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Fremea Seivelun (フレメア=セイヴェルン Furemea Seiverun?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. Merely an elementary schooler, she however becomes connected with the various intrigues of the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Being the little sister of ITEM's Frenda Seivelun and cared for by Skill-Out's Komaba Ritoku, she becomes a central character in the movement of the story and its characters in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index solely by existing. She is the linchpin of the Agitate Halation Project and her very existence ties with several moments relating to her safety.


Blond and blue-eyed, Fremea is a girl typical for her age. However, she has a peculiar dressing style. Her clothes are mainly white and pink and also very fluffy and full of frills and lace. Her lower half is very plain in comparison with only a miniskirt and thick, wine-red tights. She looks like an idol, but not a real performer; she looks more like the kind of idol one would see in a video game. Her slender arms and legs, her fluffy blonde hair, her white skin, and her transparent blue eyes all add to the impression that she looked like a doll. Her appearance has the feeling that whatever she wore would become the popular thing to wear.[2] Like her sister, she wears a beret along with her outfit. Despite still being a child of the age of 8, she states that she is already wearing a training bra, much to Leivinia Birdway's frustration.[3]

She apparently looks like her sister to the point that Mugino Shizuri mistook her for Frenda's ghost upon seeing her for the first time.[4]


As a child, she has all the trappings of it. She has shown to be a brattish know-it -all, boastful,[5] and she has a firm distaste for peas.[6] However, she of course has a kind side to her, as she deeply cares for her caretakers like Komaba Ritoku and Hamazura Shiage, and her sister Frenda,[7] and is thankful to those who help her, as with the case of Accelerator[8] and Fräulein Kreutune. She would readily defend those who she cares from demeaning, as with the case with her waking up to tell Takitsubo Rikou not speak bad of Shiage,[9] and can easily make friends in the strangest circumstances, like with Last Order and Fräulein Kreutune.[10]

She has a queer taste for violent video games such as Blood and Destroy, though this might just be her curiosity.[11] She believes in Santa Claus, much to Leivinia Birdway's surprise, as she thought she was referring to the Nicholas Foundation, and is willing to get into arguments with girls around her age like Last Order and Leivinia.[3] Despite her age and the protectiveness of people around her, she notices the odd behavior of people who promised to see her again but never do, referring to Ritoku and Frenda, who died through the course of the story, and noticed in on Shiage before his nearly-hopeless battle with Freshmen.[7]

A mere child, she naturally cowers at the sight of great danger, and though she is willing to go into danger for the sake of her friend, she is always supported by her friends to do so, like with the case of rescuing Fräulein, where she had help from Last Order and Beetle 05, or search for someone to help her. She exudes an aura of helplessness that makes people seem to want to protect her, in fact, it's this quality that attracted the attention of Yakumi Hisako towards her, making her the linchpin of the Agitate Halation Project, the damsel in distress where the heroes will try and rescue.[12] It is not until near the end of the Agitate Halation Arc that she realized that people are getting harmed in order for them to protect her, and she becomes determined to no longer wait for a hero to help her and decides to protect everyone.[13]

Similar to Frenda, She likes to uses the phrase "Daitai" which can be translated as "Essentially" or "In the first place" in her speech. She also uses a similar verbal tic akin to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, "nya," "nyaa," "nyah," a point that Shiage remarks as strange as she has never used that during the first time he met her.[14]


How she and her sister came to Academy City is not known, though Ritoku states that Fremea seems "imported" because that is the impression he has gotten upon hearing her name, indicating her seemingly foreign origins,[15] most likely Norwegian.[16][17][Notes 1][18] It is known that Komaba Ritoku was acquainted with Fremea as early as January of the current year of the story timeline, where Ritoku beat up a man who brought a bow gun into Fremea's school,[19] and later introduced her to both Hamazura Shiage and Hattori Hanzou, most likely prior to the espers' attacks on random Level 0s in an escalation of revenge against Skill-Out. Although they spoke to her, they did not even know her name.[14]

With the final straw that forced Ritoku to gather the various Skill-Out groups to his side and retaliate against chosen espers in a coordinated movement, being the threat of espers attacking an innocent elementary full of Level 0s, it is most likely the school that they were attacking was Fremea's own school,[20] adding to the fact that Ritoku's primary reason for the uprising was to protect her.[21]

Regarding the report Kamijou Touma read regarding Fremea Seivelun becoming the protection target of the "heroes", the linchpin of the Agitate Halation Project, references the "backup plan using Skill-Out",[12] on experiments related to her becoming compatible for the plan. Since there were no major events with her being "protected" by Skill-Out or involved with them prior to Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index other than Ritoku's planned uprising, it can be speculated that the Agitate Halation Project has been going since at least early October.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Skill-Out Uprising

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A photo of Fremea and Ritoku in the latter's cellphone, as seen in Toaru Majutsu no Index II anime.

Just before Ritoku indirectly kill himself by shooting his powerful Smart Weapon on Accelerator, the latter sees his phone and discover a photo of him a little girl, Fremea Seivelun, as Ritoku references that they have similar circumstances, having someone they need to protect. Seeing Accelerator as the last piece for his plan of solving the problem of Level 0's being attacked, Ritoku entrusts his feelings on Accelerator.[22]

Ritoku shoots Accelerator with his Smart Weapon knowing full well that Accelerator's Redirection is still working. Here, Ritoku dies spectacularly by his own hands using Accelerator's powers, carving his death upon Accelerator's heart.[21]

With his mission finished Etzali gives his regards to Accelerator through a call, and warns him of not being seen by anyone before being cut-off by Accelerator. Later calls out Musujime Awaki who reveals that she is still alive and that she helped Accelerator during his battle with Ritoku by teleporting his gun near him, which the latter noticed during the battle. After some banter between the two, Accelerator leaves intending to deal with the people on Ritoku's list of People Requiring Special Attention in Regards to Attacks on Level 0s taken from Ritoku's phone that fell out of his pocket earlier.[21]

It is later revealed that Komaba Ritoku was hesitant with the plan in attacking the targeted espers, as there were too many drawbacks to it, and required another step for it to succeed. With Ritoku seeing Accelerator's circumstances, he pulled a fatal gambit in which Accelerator himself would deal with the goal of their plan of taking care of the dangerous espers attacking Level 0s.[22]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Freshmen Arc

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In the Freshmen Arc, it appears that Fremea was being targeted by a powerful organization connected to the city's higher ups. Fremea and Hanzou were being chased by a Powered Suit that followed them all the way to the underground mall. Fremea was knocked out and Hanzou was stunned, but they were saved by the timely arrival of Hamazura Shiage. Soon they hide in a private salon owned by ITEM, there Hanzou and Shiage make a plan involving Kuruwa to get Fremea to safety. After a long wait, Hanzou decides to leave and make sure Kuruwa was okay. Not long after, Fremea and Shiage get attacked, and get separated while trying to escape. After Fremea was found again, she is soon captured by her pursuers despite the assistance of Accelerator. It is later discovered that Fremea herself had no value to the 'Freshmen' at all, that they were just using her to get Shiage and Accelerator to work together to save her, as she had a connection to the both of them, Accelerator through Komaba, and Hamazura through Frenda. That way, their threat level would be great enough to force the higher ups of Academy City to ignore their negotiations and eliminate them. Shiage later pursues her captor with a new model powered suit. Shiage manages to rescue her, and with Hanzou's and Kuruwa's help, hid Fremea in a safe at an abandoned shopping area. She was almost killed by an attack from Kuroyoru Umidori, but the attack was negated by a certain high school boy.

It is later revealed that the events of this arc was involved in Yakumi Hisako's Agitate Halation Project.[23] Values of fear, anger, and joy into Fremea Seivelun's mind in order for her to attain the Agitate Halation, an ability inserted into her. They were inputted through the use of the Freshmen who was manipulated to do her bidding, expecting them to fail their mission in killing Fremea.[23] Moreover, it was also most likely so observe the effects of the Agitate Halation on the "heroes" such as Shiage and Accelerator.

Homecoming Arc

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Fremea, still exhausted from the events from the last volume, spent most of the time resting on Hamazura's lap during Leivinia Birdway's explanation.

Shiage takes Fremea to Touma's apartment for the meeting, despite being the same place Kuroyoru Umidori is held up in. As the Shiage, Accelerator, and Touma sit down for Leivinia's lecture, Fremea goes towards Shiage and sits on his lap, saying that it is "her spot," but then promptly falls asleep.[24]

Fremea later wakes up to play with Sphynx, Touma and Index's cat. After Touma makes a passing comment on how Sphynx has gotten bigger and Leivinia replies on how that is how things with a growth of a kid, Fremea airs her doubt on the legitimacy of Leivinia's claim that she is an elder sister. As a child that she is, the annoyed Leivinia tells her that she is a brat and that there is a big difference between their ages, and that she still bathes with her father. Fremea counters that her father has nothing to do with their argument as she lives in a dorm; adding to this, she states that she is old enough not to use the night light. This surprises Leivinia as she worries that enemies might attack if there is no night light. Boasting of her "maturity," Fremea states that she knows Santa Claus exists, though Leivinia mistakes her Santa Claus to an actual secret organization, the Nicholas Foundation. Touma tries to point out to Leivinia that she is mistaken, but she does not hear him as she trembles in shock. Finally, Fremea delives the coup de gras, saying that she is already wearing a bra, making her the winner of their argument. Leivinia does not take it in stride and asks her if she is picking a fight with her, summoning her wand as a result. She brags on how she is the leader of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight, and mocks her for having only Shiage to follow her. Fremea tells her not to say bad things about Shiage and that if she says anything more then it's a duel, intriguing Leivinia as a result. Touma tries to point out the inanity of her actions but it is no use. Leivinia, interested in a duel, asks Fremea what method they should settle this, to which Fremea says Hakkeyoi, essentially sumo wrestling. The people inside the apartment later see a catfight between the two, along with hair pulling, and Leivinia later performs a German suplex on Fremea, not caring if their panties are exposed. Winning the duel. Leivinia tells that she is one hundred years too early for the likes of her to oppose the leader of cabal like her. Everyone is silent during this moment. However, Mark Space, who has just arrived with Leivinia's non-alcoholic cocktail, exchange glances with Touma, and later call up Leivinia's little sister, Patricia Birdway, regarding things her sister doesn't like, which she says is either panties with a large rabbit on them or anything spicy. The insanity is later stopped after Touma and Mark added a large amount of chili saunce on Leivinia's cocktail, making her writhe on the floor.[3]

Fremea once again wakes up while Shiage is out buying drinks. She tugs on Accelerator's foot, getting his attention. She asks him if he is the hero that saved him, to which Accelerator points out that her hero is "the bastard who risked his life and actually took the fill brunt of the danger," and says that it shouldn't be given on him as he only helped a little. Fremea says to him that he still saved her, and then falls back to sleep. Accelerator later ponders on this, thinking that despite having no interest being a villain and being unable to become a good person, he can still interfere in someone's life and help bring things to a positive conclusion.[8] Sphynx later paws on Fremea, though she is too asleep to notice.[25]

Fremea later wakes up just in time to see Misaka Worst, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Last Order go bonkers, much to Accelerator's annoyance. Fremea and Leivinia later sees Last Order's gaze, who states that one of them must be her enemy, relating to the "sixth sense" she felt a while back regarding Fremea taking her place.[26]

As Shiage tries to get up to go to a convenience store, Fremea wakes up and urges him to stay. However, Takitsubo Rikou finally catches up to Shiage after much searching since the last arc, and much to her shock sees him with Fremea. With an awful foreboding air surrounding her, Rikou asks what Shiage is doing. Shiage however is surprised to see Rikou having this side of her personality, believing that it is instead befitting of Mugino Shizuri. Rikou says that he suddenly disappeared during the day without any contact, and then spent so much time searching for him, only to find him in a random room flirting with a girl with a familiar looking face. Shiage points out that this isn't cheating as the age difference is too great. Rikou references Saiai, saying that even though Shiage is "super Hamazura-y", she would never thought of him as a wild beast. At this point, Fremea butts into the converastion while being half asleep, telling Rikou not to say bad things about Shiage, as even though he looks hopeless, he is the person who risked his life to save her. Rikou points out that no one knows that fact better than her, however, Fremea has fallen asleep. Shiage tries to say to Rikou that Fremea is just a kind. However, at the same time as that, both Kinuhata Saiai and Mugino Shizuri arrive. They later try to kick Hamazura in order to avoid being the last person to touch him as they’ve made a punishment game where the loser is forced to wear a bunny girl costume. Mugino successfully kick Shiage, which was apparently not enough to wake Fremea up. As Saiai is in utter disappointment of her loss, the both of them later discover that Rikou has yet to touch Shiage, making her lose their punishment game.[9] The fun and games end when Mugino notices Fremea, believing her to Frenda's ghost at first. Fremea however is still half asleep. Shiage tries to introduce her to Mugino, but then realizes that he has forgotten that Mugino was the one who killed her sister. Unable to find the words to say to Fremea, Mugino does it for him, she bluntly says to Fremea that she is the girl who killed her. In anger, Shiage chastises Mugino, and tries to move her away, though is completely outclassed by her. With a bit of a distance from Fremea, Shiage berates Mugino for her lack of subtlety, to which Mugino simply says that she came clean. Shiage says that is something not to be proud of. His lecture however is interrupted by Fremea looking towards them, and tells her that he will say something to fool her, saying that Mugino shouldn't do anything to make the situation even more complicated.[4] Fremea presumably does not recall the words Mugino said that night.

Fremea later senses a great foreboding pervading the apartment as Leivinia Birdway discusses the danger posed by the Radiosonde Castle threatening Academy City as they spoke to Touma, Accelerator, and Shiage. Fremea's face grow cold. Shiage pushes Fremea away from him a bit as he tries to speak his mind regarding the danger.[27]

After aiding in stopping Radiosonde Castle, Shiage carries a sleeping Fremea on her back as he and the other members of ITEM go home.[28]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc
Eve of the Festival

Fremea is first seen being bluntly told by the dentist of the Hero's Cave that it is her fault that she in the position that she is in now, and that there is no use in resisting. He later proceeds to operate on her mouth, as she did not heed Shiage and Rikou's warnings on not drinking hot chocolate before going to bed.[29]

While going home, Fremea is distracted by treats, and loses Shiage and Rikou, who were accompanying her.[30] Fremea is completely lost in School District 7 but is oblivious to the fact, acting high and mighty and blames Shiage for being careless. She becomes hungry but decides to keep searching, and eventually meets up with Last Order. Despite grating on each other's nerves, for both were being too prideful, Last Order accompanies Fremea. They get into a fight on who is more adult than the other, then notice an announcement regarding the famous restaurants of Academy City, and challenges each other to who is more informed by heading around to the famous restaurants of Academy City, forgetting their original intentions.[5]

The two arrive at School District 10, where they come upon the famous Food Stand Spire, essentially making Last Order the winner of their little bet. A caring soul offers two men to act as their bodyguards in exchange for a free boiled egg as the district can be a dangerous place. The both of them later come upon a restaurant at the top floor that uses a modified truck as a stand. It was a restaurant that offered Chinese food, which was cooked by a lone man, and was accompanied by three girls who gave off the impression that they knew nothing of the cooking or the service industry, and apparently served as body guards. Last Order asks for the usual, despite never having been there before. Last Order however, reveals that the restaurant doesn't have a menu as it only serves one thing: giant pieces of meat that seem to come straight off a manga, making her requests warranted. The cook accepts the order as long as he is paid and serves each of them a large piece of meat, which they dig into in good order despite its size.[10]

Despite Fremea acknowledging that Last Order is more informed than her, they are both still lost, and is unable to find the way to District 7. While moving about, Fremea asks for directions from a strange woman who begins mimicking her movements, Fräulein Kreutune.[31] For some unfathomable reason, Fräulein aids them in finding their way back into School District 7, and is successful, as Last Order recognizes an area. After being dragged along, Last Order tries to thank and her and asks her name, to which she responds that her name is Fräulein Kreutune. Last Order and Fremea wants to exchange e-mail addresses with her, but seeing as she had no cellphone, Fremea however, gave Fräulein her child buzzer to her that was originally from Hamazura Shiage and the others. Fremea tells her that it uses GPS, and if she pulls the string, it will send her current location to the cell phone registered with it. Essentially, allowing Fremea to be notified of her whereabouts. Fremea notes that it can receive e-mails without cost from the registered cell phone. Fräulein seemed puzzled with the device, and continues to stare at it. She is interrupted by Last Order saying that they are now friends. Fräulein is confused by this, to which Fremea answers that there is no reason why they can't be friends. After analyzing the situation, Fräulein concludes that they are indeed friends.[32]

Despite Last Order successfully finding her way back, and having Shiage and Rikou still restlessly trying to find her, Fremea is still quite lost and is unable to find her way back to School District 13. She is rather sleepy and then decides to lay down on a bench to sleep.[33]

Day of the Festival

Fremea sleeping on Hamazura's back.

Surprisingly, Fremea sleeps undisturbed throughout the night, and is later discovered by Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou. While carrying the sleeping Fremea in a back alley, they come upon Fräulein Kreutune, who has now acquired the function of wanting to eat Last Order's brain. Believing her to be a drunk, they pay no mind to her. She mistakes Fremea for Last Order, and tries to lunge at her, but quickly realizes it isn't her and runs away. Fräulein's actions freightens Hamazura because he feels that he was just in a cage with a wild beast.[34]

Fremea wakes up in Shiage's back, and complains about "him" getting lost. Since there are loose animals, the trains have been stopped, and the buses have been reduced, as such, they have are stuck in School District 7. Fremea then says that she is hungry, to which Shiage and Rikou take her out. For much of her meal, Fremea manages to annoy both Shiage and Rikou, the former trying to stay the latter's hand. After getting tired, Fremea forced her way towards Shiage's back, forcing him to carry her, annoying them both. Up there, she finds Last Order accompanied by Accelerator and Yoshikawa Kikyou.[35]

Their reunion is cut short as chaos ensues, when Fräulein tries to lunge herself towards Last Order. Fremea, who is still clinging on Shiage's back is thrown down, after Fräulein mows tackles Shiage down to get to Last Order. Fremea and Last Order bear witness to Accelerator attacking her and her invulnerability. As Kakine Teitoku attacks with his Rhinoceros Beetles, Accelerator sends them down the subway tunnel in order for them to escape as he tries to engage in battle with Kakine.[36] Underground, Last Order talks to Fremea about Fräulein, to which Fremea replies that a lady as kind as her wouldn't hurt Shiage. Yoshikawa Kikyou then gathers attention towards her, and states that Accelerator has bought them time and that whatever issues they might have they need to escape. Shiage agrees, stating just being in the same same place as them could get them smashed into pieces, but adds on how it would be dangerous to support him without a plan. Yoshikawa asks if he would if he did, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Just then, the White Beetles come before them. Their appearance shocks Fremea as he was targeted by queer machines before in a tunnel. Her breathing becomes erratic, and her vision becomes blurry. But the attack never comes, a beetle malfunctions in trying to check the order of "Destroying any and all elements that obstruct our mission," due to the presence of Takitsubo Rikou and her AIM Stalker.[37] As he rechecks his orders, he asks his fellow Beetles to assist him. Here, they list down what they think their mission objective is: "to defeat Fräulein Kreutune and eliminate the objective behind her actions, eliminate anyone who would obstruct the battle between Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, secure the battlefield, eliminate the recent continuing threat to the City by defeating all dangerous elements," and finally, "to protect the residents of the City from all anticipated dangerous elements." However, they then shortly fire at each other, concluding that they, as well as Kakine Teitoku, are "also" dangerous elements in the City.[38]

As the beetles attack each other, the sounds of battle make Fremea dizzy. Beetle 05 is then felled, and near Shiage and the others, asking what he was doing, to which Shiage replies not to ask him. It tried to target Last Order again, prompting Fremea to come between him and Last Order. But the malfunction has taken hold, and became determined that Last Order and the rest of them are not a threat. Beetle 05 tells them that he will save them in order to protect his order list from a fatal contradiction. Getting back up, Beetle 05 eyes' turn from green to red, indicating that he has indeed been lost from the will of the original Kakine.[39] Underground in the subway tunnel, the group flees, whilst Beetle 05 holds the other beetles off as long as his strength could bear it. The beetles concentrated their fire on Last Order, for they determined that she was the quickest method in robbing the reason for Fräulein's actions. When they came upon a locked door, and Beetle 05 opened it for them, telling them to go as he fires another shell upon the ceiling, collapsing it upon the other beetles. And when all of them have escaped into another hall, they discovered that the door was too small. However, Beetle 05 paid no attention to this for he did not intend to beat the other beetles in the first place. Beetle 05 slammed into the door, shutting the egress from the other beetles with his body. Shiage questions his judgment, to which Beetle 05 states that it his plan, and that since he has left Kakine Teitoku's control, he can no longer renew his Dark Matter, and will break apart. He tells them that the only way to escape from the enemies that can regenerate infinitely is to block their path. But Shiage would not stand for it and demands for him to come as well, but Beetle 05 will not yield. And Shiage could only feel helpless, as Beetle 05 acts as a wall against the other beetles for them. He is later forced by Yoshikawa Kikyou and Takitsubo Rikou to leave.[40]

As Beetle 05 continue to hold the other beetles at bay, and denying the errors that appeared due to the discrepancy of his actions of not fleeing when he is currently in danger, his body becomes battered by their attacks and is slowly breaking apart. Standing firm, Last Order and Fremea suddenly appears before him, surprising him. Thinking quickly, he moves away from the door that he blocked, and starts beating his wings at a certain amplitude in order to make them float. The beetles tried to give chase, but soon detected a train incoming inside the tunnel. However, it was all a ruse of Beetle 05, striking the subway truck in a pattern identical to the vibration of a train to get away from them.[40]

Gaining some distance from the other beetles, Beetle 05, he and the girls rest easy, as Fremea marks him, with a permanent marker, as a member of the Hamazura Brigade.[40]

After weaving through the subway tunnels, Beetle 05 finally came above ground with the two girls. Beetle 05 thought about what steps he should do next as they could not stay there all the time, for ever did the other beetles will track them. He tries to explain the situation to them, but Fremea and Last Order would not yield and abandon him. Beetle 05 tells them that the two of them were being pursued by several different enemies, to which Fremea asks what they are. Beetle 05 tells her that they are being pursued by such as the other beetles, Kakine Teitoku himself, and Fräulein Kreutune. The last one, a being that he could not possibly predict and oppose. He then explains to them what is occurring to Fräulein, and of her goal, though Fremea gave a blank not understanding the technicalities of her goal. Last Order asks if she was going to eat her, to which Fremea shouts that Fräulein will never do that for she is their friend. Beetle 05 mentions that she is being driven by a function that Fräulein cannot control. Hearing this, Fremea says that they should save her, and since it said that whatever she is doing is not her fault, they cannot overlook it. Last Order agrees as she knows what it's like to being forced to do something she doesn't want to do. Beetle 05 fell silent, unable to comprehend such irrational actions—to go through danger for a friend in need who may be the one to doom them. In the end, Beetle 05 could not help but go along with their reckless plans. As he is fated to be pursued by his master, and to be rejected as a rampaging weapon by other organizations, he could at least give meaning to leaving his master's control by helping the girls perfectly accomplish their goals on their own terms.[41]

While looking for Fräulein, the girls stopped for a break, with the full bloom of Ichihanarasai before them. As Fremea and Last Order compete against each other in the school stands to get stamps on their cards, they are unaware that breaking from the will of Kakine has begun to take its toll on Beetle 05.[42] Fremea and Last Order has visited 13 schools and has no signs of tiring. While wondering about the optimum action they could take to avoid their enemies. Fremea offers her rainbow yakisoba to him but he declines. Last Order and Fremea then fills up his cannon with the rewards they got from the games they played. He asks them if they know how to find Fräulein, to which they show to him their buzzer, which would help them track her. As all this is going on, Beetle 05 tries to control where the cracks form and their rate of spread through his actions. This was because he was worried that the girls would discover that he is cracking, but their excitable nature put upon a great burden upon his form. Beetle 05 begins thinking on how to confront Fräulein after Last Order or Fremea finds her using the buzzer, and concludes that he cannot entrust them to such a reckless plan.[42]

Beetle 05 smiles as he becomes Kakine Teitoku.

As the various battles thunder in the multi-level overpass, Beetle 05 and the girls finally arrive and find Fräulein. The girls insist in coming near towards her, but Beetle 05 declines as the battle between Kamijou Touma and Leivinia Birdway are currently occurring, and the fact that he will not be able to withstand a battle. Beetle 05 states that he will try to analyze the combatants attack patterns and calculate, in order to find an opening. Both Fremea and Last Order later witness Beetle 05 becoming the Kakine Teitoku.[43]

Seeing Touma's victory over Leivinia Birdway, Kakine takes the girls to their friend. He warns them of the danger, but Last Order says that she is like her and Beetle 05, who does not know for sure what she is or even who she can ask to find out. She states that that is the reason why someone needs to save her. Fremea comments on how her referring Fräulein as someone who does not know who she is. She calls her a member of the Hamazura Brigade and their friend nothing else matters. Beetle 05 understands this and tells that they are going to save the girls' friend, to which Fremea corrects by saying that she is "their" friend. Last Order then sends a message to her using the security buzzer that they are coming.[44] Fräulein tries to stand up, and discovers that the security buzzer is vibrating, as a message was sent to her from Last Order and Fremea, and smiles, thanking them, but she is still unable to stop herself from eating them. There, being carried by Beetle 05, both Last Order and Fremea arrive, throwing caution into the wind.[45] However, she is later freed by Touma after his plan in using up Cendrillon's left over parts to create a brain to trick her instincts. She consumes the decoy brain, and it seemingly works. While eating, her unsettling act was seen by many, and by Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri, the former presuming the worst, he charges towards Fräulein in rage to utterly destroy her. However, his hand is stayed after Last Order calls out to her.[46]

Fräulein's body was tricked indeed, but it also affected her in a much more obvious way, as her body shrunk smaller in size. Still seeing herself as loathsome, she tries to deny herself of her friends as she still couldn't stop herself from eating. But Last Order tells her that even if her situation was not taken into account at all, and her morality is determined by her functions, it does not apply to her now. She says to Fräulein that she need not be afraid or anxious about whether she is good or evil, it will not change that they are friends. In tears, she is embraced by the people she called friends, Fremea and Last Order, while Touma leaves in silence.[47]

During Kihara Yuiitsu's investigation on the events that have passed, she determined that Fremea's power, Agitate Halation, have been used unintentionally by Fremea, and is marked by her with a platinum tag. She also states that care must be taken when gathering data about her.[48]

It is later shown that Kakine being freed from the Original Kakine Teitoku's control and aiding Fremea Seivelun despite the harm incurred on his person, may have been an experiment to determine the capabilities of Fremea's Agitate Halation[12] AIM Stalker may have severed his connection with the Original, but it is Fremea's Agitate Halation that may have allowed the surfacing of Kakine's personality that is different from the Original Kakine Teitoku and have coerced him into helping her.

Agitate Halation Arc

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Fremea and Azumi read books in a local library.

Sometime after Ichihanaransai, Fremea has Beetle 05 as a beetle keychain on her bag. She first appears, continuing the theme of her unwavering belief on Santa Claus, she becomes part of the part of her class that believes in Santa Claus (mostly girls), while the other doubts his existence (mostly boys). Their class later visit a local library to investigate to end their argument. Here, Azumi, a classmate of Fremea's, tell of the legend of the black Santa Claus, Knecht Ruprecht, frightening the children and Fremea.[49]

Fremea is later mentioned by Yakumi Hisako herself, stating that Fremea Seivelun will be the leverage point, while Kuroyoru Umidori will be forced into being the counterbalance.[50] Essentially, it is to make the "heroes" riot by focusing on Fremea Seivelun and eventually led them into self-destruction after killing her and framing Umidori. However, the real reason would be to hide her true plans of becoming an AIM thought being under the Board of Directors' nose.[51] Kamijou Touma, after defeating the severely wounded Tsuchimikado Motoharu who was manipulated by the Agitate Halation Project, later discovers the purpose of Fremea Seivelun in the aforementioned subject, and opts to search for her, knowing she is before it is too late.[12]

In the evening, after Beetle 05 helps Fremea for school the next day, he tries to leave through the window, but Fremea asks him to stay, though he refuses. As Fremea goes to bed, an audible cracking noise comes out from him, and his little beetle form rolls down unto the floor. Cracking all over and struggling, Fremea goes over to him. Here, Kakine realizes that someone is interfering with his Dark Matter, and notes how their draw is very powerful. Realizing that the hijacking and ruining of his body was not to harm but to make others, namely Fremea, know that he is injured. The beetles tries to communicate this Fremea, but fails miserably, making her worry even more as his voice came out like a scream. Worried, Fremea takes the beetle form Kakine to find help, specifically Shiage, leaving her dorm through the emergency exit, and alerting the entire building.[23]

Fremea heads into the alleys of School District 13, and meeting up with Kuroyoru Umidori, who thought she was an assassin from Yakumi Hisako, the client she thought was giving her a work. Here, Fremea asks her of Shiage's whereabouts, though she isn't able to answer. Despite being part of Freshmen, it was only Silvercross Alpha that Fremea had seen, as such, this would be the first time. And then, the both of them here a sound coming from deeper in the alley, sounding like several metal pieces grinding together. Hearing this, Umidori prepares herself against Hisako's assassin, while Fremea cowers in fear. Appearing before her is Rensa, Hisako's assistant. She tells Umidori that she will collect the "money" later, and had her sights upon Fremea, and spoke of capturing her as the primary objective. Despite having no obligation to protect Fremea, Umidori spoke to Rensa, and says her jests are terrible, and that she should've not underestimated Freshmen, as she told Rensa that she assumed that trust was more important to Umidori than money. Umidori blankly tells her that she will kill her, but Rensa simply smiles and says that the situation is progressing well. Rensa states that the artificial protection target (Fremea) has enough control over her enemy to create a dark hero (Umidori). Umidori doesn't understand, but Rensa reveals to her that the Freshmen were created only to input fear, anger, and joy into Fremea Seivelun's mind, something designed to fail, and have played their role perfecty. Umidori is not amused by her revelation and finally charged towards her, drawing her eyes to her right hand in order to hide the fact that she will pierce her with a nitrogen spear using the left. Umidori moved to strike her down and behead her, but her nitrogen spear was extinguished at an instant, much to her shock. Rensa had used her own nitrogen spear. Rensa continues to speak of Umidori's position as a dark hero, and speaks of plans of using her against a normal hero.[23] It can be assumed that during this battle, Fremea ran or hidden away as Shiage does not find her along with Umidori when he arrived in Umidori's location, though it is implied that Fremea saw him at least fighting against Rensa.

After running away for quite a while, Fremea is tired and rests for a while. She laments on how Shiage is once again involved because her, and a strange feeling pervades her, thinking that all the things that is happening because of her. Fed up with all that is happening, and with no response from Beetle 05, Fremea shouts in desperation for someone to help her. Unbeknownst to her, it causes a chain reaction of "heroes" to seek her out despite not hearing her actually shouting due to her Agitate Halation and he manipulations of the Shading Computer on the AIM diffusion fields of the City.[52] Now truly, chaos begins erupting all around Academy City as the "heroes" begin answering her call.

After Hisako becomes an AIM thought being, she reveals to Rensa the true nature of her plan, which is to become greater than both of Kazakiri Hyouka and Aiwass, and tells that Fremea is the metaphoric linchpin of her plan, which held her in Academy City as well as the one that can free her once she is killed.[51] Under Yakumi Hisako's instructions, Rensa once again takes control of the body Kakine, the beetle, and have him instruct Fremea to go to the Learning Core, and so she can easily find her by following his signal (as they have already taken control of his Dark Matter). Here, the controlled Kakine tells Fremea to get rid of the security buzzer that allows Shiage to track her using GPS. Although Fremea hesitates, the controlled beetle implores her and threatens Fremea that Shiage will get hurt if she is hurt through something that he gave him. Despite the Kakine trying his best to take back control of his body and managing to say "Stop," Rensa manages to convince Fremea otherwise, crushing the security buzzer under her foot, his struggles all in vain. With this the controlled beetle urges Fremea further into Learning Core and into the Lightning Rod, a building where Rensa would promptly kill her and fulfill Hisako's plans. Fremea meets the Paper Bag Bunny Girl, one of the first "heroes" who came to "save" her, but gets away before she can get to her.[53] She later hides in a dinosaur skeleton.

After Touma finally tracks down Fremea Seivelun at the behest of Shiage and in his own desire, he confronts Rensa anew in the museum where Fremea lay hidden. This one however, was different from the previous one, for the body named Rensa was a mere shell to be used by different minds. Touma faced and handily defeated Rensa #28 before, who had a subdued mien, but now faced a more aggressive pilot, Rensa #29. As they banter on, Rensa takes control of Kakine's beetle body once again and shows her deceit to Touma and Fremea, and speaking of its struggles to bring warning. Rensa warns of bombs that have filled the buildings and that there would no reason to fight him anymore for they have already won. Touma quickly tries to go towards Fremea to protect her from the explosion. However, as Rensa activates the switch, nothing occurred and no harm was done upon the building or its inhabitants that might derive from a violent explosion.[54] Rensa is just as surprise as Touma and Fremea, not knowing how this come to pass. Suddenly, the helicopter outside in which Rensa used to come to Learning Core was destroyed by a collision with the arrival of another body of Kakine Teitoku.[55]

Rensa believing that she had control over his body is surprised by his arrival. Kakine points out that primary consciousness means nothing with Dark Matter, as so as the little Rhinoceros beetle keychain still trembles trying to regain control over Rensa as Kakine Teitoku, so too is the great white Rhinoceros beetle that appears before her. He speaks that he can split asunder and join together again into single consciousness, and with this advantage, he did split himself into 50 different insect-sized versions of himself when he noticed that Fremea was being led to the Learning Core, and there, independently came there to search for any danger, with this, the bombs that Rensa had set up which they have cut down. There, Kakine Teitoku, in a form of large Rhinoceros beetle, tell her not to underestimate a Level 5. Kakine falls down to face her, and breaks free from his shell and appeared before them with fair wings and a white form.[55]

Fremea later bears witness to the battle between Kakine and Touma against Rensa. Fremea later finds Touma near her after being slammed by Rensa after manipulating Kakine's Dark Matter wings. Fremea later screams for Kakine after seeing him get slammed down by Rensa, trying to take of all his strength to knock Touma out of the way. Kakine's intensive damage from Rensa's black wings, makes him unable to aid Touma.[56]

For the majority of Touma and Rensa's fight, Kakine is too weakened to do anything. As Fremea begins to realize that the reason everything is happening, from Shiage saving her from Freshmen, to several people gathering to protect Fräulein Kreutune, and to the gathering of "heroes" now is because of her doing, lamenting on how people are getting hurt because of her. Kakine says that Fremea shouldn't worry about him coming to help for he only did it because he wanted to, as well as Touma. Fremea wipes her tears away, and looks upon the battle. Although she is scared of being harmed, she however determines that people getting harmed in her place is more terrible. And there, Fremea Seivelun determines that she will not be holding out for a hero anymore, and will now protect everyone.[57] Meanwhile, Yakumi Hisako, the incorporeal AIM thought being, is seen laughing on how she would not be bound in Academy City any longer with the death of Fremea Seivelun. However, as she pleads for Rensa to kill Fremea already, she discovers that Fremea is looking at her directly in the eye despite being incorporeal of form. Hisako tries to deny her feelings of impending failure and continues to believe that she will succeed. And there, Fremea says that she will not hope for a hero appearing anymore. Hisako is befuddled of this, as Fremea, the pillar supporting the entire Agitate Halation Project, might cause something different if she becomes something other than a protection target. Finally, Fremea says that she will protect everyone, with that the world around Yakumi Hisako breaks apart, and Fremea Seivelun and Yakumi Hisako comes face to face. Seeing her, Hisako says that she has no direct power, and that Fremea's death and her own escape from the city is inevitable. However, Fremea says that it is not true, for even though they are incredibly small, almost entirely useless, and even call the likes of hers Level 0, their power is not zero, and there is still something they can do. With that, Hisako suddenly gains a body, despite being made of AIM, despite her body being consumed earlier, it was as if Fremea Seivelun, the core of the Agitate Halation Project, took control of the Shading Computer and, in essence, the entirety AIM diffusion fields of the City which it used as a medium. Hisako realized too late that even the weakest Level 0 can influence Shading Computer, all she needed was to realize it and Hisako gave her that realization by soaking her too deeply in Agitate Halation.[58]

The coward becomes now the hero.

Suddenly, Hisako recalls of things that she has never done nor spoken, her being kind to a child and praising humanity. Trying to deny this change overwriting of herself by Fremea using the AIM diffusion fields, Hisako begins fearing for her end. She shouts at her to wait, and tries to reason with Fremea on how grand her goal is and that she merely doesn't understand. Fremea however, tells her that she doesn't need to understand and has no interest in her project, simply wanting to have her, Shiage's, Beetle 05's, and everyone else's smiles back.[58] Hisako is later ejected by Fremea and absorbed by Rensa's machinery, and is overwhelmed so much by it that she begins to bulge out. Hisako laughs pathetically inside of Rensa, lamenting her demise.[13]

With the end of the riots of heroes and the defeat of Rensa and Hisako, the latter being punished by Fräulein Kreutune for hurting Fremea, she returns to class the very next day, once again involved with an argument with Santa Claus. Azumi brings up the topic of the black Santa Claus again. However, instead of being terrified, Fremea shows a growth in her character, saying to her not to worry as she will do something about it.[59]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Ritoku survives and has somehow become part of ITEM as a subordinate. Hamazura Shiage, Hattori Hanzou, Komaba Ritoku, and Fremea Seivelun are first sighted by Kamijou Touma entering a family restaurant where ITEM is in, apparently late. Here, Saiai asks why they are late and why their efficiency is dropping as they gained more subordinates. Shiage blames Hanzou for the shortcut they took, but Hanzou says it is because Ritoku could not leave a vending machine with a roulette alone. Frenda, who is alive in this reality, wonders how Fremea could be so attached to a macho man like him.[60]

Magic God Invasion Arc

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Fremea participates with Shiage in the Anti-Crime Orientation, with her roleplaying the part of police while Shiage roleplays as a hostage. Fremea however mistakes Shiage roleplaying as a criminal and attempts to "catch" him in order to fill up her stamp card, much to his chagrin.

Shiage tries to change the subject toward Arrowhead Comet, but she refuses to listen. As they try to cross the road, Shiage gets a message from Aneri. Although the message was just gibberish, the message stopped Shiage in his tracks, preventing them from getting run over by High Priest's destructive chase with Touma.[61]

Element Arc

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During the abnormal December heatwave, Fremea and Azumi were among the children who were evacuated to the Learning Core for shelter from the heat and the Elements.[62]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Eve Arc

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During Kamijou Touma's trip through School District 7 on Christmas Eve, Fremea and Azumi were making a fuss in front of a store when he went by. Fremea had spotted a supposed Santa catching kit and intended to buy it, paying by phone. Azumi was urging her not to buy it, telling her that it was likely a normal bug-catching net unsold during summer or autumn and asking how one would lure Santa in with sap jelly.[63]

Christmas Day Arc

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On Christmas Day, Fremea was in School District 13 and was sulking after a shop clerk refused to sell her a non-alcoholic drink. Hamazura Shiage was sent on an errand to get Fremea a drink and while waiting for her, he and Kinuhata Saiai inadvertently encountered Anna Sprengel.[64]

Operation Handcuffs Arc

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While leaving School District 6 with Takitsubo Rikou and Vivana Oniguma, Hamazura Shiage overheard someone trying to convince another that they had seen a blonde girl riding on a white rhino beetle, believing it was a Christmas-only secret in the park, but the other person thought they were lying, having not seen a mascot like that among the park's mascots.[65] After the events of Christmas Day and Operation Handcuffs, Beetle 05 and Fräulein Kreutune were with Fremea Seivelun as she was asleep in an amusement park hotel room filled with character products.[66]

Other Appearances

Side stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Third Friday of January.

After pulling a big ATM heist, Fremea is mentioned by Hattori, though not by name, after Shiage inquires on how Komaba Ritoku is too focused on his PDA to care for their discussion. Apparently, a man with a bow gun attacked Fremea's school at the start of the third term and Ritoku beat him up. Hattori teases him for being shy around Fremea. They later find out that Ritoku is looking for XL-sized Santa outfirt and white beard set, apparently because Fremea asked if Santa Claus existed. Their japes later end as Anti-Skill begins chasing them.[19]


Main article: Agitate Halation Project

Agitate Halation (人的資源アジテートハレーション Jinteki Shigen (Ajitēto Harēshon)?, lit. "Human Resources") is not exactly an ability per se, but the effect of Fremea unconsciously influencing the AIM diffusion fields in Academy City that the Shading Computer is built upon, and in turn, have it manipulate "heroes" to have a "revelation" to protect her,[52] who has been turned into the target of protection, as in, Fremea becomes the damsel in distress that needs to be saved by the hero.[12] In a sense, agitate, meaning the "heroes" are aroused to action, and halation, meaning to spreading of a halo, referring to the effect's ability to spread. Since it only requires the disturbances in AIM diffusion fields spread out in Academy City, only those who reside it in are affected, and seemingly affects those who are not espers, as with Matsusada's suspicion on Yomikawa Aiho being affected by it,[67] and that distance is not a factor in it, as the "heroes" were called from various districts in Academy City away from School District 13 where most of the story occurs.[52]

The initial effects it had on the characters have them helping her out, like with Beetle 05. However, by the time of the Agitate Halation Arc, its effect has greatly changed for the worse. Here, the "heroes", as they call themselves, have become aggressive to the point of violence, as well as extremely self-righteous, justifying their actions as heroics of for the purpose of saving Fremea.[52] The very fact that each hero that is called upon by Agitate Halation has this quality led to the riots at the Learning Core, each of them having their own ways of "saving" Fremea.

Since Freshmen was manipulated in artificially installing the values that make her the protection target to call out Agitate Halation,[23] it is unknown what power she had prior to this event to warrant her being called a Level 0. Regardless, throughout the early parts of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, Fremea unconsciously uses Agitate Halation on people, like when Kihara Yuiitsu noticed that she used it unintentionally during the incidents of Ichihanaransai,[68] most likely referring to Beetle 05 helping her.[12]

Being the linchpin of the Agitate Halation Project where her unconscious influence on the AIM diffusion fields relies on her helplessness, Yakumi Hisako did not take into account what would happen if Fremea consciously uses Agitate Halation despite being a Level 0 even after a blatant warning by Matsusada's that an esper that is part of the AIM diffusion fields that is being used as a medium for the Shading Computer could be able manipulate it. This is because the shading computer uses every movement of the target fluid, which in this case is the AIM diffusion fields, to perform calculations. Even the smallest power producing the AIM diffusion fields that forms the Shading Computer has a connection to it.[58] When used consciously against the AIM thought body of Hisako, Fremea Seivelun essentially controlled all of the AIM diffusion fields in the city through Shading Computer, and used it to manipulate Hisako's consciousness, giving her an illusion that she still has a body as well as Mind Hound-like effects of having memories she never had. Fremea is powerful enough to manipulate the AIM diffusion fields to subdue Hisako and move or eject her towards Rensa.[58][13]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Haimura designed Fremea to look like a little RPG princess, after following Kamachi's instructions in making her look like a white gothic lolita, red tights, and Frenda-like design. Fremea's design remains static throughout the series.[69]



  • Fremea's age is referred to as "about 10 years old" prior to the 6th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, where Shiage comments on how she is an 8 year old child.


  • (To Shiage before the hopeless final battle against Freshmen, from NT 1): "No!! In the first place, I can still tell that those are lies! You big liar!! I know what people that show the eyes Hamazura is showing end up like!!... Komaba onii-chan didn't come back! Fremea's older sister didn't come back!! Those people had the same expressions as Hamazura right now!! It's like I turned away, not expecting them to hide, and then everyone disappeared right in front of my eyes!!"
  • (To Shiage, ibid): "I don't want to let anyone disappear!! I had enough of that!! In the first place, it doesn't matter what happens to me!! So please, don't go anywhere!!"
  • (To Shiage, ibid): "Hamazura didn’t leave me alone to die. In the first place, he would come save me every time I got captured."
  • (Half-sleep answer to Takitsubo Rikou, who berated Hamazura, from NT 2) : "Fgyaah. Don’t say bad things about Hamazura. In the first place he may look hopeless, but he’s the person who risked his life and saved me when it came down to it. …Mumble mumble…"
  • (To Last Order, from NT 6): "In the first place, what do you mean she doesn’t know what she is!? She is a member of the Hamazura Brigade and our friend! Nyah!! So what are you talking about? What more could she need to know!?"
  • (To Yakumi Hisako, from NT 7): "...Nyah. I'm not going to hope a hero will appear anymore. This time, I will be the one to protect everyone!!"


  1. In two instances, her sister Frenda uses Norwegian words: "ha det bra", a Norwegian term for "goodbye", and "deilig", the Norwegian word for "delicious".


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