Freshmen (新入生 Shinnyusei?, lit. "First year students" or "Freshman") is a dark organization of Academy City created to defeat the latest intruders in Academy City. They target intruders who use supernatural powers not developed by Academy City.[1] Because of their relation to the dark side of Academy City, the members are produced and maintained in secret bases all over Academy City, which are blind spots to the City's advanced surveillance network.[2]

When Accelerator finished his fight in Russia, the higher ups decided to virtually "praise him" by conceding to his demands of dissolving the organizations involved with the dark side of Academy City.[3] The Freshmen however, did not like the idea and decided that letting the situation alone like that would end up becoming big trouble and thus settled themselves in keep their activities going even though they were released from their responsibilities.[4]

They hold a grudge against "graduates" from the Academy City's dark side, since the "freshmen" were originally deemed inferior to them.

They are later revealed to have been specifically chosen by Yakumi Hisako in her Agitate Halation Project to induce the values that would artifically input Agitate Halation into Fremea Seivelun, and to test on its effectiveness. Needless to say, since it summoned both Hamazura Shiage and Accelerator against them, they played the role perfectly.[5]

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