Fugan Ryuuzou (不願竜造 Fugan Ryūzō?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He calls himself a weapons designer for the Dark Side of Academy City, though he still sells those designs.[1] He is the first man Tsuchimikado Motoharu targets during his rampage of revenge against those who "killed" Tsuchimikado Maika.


He is described as aged and wrinkled.[1]


He is knowledgeable in the dark side of Academy City, aware that the people that are making an order could either be a newbie or an entrapment by Anti-Skill. Somewhat paranoid, he sets up time file deletions on all his files, that are also copy guarded, that he sends to his clients, and even continues to monitor them afterwards to ensure that they are being used within the scope of the client's request. He doesn't even trust internet banks, as such, he carries the carries the gold bars from the money he gets from selling his designs inside a tanker truck labelled Diazinon Insecticide to deter Anti-Skill.[1]


He declares that he is a general designer though he must've been a truly effective weapons designer for him to be almost always commissioned to design weapons. He is old and implies that he has been in business with the dark side for quite a while, enough to distinguish if a request is legitimate or a trap by Ant-Skill by the amount of money that is offered to him.[1]

He was first somehow brought into the Agitate Halation Project indirectly by being commissioned by someone to design a weapon that would eventually "kill" Tsuchimikado Maika, stepsister of Motoharu who was investigating the project. As his usual style, he tries to track down the people who made the request in order to find out if they are being used as they have been requested. However, he soon discovers that the trail has gone completely cold, an indication that he has stumbled unawares into something that he should not be prodding into.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Agitate Halation ArcEdit

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Ryuuzou stops by a vending machine after his stash of drinks in the refrigerator inside his truck as run out. He receives a requests that asks him to design an auto-loading mortar. Seeing it as a risk after recently getting a big pay-off, Ryuuzou doesn't take the request. There, he is visited, manhandled, and handcuffed by Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Ryuuzou asks why, to which Motoharu says that he can answer it himself. He then sees the news of the burning of Maika's dormitory, and pleads to Motoharu that he only sold the designs and have done no wrong directly to him with his hands. With a cold smile, Motoharu says that he is lying and knows that Ryuuzou knows the people the weapon he designed for because he is meticulous in that manner. Ryuuzou demands proof but Motoharu lets him go, taking a toolbox from his truck and lining up a tools on the street. Motoharu threatens Ryuuzou with novel ways of torturing him and comes for his finger. Ryuuzou acquiesces to Motoharu's threats and says that he will talk, an advantageous event for Motoharu as he had no time to torture Ryuuzou. Motoharu tells him that he will kill him if they are seen and says that he should tell him everything quickly. Ryuuzou laments in getting caught in something that he should have not been and fears for his life agains them. Ryuuzu says to Motoharu that he wasn't able to track the people that commissioned him, saying that it was his first time in losing the trail to them. He states that the very fact that he lost their trail indicates that they are too dangerous to investigate.[1]

Seemingly satisfied with this, Motoharu lets Ryuuzou but takes away his business phone. Motoharu indicates that he is impressed by the fact that he hid the gold bars that he got from doing requests in designing weapons inside his tanker truck and labeled it as Diazinon Insecticide to deter Anti-Skill. However, after tossing it towards the still detained Ryuuzou, he discovers that Motoharu has contacted the hyenas of Academy City and divulged his secret towards them. Motoharu announces that he has 5 to 10 minutes left before they arrive, and that someone important may be mixed in with them that would lead him to a person that could give better information than Ryuuzou. Motoharu says that he will not kill him because it is more effective to have him struggle. He however recommends Ryuuzou to wait out the storm by hiding. He then proceeds to crush his right knee. In pain, the man screams as Motoharu curses him for though "he did not pull the trigger he made the gun" so to speak. Ryuuzou tells him that he cannot run away if he is handcuffed, but Motoharu says he doesn't care. Struggling around, Ryuuzou asks what Motoharu is trying to get to go this far, and he replies the Agitate Halation Project.[1]

The hyenas later arrive within a few minutes as predicted, and with Ryuuzou's quick thinking and a little luck, hid below the tanker truck, making them completely unaware of his presence, and focus alone on the gold bars inside the tanker truck, disassembling it with a high pressure water jet.[2] He most likely survived the events of the arc.


  • (From NT7): "Well, first impressions are important. I just finished a major job, so I don’t need to take any risks. In this field, you will never survive if you can’t trust your own nose."


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