Finland (フィンランド Finrando?), officially known as the Republic of Finland, is a European country located in northern Europe, bordered by Sweden to the west and Russia to the east.


In the past, before the spread of Christianity, in Scandinavian areas such as Finland and Sweden, Norse Mythology was widely believed in.[1]


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On the second Friday of October, Misaka 19348 is sent to Rovaniemi, Finland, at the Ecliptic Access Line Diffusion Committee, one of the research organizations part of the Gemstone Mining, to rescue the Gemstone held there.[2]

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Prior to the beginning of the story of Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki, Brunhild Eiktobel was part of a small cabal of about only 20-30 people in Finland, whose main purpose was to continue their traditional way of life.[3]

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After being reunited with Kouzaku Mitori and Shokuhou Misaki, Dolly mentions, among other requests, wanting to see an aurora in Finland with them.[4]


  • Despite Brunhild Eiktobel being from Finland, the Finnish never were Norse or Scandinavian but Finno-Ugric people that descend from what is now Siberia. Finland has its own unique Culture and Mythology related to its relatives in Eurasia.

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