The GREMLIN attack near Saipan was an attempt by GREMLIN to cut-off supply ships that is likely from the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance from a base in Saipan moving to parts unknown. Most likely, the ships are being sent to en route to Tokyo during GREMLIN's invasion there.

Carried out by Hel, the attack is inconclusive after the appearance of the Saints Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel.

Background[edit | edit source]

With GREMLIN's plan to distribute what people stood to gain by parking their Sargasso in Tokyo successful in delaying Japan's military response and preventing people from uniting to stop them like what happened in World War III,[1] the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance was forced to act on their own to prevent Gungnir being completed. Furthermore, with Academy City's silence in the matter, the alliance has their work cut out for them.[1] Indeed, Russia has already sent out unarmed bombers to Tokyo Bay to entice Japan into action.[2] Here, a convoy comprising of supply and military ships have already departed Saipan are en route to parts unknown, though they are most likely being sent to Tokyo.

GREMLIN is apparently aware of this too, and had Hel ride a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to intercept the ships. As the ships depart, one of them carries Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel apparently aware of GREMLIN's intentions as well.

The attack[edit | edit source]

Carried by a small boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, she intercepts a convoy carrying supplies, and freezes a vast area of the ocean to stop them. Stepping on the frozen waters, she is accosted by the sailors demanding her to stop advancing. She does not listen, and chants a spell to learn of the location's deaths. She then learns of the gruesome death of Arnold Mackenzie, death by having his head burned in an oven, at which point she takes out a revolver, alerting the sailors there. As the man talking to her to demand her to lay down her weapon, his voice later disappears. A woman then talks to Hel, saying that they have silenced the men who do not know of magic, and mocks her for using such a large spell against them. She then asks if she wants to actually do battle against an expert. Another woman's voice speaks up saying that she is not the type to enjoy fights. Hel asks who are they, to which Silvia introduces herself as well as Brunhild Eiktobel. Hearing this, Hel pulls the trigger of her revolver upon the ship, and though the bullet merely grazes the metal of the ship, it suddenly bursts into flames. She then speaks of how her spell works, but then the fires are put out, and a sound of shattering glass can be heard. Here, Silvia reveals that she has used her barrier magic to stop it, and tells her that if she wants to kill the crew of the ship, she first has to kill her.[3]

Hearing of this, Hel begins to analyze more residual information of deaths in the location, making countless candle-like flames appear before her, signifying each death that has passed there. Here Hel promises to kill. Brunhild hearing of her boasting being the queen of the underworld, mocks her for it, as she too have been once called Hel. Thus their battle begins.[3]

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