Magic God Othinus Arc

The GREMLIN attack on an Alaskan NORAD base was an attempt by GREMLIN to seal off the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's intelligence network. To do so, they sent the Magician Fenrir to a base of NORAD in Alaska, USA.

The attack is inconclusive after the appearance of Oriana Thomson.[1]



Fenrir appears in Alaska to take out a NORAD base there as a means of sealing off the alliance's intelligence network. When he reaches where the base's parabolic antennae arrays are stored, he is ambushed by Oriana Thomson, whom he effortlessly blocks with his magic. After the explanation of his distortion spell, she commented that she would just have to use the countermeasures she developed if she should have to fight Kamijou Touma again. Realizing she's comparing his power to the Imagine Breaker, he retorts that he doesn't completely annihilate the occult, just simply have the magic be "swept away", and cannot take the role of being a reference point for the world.[1]


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