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Fleiss (フレイス Fureisu?) (more commonly referred to as "Fleiss-san") is a magician featured in the short story Mars SS. She infiltrated Academy City to eliminate artificial microbes in order to prove her Magic Cabal's worth.


Fleiss is a member of the Golden-style Magic Cabal called "Dawn that Wipes Away Darkness". It is a tiny cabal that not many know about, even in England, its land of origin. The cabal has greatly declined due to its members using an outdated Tattva-based magic which became obsolete in front of modern magic. As such, they sought a way to prove their worth despite that, and eventually sent Fleiss to Academy City. Under the pretense of preventing a world-wide threat, her goal is to eliminate the artificial microbes developed in the Mars World experiment.[1]


Mars SS[]

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After infiltrating Academy City, Fleiss gets into a battle with Anti-Skill at School District 21. The unfortunate Kamijou Touma accompanied by Index accidentally gets wrapped up in the events. They are seen as accomplices of Fleiss and are forced to flee along with her. Later, the group is attacked by Bisai Otome and her guards. While they try to escape, Index gets abducted, yet Fleiss restrains the protesting Touma and manages to get away. She reveals to him her true goal, and after seeing he intends to head out himself in order to save Index, she decides to help him. Then, she rescues Index while Touma battles and defeats Otome. The subsequent events are unknown, but it can be presumed Fleiss accomplished her goals and left Academy City.[1]


As a member of "Dawn that Wipes Away Darkness", Fleiss specializes in a Tattva-based magic. Also, despite being from the magic side, Fleiss appears somewhat knowledgeable on science, explaining about microbes and using some technological equipment.[1]

Fleiss' cabal colorizes the five elements and then indirectly interferes with the five types of power in the natural world by mixing the colors and adding in complementary colors. It uses the rules of the Tattva color arrangement that spread throughout the Golden-style cabals and rearranges it into four colors that can be used as symbolic weapons in the form of plain cards. By emphasizing or adding vagueness to the elements, they can be controlled. As modern magic developed means to manipulate the pure element itself, this form of magic became obsolete and mostly unused.[1]

  • Triangle of Tejas (Fire): The basic color of fire is red, and its complementary color is green. By igniting a green card, the strength of the flame can be emphasized and controlled. Fleiss is able to apply this in order to cause an explosion and direct it. Using the same method with a red card, however, will completely extinguish the flame, as it causes the outlines to become vague which is turn weakens the magical symbols.[1]
    Chant: "The established five colors symbolize the five peaks. Therefore, the opposing five complementary colors become that which amplifies the elements of the five peaks."
    "A red background bordered with a green outline. Triangle of Tejas, bring forth your great natural power by way of that emphasized symbol!!"[1]
  • Purification: In contrast to the single-color cards, it is a spiritual item with a pattern made up of a few differently colored parts similar to stained glass, that depicts a rose and a cross. It was developed by one of the most basic of sects that is older than even the Golden-style. Dried herbs are broken into a powder and consecrated salt is used to create the pattern, making it a tool used for purification spells. Its main use is preventing food from spoiling by adjusting the balance of the five great elements in the object. As microbes and bacteria are the real, scientific cause of food spoiling, Fleiss assumes this spell is highly effective in eliminating them.[1]