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The GROUP Liaison (グループの連絡係?) is a mysterious figure that hands out and gives out orders to GROUP, making him the de facto leader of the organization. He contacts them via phone and is given an appellation by Accelerator as the Man on the Phone.


His only physical appearance is in his recruitment of Accelerator, where he is described as a thin person wearing smart black clothes.[1]


He is coolheaded and has a deceitful way of talking. When speaking to Accelerator to recruit him, he goads him into accepting his offer after wording his statement to imply the suffering of the Sisters and Last Order as a result of his actions, as in saying that they will have no home to go to if Academy City is destroyed.[1]

After he deactivates Accelerator's powers after he refuses the job he has given him to kill Misaka Misuzu, he gives a smug response to him after he complains that he has done something to his Calculation assistance device.[2]


Not much is known about him aside from the fact that he is from the dark side of Academy City and the one who gives jobs via phone call to GROUP as requested by the higher ups. Essentially, he acts as a mediator like that of Kouzaku Mitori.

As he is one responsible for GROUP, as one of the "men on the phone," he would be the one to blame when GROUP goes out of his control and can be executed. It is implied that he is in control of other factions, such as BLOCK, though this is just speculation by Etzali after witnessing BLOCK discuss their own concerns for their man on the phone.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Academy City Invasion Arc

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The sharp dressed thin man giving Accelerator an offer he can't refuse.

After Accelerator defeats Kihara Amata, he appears before Accelerator to personally give him an offer he can't refuse, using telepathic espers to allow him to communicate with him. Because he is in silhouette, he is only described as a thin person wearing smart black clothes. He tells Accelerator that due to the damages he has incurred through his rampage against Amata and the Hound Dog, as well as injuring Thomas Platinaburg, one of the Academy City Board of Directors, he will have to work for them now in order to pay for them. He warns him that Academy City could be destroyed, and Accelerator is quickly reminded of the Sisters and Last Order, both espers, who has only ever known their home as Academy City. Accelerator then asks who behind the events that put had put him and the clones in danger, to which the man only says that he could tell him but that would just be another scapegoat. With that, Accelerator tells him he can do whatever he wants, to which the man shoots Accelerator in the head with a rubber bullet, knocking him unconscious.[1]

Skill-Out Uprising

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Due to Academy City currently fortifying its anti-Roman Catholic battle lines, the defense on the inside has gotten thinner. GROUP was given a job by the "Man on the Phone" as requested by the Academy City Board of Directors to do a clean sweep of a force that is going to use that gap in the defenses to do some damage to the functionality of Academy City.[2]

Later that evening Accelerator's run in with the drunk Misaka Misuzu has him wondering about her relationship to Mikoto and the clones, to sate his curiosity he decides to call fellow GROUP member Tsuchimikado. The call is intercepted by the "Man on the Phone" who after being brushed off by him offers him the job of killing Misaka Misuzu to put an end to the Recovery Movement. Despite Skill-Out having just started their attempt during the conversation it was determined at some level to use GROUP, who were originally past over for reasons from a reasons of an exposure point of view. The voice comments that it would go along way in cleaning up of Accelerator's debts that he rack up on September 30th. When Accelerator refuses the "Man on the Phone" to be safe in guessing Accelerator's intentions reveals the tampering of the choker by disabling the device from switching to Esper mode before ending the conversation.[4]

Battle Royale Arc

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Accelerator attempted to contact Anti-Skill to ask information about the satellite that is under electronic attack but the "Man on the Phone" who usually gives instructions to GROUP interrupted so Accelerator asked him instead.[5] After BLOCK's collapse he contacted Accelerator again to thank him for stopping their plan to assassinate the General Superintendent. As addition to his usual reward he also inform him about the current danger to Last Order posed by Kakine Teitoku in order to draw out Accelerator.[6]

After Accelerator's triumphant battle against Kakine, the liaison calls him to remind him of the gravity of his actions in the battle. He tells him that he was the one who gave him the information regarding Kakine in the first place and as such won't be too hard on him. Accelerator asks him what his penalty is, though the liaison wonders as both increasing his debt and killing him just is inappropriate, his tone irritating Accelerator. Then the liaison asks an unexpected question, asking him if he has not given up on coming back to the "warmth" after falling that far and declaring that he will stand at the very top of the darkness. Accelerator answers that he still hasn't and asks him if he is going to stop him. The liaison answers that he will give them right to struggle, though he cannot guarantee him that he has the right to grant him that. Accelerator, satisfied with his answer hangs up on him, swearing that he will outwit the darkness.[7]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

He gives Accelerator orders to kill Depart.[8]


  • (To Accelerator, from Volume 13) "Welcome aboard, newcomer."
  • (To Accelerator, from Volume SS) “Is that so? If you aren’t going to do the job, then just come on home.”... “I’ll take care of your power until you make it back.” -His response on Accelerator turning down the Misaka Misuzu contract.



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