Food Stand Spire (屋台尖塔 Yatai Sentō?) is a parking garage building that contains several restaurants that is located in School District 10 of Academy City.[1]


The food stand spire is a parking garage filled with nothing but large vans and RVs. The parking space for the vehicles was not full as there were also seats and tables for customers. Regardless, the building could still contain somewhere between 400 to 500 restaurants.[1]

It can be assumed that the stalls and stands there are unlicensed or are illegal, as it doesn't seem to follow proper hygiene and building codes, a staple of the lawless and decrepit nature of the 10th School District. The parking garage itself, is not airtight, but it still had an excessive number of vents and air ducts to allow the exhaust to escape. The building was lit by irregularly placed LED light bulbs and altogether gave off an aura of handmade junk.The scene of all the stands lined up had no uniformity to it. It mainly gave a motley and dirty impression.[1]

The lineup of restaurants should change as one goes up to the floors. The lower floors closest to the entrance draw the most customers and have the more popular junk food, and the higher floors draw fewer customers but make a living by catering to more specific tastes. Although the building has an elevator, it was banned from use as people would get into fights when in line to use it.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

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While Last Order and Fremea Seivelun are lost and cannot find their way back to School District 7, they come upon the Food Stand Spire, to which a caring soul offers two men to act as their bodyguards in exchange for a free boiled egg.[1]

Manga meat

A large piece of meat that seem to come straight off a manga.

The both of them later come upon a restaurant at the top floor that uses a modified truck as a stand. It was a restaurant that offered Chinese food, which was cooked by a lone man, and was accompanied by three girls who gave off the impression that they knew nothing of the cooking or the service industry, and apparently served as body guards. Last Order asks for the usual, despite never having been there before. Last Order however, reveals that the restaurant doesn't have a menu as it only serves one thing: giant pieces of meat that seem to come straight off a manga, making her requests warranted. The cook accepts the order as long as he is paid and serves each of them a large piece of meat, which they dig into in good order despite its size.[1]


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