future gazer is the opening theme of the first Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA. The song is also used as one of the insert songs in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 24.


Opening CreditsEdit

The opening theme of the OVA shows Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko filming some of their activities with an old camera; these includes the four girls pose together for filming; Kazari caps the other three girls with the flower band that is usually unique to her; the four girls exchange uniforms (Mikoto and Kuroko in Sakugawa's, and Kazari and Ruiko in Tokiwadai's). It also shows Mikoto manually browsing, splicing and editing the film.

Promotional VideoEdit

FripSide on future gazer PV

Nanjou Yoshino (left) and Yaginuma Satoshi in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The video for the song is shot in several locations, notably the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the nearby city of Cairo. In the promotional video, the two members of fripSide are depicted as travelers who are looking for something that is described in Arabic by a slip of paper they hold on to during their journey. Not knowing that they are followed by a figure wearing a black cloak and a silver mask, they roam the streets of Cairo to ask for the meaning of the letter, eventually reaching the Great Pyramids after an elderly man points them to the landmark. As they approach their destination, the masked man emerges and reveals his true identity as an archaeologist on the search of a golden spiral-shaped object inside.


The single was released on October 13, 2010, two weeks before the release of the OVA.[1] Performed by fripSide, the song was written by Satoshi Yaginuma and Yuki-Ka, with music and arrangement managed by Satoshi Yaginuma. This marks the third single the band released after departure of their previous vocalist.

The single release features the full version of the song.

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Future gazer-Titlecard

The future gazer opening theme title card.

By appearance


Japanese English Translation
Try to be glorious believer
Just to go on
Realize soulful heart
Try to be glorious believer
Just to go on
Realize soulful heart
Let's fly far away todokitai
kimi to yakusoku shita mirai
tamerai mo fumikoete
tobitateru mune ni hibiku yume ga aru kara
Let's fly far away, I want to reach you
And the future that we promised
Holding steady against hesitation
I rise to my feet, a dream resounding in my heart
asa no hizashi no mabushisa ni
kyou mo machi wa me wo samashite
sawayaka na kaze ga hakonda
yokan ni kokoro hazumaseta
In the brightness of the morning sunlight
The city opens its eyes to another morning
With a stiff breeze rushing through,
Hear dancing with anticipation
hitomi ni utsutta keshiki ga kagayaki dashitara
shizen ni tsuujiau omoi mujakina egao sakaseta
When the scenery begins to shine in my eyes,
Knowing our dreams, and innocent smile dawns on my face
te wo nobashi dakishimeta
iroazayakana genjitsu wa
dare hitori kowasenai
itsu datte zutto shinjiteru kara
This colorful world, I hold out my hands
Holding it close to me
No one can break it
So I will always believe
For shining truth moshi itsuka
tomadoi kokori ga furuetemo
mayoinaku te wo tsunagi
kakedasu yo tsuyoi kizuna ga koko ni aru kara

For shining truth! If one day,
You find yourself lost, heart trembling
Don't be afraid, just hold my hand
We'll run together, everything here keeps us together!


  • Misaka Mikoto breaks the fourth wall by holding the title card.


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