Flower Resistance (食物連鎖の反逆者 (フラワーレジスタンス) Shokumotsu Rensa no Hangyaku-sha (Furawārejisutansu)?) is a floral weapon developed in Academy City.[1]


The Flower Resistance are carnivorous plants with sharp scythes and sturdy mandibles made of flowers and other flora, resembling orchid mantises. The product of practices such as cloning, genetic manipulation and selective breeding, they move faster and more powerfully than normal animals and devour flesh as a swarm. They are susceptible to electromagnetic waves so they will apparently respond somewhat to a remote.[1]


Kamijou ArcEdit

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Accelerator made use of the Flower Resistance in conjunction with a satellite weapon and Mimosa during his battle with Elizard at Windsor Castle.[1]


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