved his goal Fiamma of the Right decides to just kill Carissa, but Kamijou Touma arrives right in time to thwart his attack. Fiamma of the Right is delighted to see that another major piece of his plan has come to him; though Fiamma of the Right says he won’t risk fighting Touma just yet since the remote control might be destroyed. For fun, Fiamma of the Right gives a little demonstration of his new toy and summons Index in John’s Pen mode to attack Touma and Carissa. Fiamma of the Right reveals he was after the knowledge of the 103, 000 grimoires held within Index, something that the remote control allows him to access. Fiamma of the Right takes his leave, revealing to Touma that he is going to Russia in order to collect the "materials" and that he needs to call down an Angel—until then, Touma can hold onto Imagine Breaker.[12]

World War III Arc

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Fiamma communicating with Nikolai Tolstoy

Fiamma of the Right has gone to Russia like he had said, hiding in a fortress. Touma, accompanied by Lessar, spies on him communicating with Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy of the Russian Orthodox Church. He talks about the war strategy and that Sasha Kreutzev is hiding in the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations — another person Fiamma of the Right needs for his plans. Fiamma of the Right makes promises to Nikolai to give him a position of power if he proves himself useful. Since the Russian army and Annihilatus haven’t found Sasha yet, Fiamma of the Right intends to get her by himself.[13]

Fiamma before Touma and Elizalina.

Later, while Touma, Lessar and Elizalina are making plans to find Sasha, Fiamma of the Right interrupts the talk and blows away half the ceiling of the compound they were in with a swing of his gargantuan Flaming Sword. Touma manages to block and negate the sword’s power, though Fiamma of the Right was misguiding them about his location and counters. A fight ensues, but Fiamma of the Right remains on top and is toying with all of them. With Touma struggling and Fiamma of the Right taunting him, Sasha arrives as Fiamma of the Right had hoped. Fiamma of the Right immediately immobilizes her, but is then attacked by a returning Vento of the Front, who was protecting Sasha.[14]

Fiamma of the Right and Vento of the Front standoff, with the latter showing that she has regained the ability to use magic despite being a member of God’s Right Seat. With little trash talk, Fiamma of the Right admits his Holy Right is limited in its current form and he needs Imagine Breaker and Sasha Kreutzev to perfect the Holy Right. Vento of the Front comments that Fiamma of the Right’s Third Arm is disintegrating, and that Fiamma of the Right has a limit to the times he can use the Holy Right before he runs out of stocks. Swiftly, Vento of the Front then uses the Queen of the Adriatic Sea that is under her command to attack Fiamma of the Right and knock him back kilometers away. Nevertheless, Fiamma of the Right remains unharmed, showing that with Index’s spiritual remote control and his access to 103, 000 grimoires, he has surpassed his Third Arm’s limit. Fiamma of the Right mercilessly teleports right next to Vento of the Front and rips out the tongue chain she is using to command the Queen’s fleet while she was leaping in the air.

Fiamma of the Right, standing victorious, tells Vento of the Front and Touma of the Distortion of the Laws of the World. Without anyone noticing, the four elements—Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water—were distorted for an unknown reason and left holes that allowed such a thing like Angel Fall to occur: an Angel fell from Heaven and materialized in an imperfect form named Misha Kreutzev. Misha, as it turns out, was actually Archangel Gabriel giving itself a false name—Mikhail being another name for Michael, meaning that Misha was not a name fitting for Gabriel. Because an Archangel’s name represents its role created by God, the fact Gabriel was able to give itself a false name meant the four Archangels’ elements were beginning to creep into each other's. For example, Vento of the Front’s element belongs to Archangel Uriel who reigns over Earth, but she is also using the element of Wind which belongs to Archangel Raphael. That distortion is a serious matter, and someone has to do something about it before it is too late, Fiamma of the Right proclaims.

Fiamma of the Right attempts to finish Vento of the Front off, but Touma blocks his attack. There, Fiamma of the Right converses with Touma, saying there is no fundamental difference between the two of them and their methods. Both wield their Right Hands to solve problems by shattering something that someone worked desperately to obtain, except Touma uses his to solve the problems around him and Fiamma of the Right his own personal problems — selflessness against selfishness.

Fiamma of the Right entirely believes what he doing with World War 3 and his Right Hand will bring about absolute good to the world. Touma completely rejects the notion of the so called "good" Fiamma of the Right is trying to achieve, considering his methods consist of hurting, manipulating and lying to people. Fiamma of the Right abruptly interjects to point out Touma’s hypocrisy, considering that he lied to Index about his lost memories. Because Fiamma of the Right shares a mental link with Index, the information they see and hear is shared, so Fiamma of the Right guessed Touma lost his memories upon looking into her mind—and now that Fiamma of the Right demonstrated the truth, she knows too. Satisfied with leaving Touma frozen in shock and guilt, Fiamma of the Right proceeds to snatch the unconscious Sasha and leaves, telling Touma not to die just yet since his Imagine Breaker will be the main dish.[3]

Fiamma prepares to execute his next plan

Fiamma of the Right returns to his base near the border between the Elizalina Alliance and Russia. He communicates with Bishop Nikolai, where Nikolai express his great doubts over starting a war with Academy City since they are dominating the field with ease. However, Fiamma of the Right reveals he has a secret weapon he can unleash to turn things around: the almighty Archangel Gabriel itself. By using Sasha Kreutzev as a base medium, Gabriel can be summoned to be a pawn for Fiamma of the Right’s plan: Project Bethlehem.[15]

Fiamma of the Right starts to put his plans into motion. Using a magic ritual, every holy item and pieces of churches and cathedrals all throughout the world are attracted to Fiamma of the Right’s base in Russia to form the Star of Bethlehem. As the massive construct forms, it begins to rise towards the sky. Touma becomes trapped on it. Fiamma of the Right, through speakers, says he was preparing the space necessary to build this flying castle — a ceremonial site or temple, if you will. Fiamma of the Right then summons Archangel Gabriel and orders it to recover the lamb-skin document the Accelerator has gotten a hold of.[16]

As Fiamma of the Right waits as the pieces of the puzzle assemble, he communicates with Bishop Nikolai and outright admits he’s been swindling the Russian Orthodox Church so that he could have two hundred of their magicians perform the ritual to create the Star of Bethlehem; since a member of God’s Right Seat can’t use normal magic, Fiamma of the Right needed that. Nikolai says he can make the Star collapse if he tells his magicians to stop the magic. Fiamma of the Right disagrees with the assertion, because thanks to Index’s spiritual remote control he can now use magic — the reason he asked for the two hundred magicians was to learn the spells necessary to keep the Star of Bethlehem afloat by himself. Fiamma of the Right tells Nikolai he will "take care" of the magicians onboard, then cuts off the connection. Nikolai frantically orders a subordinate to give the order to blow the Star of Bethlehem away.[17]

Fiamma of the Right watches atop the Star of Bethlehem the fight between Kazakiri Hyouka, Accelerator and Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel’s Sweep attacks are damaging the Star of Bethlehem, but it has a certain level of self-rejuvenation. Having strapped Index’s spiritual remote control to a staff as to command Gabriel, Fiamma of the Right has no doubts that the monsters of science will fall soon. As Fiamma of the Right looks on bored and awaits the recovery of the lamb-skin, William Orwell speaks to him via a telepathic link. The mercenary swears that he will stop Fiamma of the Right no matter the cost, and has the means to do it. As he is Acqua of the Back of God’s Right Seat, he is aligned with Archangel Gabriel and the element of water — he is the strongest link to the Power of God. Acqua of the Back uses his body to take in half of Gabriel’s Telesma within his human body, weakening the Archangel by one-third of its strength and rendering it vulnerable to attacks and unresponsive to Fiamma of the Right’s commands. In a rare moment, Fiamma of the Right loses his temper and shouts at the fallen Acqua of the Back in fury.[7]

Having lost control over Gabriel, with Touma having destroyed the ritual artifacts chaining Gabriel to the human plane and Accelerator and Kazakiri Hyouka having defeated the Archangel[18], Fiamma of the Right snaps his staff and takes the spiritual remote control from its tip. The one thing Fiamma of the Right lacked was the symbols of the Archangels other than Michael held in the lamb-skin. However, since Fiamma of the Right had linked himself to Gabriel’s senses, he was able to get the knowledge through the Archangel’s senses even though the lamb-skin was in Accelerator’s pocket.

Fiamma of the Right then blasts his way through the fortress to find Touma in the ceremonial chamber he had used to summon Gabriel. Touma says the scales have tipped in his side’s favor now that Gabriel has been defeated. Fiamma of the Right refutes that, saying the Archangel’s defeat only means that he needs to finish the ceremony to complete his Holy Right before Academy City or Britain can interfere. Even though Gabriel was defeated, the sky is still dark without stars like in Christian legends, which allows Fiamma of the Right to use the Star of Bethlehem to restore elemental balance. Now that the elements have been realigned properly and the world is proper again, Fiamma of the Right can use the full might of the Holy Right. Fiamma of the Right has a clear intention: kill Kamijou Touma and recover Imagine Breaker.[8]

The Third Arm seeping from Fiamma of the Right’s right shoulder becomes far stronger due to the elements returning to their respective Archangel, including Michael, which Fiamma of the Right is aligned to—all he needs now is Touma’s right arm as a medium to wield the Holy Right’s full power. Touma confronts Fiamma of the Right about his goals and ruthless methods. Fiamma of the Right says he needed to draw out all of humanity’s darkness into the form of World War 3 so it was a clear enemy he could target and defeat. Both Right Hand users have a brief fight in which Fiamma of the Right uses his Holy Right coupled with the vast amount of spells in Index’s grimoire library against Touma. Fiamma of the Right goes on to say God created a perfect system and laid out all the gears to turn in the proper way, but that system was distorted because some gears reached their limit. As he explains, he wants to bring about a new age:

"It is necessary to switch out the gears and in some places, it is necessary to install new mechanisms. I suppose it’s similar to how the internal wiring needs to be worked on a little bit when repairing an old house. And bringing all the ill will to the surface with World War III could be said to be nothing more than removing dust clogging things up. After washing away all the dirt on the gears, Christian model lubricant will be reapplied so that they will regain their light movements. I suppose that’s a good enough metaphor for it all. I think my method is fairly discreet when compared to Noah’s ark. …And even after washing the world with a great flood, the ill will stuck there remained in the world afterwards."

Fiamma severs Touma's right arm.

With his perfected Right Hand, Fiamma of the Right intends to wield that power to accomplish his goal. Touma questions that, asking Fiamma of the Right if he has truly looked at the whole world and seen the happiness in it. Fiamma of the Right concedes Touma has an interesting view, but they should think about that after the world is saved. Brutally, with a Sword of Light, Fiamma of the Right severs Touma’s Imagine Breaker.[6]

Fiamma achieves The One Above God.

Fiamma of the Right begins to assimilate and decompose Imagine Breaker’s flesh and blood into his Third Arm so the Holy Right can manifest one-hundred percent of its power through a physical form—the Imagine Breaker serves as a sort of purification tool, like in Christian lore where the Right Hand shares that trait. Fiamma of the Right anguishes as Imagine Breaker begins to eat away at the very core of his power, but the power within Fiamma of the Right is so overwhelming at that time that Imagine Breaker couldn’t negate it. Right there and then, Fiamma of the Right had achieved the status of The One Above God, the goal of God's Right Seat; his Third Arm no longer withering in its unstable ethereal form—it is now physical. The Heavens above open up to signal the power to save the world has descended to the human plane. A massive amount of golden Telesma descends. Concretely, Fiamma of the Right has called in 'the world where Angels are' and turned Earth into paradise; the sky had been dyed by the Heavens.

Seeing Touma as nothing but a purposeless mass of flesh, Fiamma of the Right swings his perfected Third Arm to erase him from existence. But it fails, and it looks as if Touma deflected his attack even though he lost Imagine Breaker. Then, Fiamma of the Right

Fiamma, frozen with fear when he senses a greater power within Touma's severed arm.

senses a power overcoming everything he has just reached as The One Above God, and quivers in fear, preparing against the Invisible Thing gathering around Touma’s wound. However, Touma starts to speak with someone other than Fiamma of the Right, then crushes the overwhelming power with another power, then regrows Imagine Breaker. Since it is a unique power, it can’t exist within Fiamma of the Right’s Third Arm simulations, so it is slowly fading away. Fiamma of the Right is astounded by what just happened, but has no time to think it through as Touma speaks up.

Touma then figures out why Fiamma of the Right went through the trouble of creating the Star of Bethlehem, why he started World War 3, and why he gathered so many pieces for his plan: Fiamma of the Right was afraid his body didn’t truly hold the power to save the world. In the end, Touma concludes, someone who has never saved the world has no way of knowing if they have the power to save it. If Fiamma of the Right had reached his hand out to the people before him like Touma does instead of focusing on the concept of "the world," he wouldn’t have to be afraid of not being able to save the world—he wouldn’t have needed an overblown plan because he wouldn’t have felt doubts about his ability to save humanity.[5]

Fiamma of the Right gives out an onslaughts of attacks with his Third Arm, then uses the spiritual remote control to make the golden sky rain Telesma upon the Star of Bethlehem. Touma surpasses all odds and survives. Touma then observes that Fiamma of the Right is drawing out his power by setting the enemy he must defeat to humanity’s malice. But what if Fiamma of the Right was making an incorrect assumption and people’s hearts weren’t filled with malice to the extent he thought? Fiamma of the Right reiterates his belief that there is darkness at the root of human nature. But Touma challenges that by saying that even if Fiamma of the Right is right, that is not all there is to human nature. People will fight to protect what they hold dear, even if they do not have any special powers. It’s clear, in that instant that, the difference between Fiamma of the Right and Touma’s mentality boils down to this: Touma believes in the strength of humanity, while Fiamma of the Right does not.

Fiamma of the Right keeps on blasting Touma with the power of Index’s 103, 000 grimoires, but with each attack Fiamma of the Right’s Third Arm becomes battered and crushed—the source of Fiamma of the Right’s power is collapsing. The Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthodox churches begin to cooperate to take down the Star of Bethlehem. The virtue in people’s hearts was overcoming the malice, proving Fiamma of the Right wrong, thus the base strength he relied on for his plan was fading away.

Touma says Fiamma of the Right has lost, and the latter admits he’s at a disadvantage. However, masses of light and energy come from the golden sky above and gather inside the Star of Bethlehem; a massive amount of power flows through the flying castle. Fiamma of the Right didn’t call upon that—the virtue caused an unnatural distortion between the Heavens and Earth since the Earth’s purification was supposed to be gradual in Fiamma of the Right’s original plan. As a result, the Heavens are filled with Telesma while the Earth is not—the massive power will now pour down onto the Earth and envelop the continent of Eurasia in a destructive light. The malice that will be created by that will power up Fiamma of the Right again and crush that glimmer of virtue.[19]

Fiamma has his illusions broken

The golden mass of Telesma fell down, but destruction did not occur. Accelerator had blocked it after ascending fully to the Age of Horus.[20] Fiamma of the Right is stunned by what happened and that his strategy didn’t work out. Touma isn’t surprised and charges towards Fiamma of the Right, destroying the physical shell of Fiamma of the Right’s Third Arm, rendering him weak enough so that he can’t rely on his Holy Right’s power. Fiamma of the Right then uses the spiritual remote control to attack, but it fails because something occurred to Index’s physical body back in England. Fiamma of the Right frantically attempts to reconfigure magical settings to attack, but in the end, Touma punches him and he falls, his illusions now broken.[21]

With Fiamma of the Right’s Third Arm having completely faded, the Star of Bethlehem shook and stood still, the power that kept it afloat now gone. Fiamma of the Right is dazed, the spiritual remote control out of his grasp after being punched. He is nothing more than a human since his power has receded back into his body. There’s only one escape pod left in the Star of Bethlehem, and Fiamma of the Right resigns himself to defeat and his death. But suddenly, Touma grabs him and puts him in the last escape pod. Fiamma of the Right, stunned as ever by his actions, asks if that’s really okay since he’s a person that does not understand how vast the world is. Touma responds that he can now go find out on his own, and launches the escape pod.[22]

After the dust settles and the Star of Bethlehem sinks into the Arctic Ocean, Fiamma of the Right stumbles out of his escape pod into the empty vastness of the snowy Russia plains. Fiamma of the Right thinks he has lost everything. Every major organization will be out for his blood. Now that his power is incomplete without a physical medium, he will run out of times he can use his Holy Right and be defeated by swarms of enemies that will stand before him — a life on the run. Despite that, strength comes back to Fiamma of the Right when he realizes he can now decide his future actions now, like Touma had just told him.

Aleister severs Fiamma's right arm

Then, a blast obliterates Fiamma of the Right’s physical right arm, leaving him in deep pain and staggering. The magic attack had no activation, meaning his Holy Right didn’t protect him. Standing before him is Aleister Crowley—a manifestation of him using some sort of omnipotence, as Aleister appears to be in a different dimension of existence. Aleister praises Fiamma of the Right on what he tried to accomplish, but states that Fiamma of the Right restrained himself by attempting to become The One Above God within the scope of the Aeon of Osiris—if he had formatted his plan with the Aeon of Horus, Fiamma of the Right could’ve reached a status like the one Aleister has attained. Fiamma of the Right thinks about Aleister’s accomplishments by being the creator of the supernatural scientific powers and gathering those powers to create an Angel, then asks Aleister if Aiwass is such an attractive entity. Aleister says he wasn’t supposed to reveal his survival to the world this early in his plans. But because Fiamma of the Right has seen too deeply into Kamijou Touma’s Right Hand and the fact it isn’t just a Right Hand that negates the supernatural, he can’t let Fiamma of the Right live on with that important knowledge.

Fiamma of the Right recalls the Invisible Thing that had attempted to manifest after Imagine Breaker had been severed. Aleister tells Fiamma of the Right he should what it is if he reevaluates his own actions with a different perspective. Aleister’s plan and Fiamma of the Right’s are quite similar — they are both the idea to change the world by preparing a temple filled with strange power, drawing out the power of the Right Hand within that temple, and readjusting the thickness of the phase itself with that power. Fiamma of the Right says that none of that matters now; he removes the hand covering up his wound, then his Third Arm manifests physically, using Fiamma of the Right’s own blood as a medium.

Aleister leaves the defeated Fiamma for dead.

Fiamma of the Right decides he won’t let Aleister toy with the world Touma fought to protect against his own selfish plans. Aleister summons his Blasting Rod from another dimension, and the two clash, resulting in Aleister's clear victory. Believing Fiamma of the Right to be dead, Aleister leaves the snowy plains of Russia.[1]

Ollerus and Silvia saving Fiamma of the Right.

But Fiamma of the Right hasn’t died. The power within him kept him alive long enough for Ollerus and Silvia to recover him from the snow. Ollerus promises he will hide Fiamma of the Right as long as he tells him about his Aeon of Osiris and the Aeon of Horus of Aleister.[23]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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To the world, Fiamma of the Right is believed to be gone for good, according to Leivinia Birdway, who laments that he would've been useful to understand powers that lie in deeper places.[2]

Although Fiamma of the Right’s final fate has yet to be touched on after his rescue, the effects of his actions during World War 3 have. Because of what he did, Fiamma of the Right destroyed the old rules that controlled the world, including the ones established by Aleister, which has caused his plan centered around Kamijou Touma to become unstable and full of errors beyond the acceptable range.[24]

Baggage City Arc

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Fiamma of the Right finally returns, along with Ollerus, to face the Magic God Othinus after the Natural Selector tournament. Having not only defeated Imagine Breaker but the Invisible Thing within Kamijou Touma without effort as well, Othinus is confronted by Ollerus. The two browbeat each other and spar, until Ollerus reveals that Othinus was quite careless in how she handled Touma. In crushing the boy's right hand and the Invisible Thing within him, a certain someone's power to save the world can be activated. Fiamma of the Right appears, with his Third Arm deployed despite his right hand still being severed like Touma. The three clash, with the battle ending in a draw. He and Ollerus assist Touma and watch as his crushed arm is restored. The three, under Touma's insistence, begin to use their talents to analyse Marian Slingeneyer's methods so they can restore her victims to normal, including Cendrillon.[25]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Fiamma of the Right is referenced by Ollerus, stating that the latter now owes lunch to him after betting that Touma would take a long time for him to notice Ollerus' presence.[26] However, Fiamma of the Right doesn't appear at all during the entire arc. It is a deliberate attempt by Ollerus to prove that Fiamma of the Right can be hidden and can act freely within a collection of powerful people. It is unknown what Fiamma of the Right was doing during the ordeal.[27]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

After Ollerus fails in his attack with the fairy spell on Othinus, Fiamma of the Right suddenly appears behind her and accurately pierces another fairy stake through her heart. Othinus is dumbfounded by this and does not even have the time to turn around. Fiamma of the Right, with blood trailing down from the corner of his mouth, then explains that he had performed a valuable experiment in Academy City and checked if he could completely hide his presence on a battlefield filled with powerful members of various powerful groups. He says to her that it seems to be effective since even she, the magic god, did not detect him and he even managed to hit with the spell. Ollerus then says that he no longer has any interest in becoming the magic god but he will not allow anyone to misuse it. At that moment, it seems that it is all over for Othinus but she just laughs. She then tells them that she doesn't care whether she wins or loses, what's important to her is unifying her infinite possibilities. She only needed it to lean in one direction or the other. It did not matter whether she completed the lance and have 100% success or become a fairy and have 100% failure.[28] Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right then exchange glances and then takes action towards Othinus, but is swiftly defeated by her. Ollerus survives but it is unknown what has befallen Fiamma of the Right.[28]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, members of the Gods' Right Seat are all alive and well. Touma sees them in the park where Othinus put Touma in after recreating the world. Vento of the Front walked hand in hand with her younger brother, Terra of the Left is alive and is drinking iced coffee under the same parasol as Fiamma of the Right and Acqua of the Back.[29]

Magic God Invasion Arc

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

Fiamma reappears during the High Priest's rampage through Academy City. After contacting Touma as he and Misaka Mikoto were escaping via Acrobike, he waits at School District 5's Central Park, preparing to use a modified version of the fairy spell on him. When Touma arrives, he attempts to hit the High Priest but is defeated and sent flying, after which Touma has Mikoto call an ambulance for him. What became of him afterwards isn't known.[30]


The Holy Right (聖なる右 Seinaru Migi?) is the embodiment of the power of the Right Hand within Christianity, which Fiamma of the Right claims has the power to create miracles and destroy all evil outright.[4] The power itself is aligned to Archangel Michael,[3] who occupies God's Right Seat in Heaven,[10] and it is as innate to Fiamma of the Right as it is to walk upright.[2] The Holy Right derives its power from the prominence the Right Hand has in Christianity, wherein several miracles, rituals, and traditions are performed using the Right Hand. Archangel Michael cast down Lucifer and his fallen angels with the Right Hand; Jesus, the Son of God used his Right Hand to heal the sick; the Bible was written with the Right Hand. The Holy Right is capable of replicating the power all of these original acts held.[4] The Holy Right is as strong as it needs to be. Its strength depends on Fiamma of the Right's needs and the enemy that stands before him — ergo, the Holy Right simply defeats whatever it targets with the precise amount of force needed, no more no less.[6] Touma likened Fiamma of the Right's power to having a "defeat" option in a JRPG, as among the usual commands of "fight", "defend", "magic", and "item", going on to say how the Holy Right ignores its enemies' actions and simply crushes them regardless.[3] However, Fiamma acknowledges that he can not utilize the power of the Right Hand at maximum strength. His miracles possess only a fraction of the power of the original.[1]

The Holy Right's 'Third Arm'.

The Third Arm (第三の腕 Daisan no Ude?) manifests like a mirage-like hand that appears like a malformed bird's talon, seemingly growing out of Fiamma of the Right's right shoulder. It is the outward manifestation of the Holy Right and of the power within Fiamma of the Right's body.[12] Every time Fiamma of the Right manifests his Third Arm, it slowly disintegrates into the air. Vento of the Front, during her confrontation with Fiamma of the Right, refers to a magical theory that states how members of God's Right Seat cannot just use spells other than the special ones that have been adjusted for their use, which Fiamma of the Right acknowledges. Fiamma of the Right thus has limits to the time that he can use his ability and will run out of "stocks" one day, becoming nothing more than a regular human without power when he does so.[3] After gaining access to Index's 103,000 grimoires via the Remote Control Spiritual Item, he managed to overcome these limitations and can now "win" as many times as he wants.[3]

Fiamma of the Right's physical right arm serves to control the Third Arm; when Aleister Crowley blasted it away, Fiamma of the Right lost the ability to control the Third Arm with his will. Nevertheless, he still has the Holy Right and it will still work regardless.[1]

Due to the Distortion of the Laws of the World that affected the elemental balance, Fiamma of the Right could not use the full might of the Holy Right due to the elements of Archangels becoming ambiguous, thus less powerful. After he set the elements in their proper place, Fiamma of the Right was able to wield the unrestrained power of the Holy Right within a perfected world.[6]

Fiamma of the Right has demonstrated the following uses for the Holy Right:

  • The strike that ends everything it touches — The Holy Right's signature attack destroys everything it touches without any destructive force; as Fiamma put it, "if it makes contact it's over" (触れれば終わる furereba owaru?), so he has to put forth no effort into destroying his enemy.[3]
  • The strike that reaches everything when swung — The Holy Right's signature attack delivers itself right onto its target without any speed or sound; as Fiamma put it, "if it is swung it hits" (振れば当たる fureba ataru?), making such matters as attack speed and distance irrelevant.[14] Additionally, when he wishes, Fiamma of the Right can teleport right next to the target while he delivers that attack, as he did with Vento of the Front.[3]

Fiamma's flaming sword in the anime

  • Flaming Sword — It is powerful 30–40 km magical sword massive enough to resist being negated by Imagine Breaker for some time.[14] This is likely symbolism for the Sword of Michael, said to be a flaming sword used by Archangel Michael to banish Lucifer from Heaven.
  • Beam of Light — This attack was not negated by Imagine Breaker, but ricocheted off it and split into multiple beams.[14][3]
  • Sword of Light — This attack was used by Fiamma of the Right to sever Touma’s Imagine Breaker.[6]

Fiamma teleport in front Vento.

  • Teleportation — Fiamma of the Right can teleport anywhere he wishes instantly as long as he has an open horizontal path.[8]
  • Mental Communication — As shown when he talked to Vento of the Front[3] and William Orwell.[7] It’s possible he can only do this with members of God’s Right Seat since he had to use a communication device to speak with Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy.

Other Abilities

  • During World War III Fiamma of the Right had full control over the Star of Bethlehem, the giant flying-fortress which was designed by him and created with the help of over 2000 magicians. The structure possesses the ability to use Misha Kreutzev's power to turn the day into the night and with that it can be used as a symbol for the 'Star of Bethelemem', the one out of the Christian story. After every preparations are done, the Star of Bethlehem can summon enough telesma to turn the Earth into the Heaven. With an incomplete summoning it gained enough energy to destroy the whole Eurasian continent with a single giant mass of telesma. After Fiamma of the Right's defeat and the failure of his plan, the flying-fortress collapses and falls into the Arctic Ocean.
  • Turn into a fairy (妖精化 Yōsei-ka?): A spell specifically created to counter Othinus the Magic God and bring her down into a field where she can be defeated.[28] Fiamma later devised his own variant of the fairy spell, with the spell being rapidly reapplied 2070000 times in a row on contact to destroy the target,[31] though he was unsuccessful in his attempt to use it against the High Priest.[32]
  • Hide Presence: He can successfully hide his presence from anyone to the point that even a magic god cannot detect him.[28][31]
  • Communication Spell: Fiamma is shown to be capable of using a spell to communicate via a red paper plane.[33]


Fiamma holding the remote control.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum's John's Pen Remote Control: After Second Princess Carissa's coup d'état Fiamma of the Right was able to obtain the controller, wherewith he was able to activate the Defense Mode of Index, use all her memorized spells even if she was in a place different by his, and with the help of Index's magical knowledge he can use his Holy Right as long as he wants. According to Touma, he may have used the Index's knowledge to fill some gaps and increase Holy Right's efficiency. The controller was, along with Misha Kreutzev, the Star of Bethlehem, and Imagine Breaker, one of the keys to unlock the full potential of the power of his Holy Right's Third Arm. In Fiamma of the Right's final fight with Kamijou Touma, the controller was destroyed after the Level 0 touched it with his Imagine Breaker.

The staff with the remote control installed

When Misha Kreutzev was summoned, the remote control was installed into a staff used in the ceremony, which was used by Fiamma to command the archangel and linking their senses.[34][8] The staff was destroyed by Fiamma when he no longer needed it.[8]

Fiamma of the Right's Clothes: Like every Member of God's Right Seat, Fiamma of the Right wears exclusively only red clothes, it allows him a better control over his ability's which are connected to Michael, Red and The Right. Even his hair is red, although it is unknown if he dyed his hair like Stiyl or if he was born with this hair color.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Fiamma of the Right's design remains static throughout the series. According to Haimura, he was tasked on designing Fiamma of the Right to be refreshing, but had difficulty as the color red was a difficult color to express freshness.[35]



Main article: Fiamma of the Right/Quotes
  • (Volume 16, speaking to the defeated Pope about the Holy Right): "The Son of God used His Right Hand to cure the illnesses of the sick and revive the deceased. It was the Right Hand which drew the Cross and scattered the Holy water used for the Baptism of Christ. Furthermore, the Right Hand of The Likeness of God has the distinction of being the greatest weapon in history, having cast down an uncountable number of Fallen Angels; even The One Who Challenged the Light was defeated when opposed by the Right Hand of The Likeness of God. It is such an overwhelming power."
  • (Volume 20, as he reveals himself to Touma, Lessar and Elizalina): "That’s true. You’re much too late if you’re still strategizing at this stage."
  • (Volume 20, talking to Touma): "You’re the main dish. I need to make some preparations before eating you."
  • (Volume 21, after Acqua of the Back has drained Misha Kreutzev): "That bastard... THAT BASTAAAARRRDD!!!!!"
  • (Volume 22, narrowing down why he caused World War 3): "Even if you possess a sword with which to slay the lord of the demons, you cannot swing down that sword if the incarnation of evil does not stand before you."
  • (Volume 22, to Touma after slicing off Imagine Breaker): "I will save this world. You are no longer necessary to do that. You should be honored, you mass of flesh. You managed to carry out your purpose in life."
  • (Volume 22, talking to Touma as he put him on the last escape pod): "I am a person who does not understand just how vast the world is."
  • (Volume 22, speaking to Aleister Crowley about his failure): "I could not do it. I should have had the power needed to save this world just like the Son of God. And yet I could not do it."
  • (Volume 22, defiantly standing up to Aleister Crowley): "When I see you, I can feel the futility of what I did. Most likely, I had that same look on my face. And someone who can truly save the world would not have that expression on his face. ...At that time and in that place, he stood in a position where no one could overtake him."
  • (NT Volume 8, after piercing Othinus with the fairy stake): “I checked to see whether I could completely hide my presence on a battlefield filled with powerful members of various powerful groups. It seems my method was effective even on a magic god. …And thanks to that, I managed to hit you with the fairy spell.”


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