The Fish of the Supper (晩餐の魚 Bansan no Sakana?) is a spell used by the Roman Catholic Church. Appearing as a powerful laser-like attack, it is able to go through any obstacle and only attack the target of the spell.


Before it can be used the Pope has to personally order it to be used and that two billion people must hold a common hatred,[1] which in this case would be the target of the spell in the first place.

As it is a spell of the Roman Catholic Church, it also has one of its idiosyncrasies that are apparent in many other spells and magic, such as the Croce di Pietro, La Regina del Mare Adriatico, Document of Constantine, and the Star of Bethlehem. These spells aren't made with completely parallel functions, always requiring a leader in the center and everything is made evenly parallel below that. As such, the spell requires a "breaker" in case the other users lose control of the spell. This also makes the "breaker" the Achilles' heel, apparently making the spell not function if they are defeated.[1] Moreover, as exemplified by Agnese Sanctis, the "breaker" of the spell used in Aalborg, Denmark, for the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, it seems that they are incapable of using the spell itself as Agnese tried to instead use her Lotus Wand.

It can be used by at least 250 magicians (the number of members in the Agnese Forces). Each of them acts as a "cannon" for the spell, allowing them to fire the spell on their own.[1] When used, the spell appears like a laser beam and travels at a straight line. It can pass through anything from walls to people that isn't its target, making it impossible for the target to use anything as a shield. The power of the spell is based on the gathering and processing power of two billion people (likely referring to those with a "common hatred) across the world.[2] So great is the power of the beam that it can't be thoroughly negated by Touma's Imagine Breaker, similar to Stiyl Magnus' Innocentius.[3] According to Othinus, the spell takes an offensive interpretation of stories about lightning and divine punishment, and that the spell's structure is simple enough for anyone with a bit of Christian knowledge to put together.[3]

When the target is hit, specifically when using multiple beams, the target can apparently be vaporized, according to Touma's assessment.[1]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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The Pope allows for the usage of the spell during the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma . It is the Agnese Forces that wield the spell, and is probably chosen for the fact that Touma's Imagine Breaker has no effect against it. Knowing this and since time was of the essence for Othinus, Touma secretly negotiates with Agnese Sanctis to let them go.[1]


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