Fukuoka Fireworks Manufacturing (噴丘 (ふくおか) 火薬工業 Fukuoka Kayakukōgyō?) is a fireworks manufacturing company.


The company produces a large kind of firework normally only seen at a fireworks show and does delivery to Academy City.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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The Third Friday of JanuaryEdit

One day when Komaba Ritoku, Hattori Hanzou and Hamazura Shiage attempted to steal an ATM, they were pursued by Yomikawa Aiho. After breaking through an Anti-Skill barricade, Yomikawa commanded a Fukuoka Fireworks Manufacturing large specialized transport truck and used it to chase the boys. With it she rammed their station wagon in an attempt to force them to stop. She put some red lights on top of the vehicle to pass it off as an Anti-Skill vehicle and used a mega phone to speak to the boys. After Hanzou pointed a handgun out the window towards her, she smashed the tanker portion of the transport vehicle into their station wagon which pinned it to a guard rail. The rail could not handle the force, however, and broke apart with the station wagon and the transport vehicle being sent speeding into an uninhabited warehouse. After striking the inner wall of the warehouse, the truck became stuck and couldn't move anymore. Due to this Yomikawa jumped out and used it as a shield while Hanzou tried to shoot at her. Due to either the crash or the gunshots, the trucks transport of soccer ball-sized fireworks fell out all over the warehouse. In the end, one of the earlier gunshots had also hit some sort of electrical wire which came into contact with some leaking gasoline from the truck. This caused all of the fireworks to go off into the warehouse. Yomikawa noticed the fireworks ahead of time and made it out, but the three boys did not and were caught up in the exploding fireworks. Due to this, they were caught and sent to jail by Yomikawa.[1]


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