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Gaouin Tsukasa (雅王院司 Gaōin Tsukasa?) is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out. She is the Vice President of Tokiwadai's Student Council.[1]


She has shoulder length black hair, which she ties into two pigtails. Her eyes have concentric circles in them. Apart from the standard Tokiwadai uniform, she wears one glove on her left hand. She wears stockings or a pantyhose with her uniform.[1]


She's prideful and is easily willing to go toe-to-toe against Shokuhou Misaki herself. She's a stickler for efficiency and this is shown by her using a silver pocket watch to quickly criticize students asking for her help and feedback. The silver pocket watch itself is a sign of her influence as when she raises it means she is taking requests and she is immediately approached by her followers. She even proclaims that it is a sign of her bond with her followers.[1]

Due to how old-fashioned it looks, Misaki calls Tsukasa as someone who is a "chuuni", someone having middle-school syndrome, and that she lacks real confidence and uses props to hide behind.[1]


As the start of the story, Tsukasa begins her election campaign to become the next head of the Tokiwadai Student Council. She leads her own clique and uses to help her win. She plans to break up all the cliques in the school.[1]


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