The GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo occurred in late November. It was done to bog down the attempts of those who oppose GREMLIN like Academy City and the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance to stop them in creating Gungnir, through distributing what people stood to gain.

Initially, the invasion was a major success as GREMLIN's manipulations utterly paralyzed Japan's military as well as its populace. Moreover, both Academy City and Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's response was delayed, and with the case of Academy City, exacerbated the effects of GREMLIN's manipulations. The invasion ended after Othinus, leader of GREMLIN, made Gungnir on her own and destroys the world.

However, after restoring the world back to normal for the sake of Kamijou Touma, he and Othinus later escape to Denmark, leading to the manhunt for them. Feeling betrayed, all of GREMLIN abort their missions to hunt her down, ending the invasion.


GREMLIN preparationsEdit

After the countries around the world united to bring an end to the war, it had been enough of a forced that led to the defeat of Fiamma of the Right. Learning from Fiamma of the Right's mistakes, GREMLIN ensured that people will not unite in a common goal, and planned to distribute what people stood to gain. Allowing for them, an obvious enemy, to operate freely as those who might oppose them are weighed down by their manipulations. This small trick allows them to seal the miracle which occurred during World War III. Moreover, if GREMLIN destroyed the most dangerous elements of those scattered individuals one by one, only a group of those too weak to fight back would remain.[1] This is for them to maintain a situation with little damage but where they can cause great damage and bloodshed at any moment.[2]

With that, they parked the Sargasso, their base, in Tokyo Bay instead of directly attacking Academy City. This allows for them to put pressure on Japan, Academy City, and all the nations who are against her. As they are trying to manipulate what people stood to gain, it not only affects their government but on the individual level as well. They also destroyed a few choice roads to paralyze the city's transportation network. Their manipulations also extend the reach to the world as a whole, through the use of manipulating strangers to post things on the Internet to continue the distribution of what people want to gain from the situation GREMLIN is creating.[3] Moreover, it is implied that it is they the ones that crippled the communications network in Tokyo.[4][5]

With that done, she, Bersi, Marian Slingeneyer, and Mjölnir stay on Sargasso to complete the construction of Gungnir.[6] Thor is ordered on the island as well, as they will become vulnerable when the lance is in the production phase he is ordered to destroy anyone to get near, and is allowed to borrow Freyja and her Mokkerkalfe for his use. Othinus, however, does not know that the Thor before her is Ollerus, and that Fiamma of the Right has also infiltrated the Sargasso, waiting for the moment they can strike.[6]

Moreover, though they have prepared to counter opponents with actual members, such as Jörmungandr, the invasion will be headed by Freyja's creatures, Níðhöggr and Hræsvelgr, using them to intimidate them though not to the point of panic, for the sake distributing what people stood to gain. Furthermore, for people who are not "stalled" by GREMLIN's manipulations, they have set-up a trap spell for them all over the city, automatically detecting those who are not "stalled" and attacks them through the use of the Muspell.[7]

The invasionEdit

The invasion begins immediately after the disastrous assault by the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance on the North Sea Sargasso that was guarded by Loki. With that Níðhöggr is then sent out to agitate Tokyo while Mokkerkalfe is sent out to defend the Sargasso from anyone who manages to escape GREMLIN's manipulations.[8] Níðhöggr however, seeing an Academy City Supersonic Passenger Plane, which carried Kamijou Touma, Index, Misaka Mikoto, Kumokawa Maria, Leivinia Birdway, and Lessar destroys it.[9] Níðhöggr later sees Kamijou Touma who survives the destruction of the plane and is dangling with his parachute. It tries to pursue and attack Touma, but he manages to escape into a nearby building.[5] Satisfied with this, Níðhöggr continues to agitate Tokyo and later lands Tokyo Sky Tower.[1]

As the invasion continues, the streets are flooded by the populace of Tokyo, basically a human wall,[2] which causes major traffic jams.[10] There were so many people that have gathered that it was enough to make a low rumbling noise when they move, as well as accidentally break things as there is little space for them to move on the streets. Despite the multitude of people, none of them were completely panicked just simply frustrated, a product of GREMLIN's manipulating the people.[2] And thus, GREMLIN was successful in crippling Tokyo's infrastructure with their plan, and the people continued to do their own thing despite the obvious enemy in front of them.[1] Furthermore, those who tried to escape the city using helicopters and chartered planes were most likely wiped out by the Muspell.[7]

Ollerus in the guise of Thor later sends Freyja out to Tokyo at the height of the invasion[11] and in the middle of GREMLIN's "pressure" of the populace. She is near a fishing pond, passing her time fishing, monitoring the Muspells GREMLIN deployed all over the city and awaiting orders. She later engages Kamijou Touma in battle after she discovers that he was the one who destroyed most of the Muspells.

Japanese government responseEdit

With GREMLIN's tight leash on Tokyo, the Japanese government could do little. Although a few local law enforcement personnel were concerned about the dragon, Níðhöggr, the JSDF prioritized in making safe their politicians.[1] They cut off major roads for this while showing no concern about crushing their own people, most likely exacerbating the already cramped conditions that the streets were experiencing,[1] as well as taking control of the railroad to transport materials.[12] Moreover, the Japanese government's movements were likely to buy time for them until the Diet building can be evacuated.[1]

What they were doing however was no secret, as the United States were monitoring Japan's situation. United States President Roberto Katze himself during the conference in New York demanded that the Japanese government be given consent to allow them to mount an attack against GREMLIN. Japan tells Roberto that they will not have Japan turn into a battlefield, though they also have not found a way of attacking the source of the problem. Moreover, it tells Roberto that his suggestion of an allied attack would apply unneeded tension in the Asia-Pacific region. Their negotiations later break down, with Roberto infuriated.[1]

Regardless, volunteers from both the riot police and JSDF managed to regroup and tried to mount an attack on GREMLIN without orders from their superiors.[13] They reached Tokyo Bay but only to be defeated by Bersi the Einherjar.[14]

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance responseEdit

Prior to knowing Academy City's response to GREMLIN's response, the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance found itself in an impasse on what to do. As time was running out they needed to make a decision, but the political sensitivity of their situation prevented them from mounting an attack on GREMLIN. They also doubt that Academy City would trust them, as according to the Maiden of Versailles, Academy City may think another magical group will try to attack them within the confusion caused by GREMLIN, something that is only favorable to GREMLIN itself. The Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy reminds them that doubts and constraints are all part of GREMLIN's attempt to buy time, and that they need to have as many people they can at least trust. However, no one agrees with his assessment as there was no time. With no way to contact Academy City at all, Roberto makes a decision. He tells them that they should make a vote. One of the people there asks if they are using democratic decision to distribute responsibility, to which Roberto says that only those who go along with their plan will become responsible. Thus the alliance finally makes their move against GREMLIN.[1] Presumably, this does not involve the consent of the Japanese government.

It is most likely through them that the United States asked Russia to scramble a few of their unarmed bombers towards Tokyo in an attempt spur the Japanese government through fear. The bombers are later intercepted by Jörmungandr and is nearly attacked if not for Stiyl Magnus' Innocentius doing battle with him. Due to the fact that Japan still made no action even until the end, it is likely the intimidation failed or that Jörmungandr destroyed them.[15] It is likely the are also the ones who sent out a convoy of supplies towards Tokyo from Saipan. This too however, was intercepted by a GREMLIN member, but was later forced into battle by Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel.[16]

Academy City responseEdit

Academy City later mounts an attack on GREMLIN using their supersonic fighters. Here, they are intercepted by Freyja's Hræsvelgr, and do battle against them. Their dogfights naturally cause massive destruction, and doing so in a massively populated city increases the likelihood of civilian casualties. The result of this that the populace, instead of being frustrated and dissatisfied as they were before, have changed to that of panic and fear. As a result of this, they will turn their anger on Academy City, rationalizing that the creatures that were flying around Tokyo did not bother them or attacked until Academy City interfered.[17]

Despite this, Academy City is seemingly the only force that makes any notable resistance against GREMLIN, even reaching towards the ocean using their supersonic bombers. However, they are forced to contend against Mokkerkalfe waiting for them and under the control of Ollerus, who is forced to keep on the ruse of being Thor.[18]

Effects of the invasion in other parts of the worldEdit

GREMLIN's manipulations on what people stood to gain were far more reaching. Instead of making proper deals, influential people are making preparations for war selling everything valuable such as iron, copper, rare earths, and jewels, until the world passes the boiling point.[4] Moreover, with regards to GREMLIN's extending their reach to the Internet, their manipulations have allowed for the appearance of people who are more than happy if the commotion that was happening would be dragged on. This even includes innocent young men and housewife day traders, every day normal people. According to Lindy Blueshake, it would seem that some hints have been left to ensure those people he referred to voluntarily think that way.[3]

Furthermore, at the hearing of the invasion Vasilisa of the Russian Orthodox Church, ordered her subordinates to destroy all GREMLIN members hiding in Russia without permission from her Patriarch.[19]


Initial victoryEdit

With Japan too busy with their politicians and too concerned for the political stability of their region, they were unable to make an assault on GREMLIN. Of the volunteer riot police and JSDF who arrived at Tokyo Bay, they were unable to do anything, being defeated by Bersi. Of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance, despite the support of several nations and the distribution of responsibility, for most likely breaking treaties, the alliance was countered by GREMLIN at every turn, sending out members against every move they make, stalling them from helping Japan against GREMLIN. This goes for Academy City as well, whom despite being the most successful of the three who opposes GREMLIN, did not even reach Sargasso, and made worse the already tense situation with the populace.

All in all GREMLIN succeeded in delaying all their enemies long enough to allow them to make Gungnir. It is likely that if Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right did not show themselves before Othinus in Sargasso, she would've acquired Gungnir earlier. As the invasion ends, Othinus has fooled everyone, even GREMLIN, and goes on to make Gungnir herself even after the complex ritual to create Gungnir that was the reason for mounting an invasion in the first place failed. The world is later destroyed by Othinus, marking the invasion as a decisive victory for GREMLIN.[20]

End of the invasionEdit

After Othinus restores the world, she puts in a time just after Touma and his party arrive in Sargasso, however, with her not having Gungnir, as if she never completed the weapon. Touma, realizing what has happened, tries to stop Mikoto, Index, Leivinia and Lessar from attacking her but it doesn't reach them. Othinus does not attempt to defend herself and is knocked backwards. Touma runs to her side, much to their surprise, and searchers for her.[21]

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance magic bombardment on SargassoEdit

As Touma consoles Othinus, the great churches send out a combined magical bombardment (appearing like shooting stars) to attack Othinus as a means to finally resolve the chaos in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Othinus is lying on the ground and accepts her fate as the magical bombardment falls on her. Touma then uses his right hand to protect her from the bombardment, which surprises her. Touma then tells her that she knew that this situation would happen but still kept quiet about it, to which Othinus responds that she would not last longer anyway due to the fairy spell destroying her from the inside and that it is too late even if he uses Imagine Breaker. Touma then tells her that she is different now and that she must atone for what she did and he can no longer sense any evil in her for her to deserve death. Touma then declares that he will save her even if it means he has to fight the world.[21]

Manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou ToumaEdit

Main article: Manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma

After Touma and Othinus spirits away to Denmark, the parties involved in the battle including GREMLIN responded with shock. GREMLIN members who were sealing off the important transportation points around the world later vanish one by one.[22]

Feeling betrayed, the members of GREMLIN later partake in the manhunt on their own in order to get revenge on Othinus.


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