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Gemstone Mining (原石の採掘 Genseki no Saikutsu?) is the term used by Kaizumi Tsugutoshi of the Academy City Board of Directors to refer to various incidents related to the 50 Gemstones being targeted by outside organizations occurring at least as early as May and ending on mid-October.

A conspiracy conducted by the CIA after leaking their Gemstone List to various organizations,[1] it is later foiled after Academy City has the Sisters rescue them simultaneously around the world before any damage can be done to the children.[1]


As part of the Knowledge 12, the Gemstone Report of the United States is one of the proposed experiments in investigating the occult.[2] Former Director of the Stargate Project, George Kingdom, has somehow been able to receive the authorization to start research on Gemstones for the United States' own esper program.[3]

The conspiracy here is that the CIA would entice 50 research organizations into gathering the Gemstones using their Gemstone list that they leaked, something that would later leak to Kuruwa as well.[4] These organizations had an independent financial backing and different methods of being funded so none could be tied to each other.[3] The CIA would then implant two of their own spies into these organizations, creating a world-wide network that would allow them to monitor the actions and research of these organizations, and from there, build up their own esper program based on the organizations' failures.[1]


Early incidents

The first known incident related to the mining is when Ollerus destroys a human trafficking organization in Milan, Italy, and later saves the children there. He would later confirm that the human trafficking organization dealt with people that has certain idiosyncrasies.[5]

Later, the Gemstone Girl would also be attacked and pursued by an organization in London. She would later follow Kamijou Touya after seeing the trouble that organization is causing in the bar they were in just for her.[6] It is unknown what happened to her afterwards and if she was the Gemstone rescued by the Sisters later from the Higher Contact Society in the United Kingdom.


By mid-July, even Academy City has noticed the actions of United States of America making their own Gemstone list, while at the same time as this, even Russia has begun their own creation of the list after Academy City has begun making their own. Kaizumi Tsugutoshi and Kumokawa Seria discuss the issue, knowing that they would use it to search for Gemstones and gather them for use in their research in creating their own espers in spite of the fact that they would be unable to create one if they have specimens to study from. Seria advises Tsugutoshi to leave it be.[7] Despite Seria's advice, Tsugutoshi becomes concerned for the children, the 50 Gemstones scattered around the world, though he is unable to do anything about it.[7]

In mid-October, they would later notice the CIA spies implanted in the various organizations that have targeted the Gemstones, and would later set up a conference with a CIA agent to know their side in the story. They later confirm that the CIA is indeed involved with the Gemstone research. Here, Tsugutoshi and Seria task themselves with dealing this incident before the Gemstones became harmed or worse. Seria knew that with their own power and dealing with this in an "official way" it would end up in them not being able to efficiently gather all of the gemstones involved; to counter this she enlisted the aid of Heaven Canceller and had a deal with the Misaka clones,[1] to save the children.[8]

Sisters rescue of Gemstones

Gunha engages the failed Magic God Ollerus in combat.

On the very same day, the Heaven Canceller approves of the usage of the clones for the operation, their first ever. With their training, this clandestine paramilitary clone unit successfully infiltrates the various organizations simultaneously around the world and liberates the children there.[8] Aleister Crowley would also discover of the operations and allows it to pass.[3]

There, the clones meet varying degrees of resistance, from old soldiers to tanks, but they were all successful in their mission.[8] The clones would later receive a distressing emergency report to the Misaka Network from Misaka 10032 after Ollerus breaks into the city through School District 11 as he is targeting Sogiita Gunha.[8]

Location of Gemstones and Established Organizations

Location Facility Clone Assigned Conclusion
Galashiels, UK Higher Contact Society (高次コンタクト協会?, Yen Press: Church of High Order Contact) #17000 Success
Lausanne, Switzerland World Intellectual Club (世界知的倶楽部?) #18022 Success
Guadalajara, Mexico Sixth Sense Headquarters (第六の感覚本社?) #14333 Success
Deseado, Argentina Human Sports Analysis Center (人体スポーツ解析センター?, Yen Press: Center for Living-Body Sports Analysis) #15110 Success
Davao, Philippines Humanity’s Wisdom Headquarters (人類の英知総本山?, Yen Press: Wisdom of Mankind) #10090 Success
Ahmednagar, India Blueprint of the Gods Headquarters (神々の設計図本部?) #12053 Success
Beijing, China Human Evolution Committee (人類進化委員会?, Yen Press: Council of Mankind's Evolution) #19009 Success
La Paragua, Venezuela Special Energy Laboratory (特殊エネルギー研究所?, Yen Press: Special Energy Institute) #11899 Success
Moosonee, Canada Universe of the Heart Research Room (心の宇宙調査室?, Yen Press: Mental Universe Research Division) #16836 Success
Salzburg, Austria International Superior Gene Bank (国際優良遺伝子バンク?, Yen Press: International Bank of Superior Genetics) #10501 Success
Antarctica Extraterrestrial Chaos Observatory (地球外カオス観測所?, Yen Press: Extraterrestrial Chaos Observation Station) #19900 Success
Chiang Mai, Thailand OOPArt History Archives (オーパーツ歴史資料館?, Yen Press: OOPArts Historical Archive) #12083 Success
Starogard, Poland Anti-Electromagnetic Wave Relief Committee (抗電波救済委員会?, Yen Press: Council of Anti-Radio Wave Salvation) #10855 Success
Faenza, Italy Wings to the Future Core (未来への翼中心核?, Yen Press: Wings Toward the Future) #17203 Success
Logroño, Spain Precise Micro Faith Association (精密ミクロ信仰会?, Yen Press: Precision Microfaith Church) #19488 Success
Gunsan, South Korea Leading Edge Science Laboratory (先端科学研究所?, Yen Press: Cutting-Edge Scientific Institute) #15327 Success
Angoulême, France National Oneiromancy Analysis Laboratory (国立夢占い解析所?, Yen Press: National Institute for the Analysis of Oneiromancy) #13072 Success
Codajás, Brazil World Awakening Alliance (全世界覚醒連合?, Yen Press: Global Awakening Federation) #17403 Success
Zacapa, Guatemala Brain Distribution Clarification Center (脳分布解明センター?, Yen Press: Brain Distribution Clarification Center) #10050 Success
Salzgitter, Germany Paranormal Inquiry Encyclopedia (超常紹介辞典?, Yen Press: Paranormal Introduction Dictionary) #10840 Success
Celje, Slovenia New Energy Mining Agency (新エネルギー採掘研究機関?, Yen Press: Neo Energy Mining Organization) #12481 Success
Bergen, Norway Proof for Miracles (霊長の証?, Yen Press: Evidence for Overlords) #18072 Success
Rovaniemi, Finland Ecliptic Access Line Diffusion Committee (黄道アクセスライン普及委員会?, Yen Press: Ecliptic Access Line Popularization Council) #19348 Success
Sydney, Australia UMA Ability Clarification Club (UMA生態解明倶楽部?, Yen Press: Cryptid Ecology Elucidation Club) #17009 Success
Bragança, Portugal Seventh Age Weapon Laboratory (第七世代兵器研究所?, Yen Press: Seventh Generation Weapons Institute) #15113 Success

Other reactions

Ollerus, who has noticed Academy City's actions in gathering the Gemstones, becomes concerned of their well-being in the city. He heads out to Academy City to attack Gunha as a show of force to remind Aleister Crowley not to harm them. He encounters Misaka 10032 and the other clones who try to protect Gunha but are easily taken down by him. Sogiita Gunha, a Gemstone as well, would also encounter him after seeing him defeat the Sisters. This leads to a fight between them in which he is later defeated. With his purpose done, Ollerus later leaves the city, warning it that nothing bad should ever befall the children lest they awaken his wrath.[9]


Reports of the operations would later be discovered by George Kingdom through the very spies that he planted in the organization. As a final blow to the program, Kumokawa Seria hires Kinuhata Saiai of ITEM to assassinate him.[3] Roberto Katze would later shutdown Knowledge 12 altogether.[2]

Reports of it would also fall upon Misaka Tabigake, and discovers that there are information concerning the girls that carried out the attack resembled his daughter. Concerned about the violence of the operation as well as the disturbing reports of the girls that looked liked Misaka Mikoto, Tabigake later contacts Aleister Crowley, which ends in a bad note after Tabigake threatens him if any harm comes to his family.[3]



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