George Kingdom (ジョージ=キングダム Jōji Kingudamu?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Despite only appearing once, he is the primary antagonist of the events that occur in Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2 as the mastermind behind the "Mining" of Gemstones. He is later assassinated by Kinuhata Saiai as the final blow to the project's aspirations of creating their own esper program after his plans go awry overnight.


Saiai describes George Kingdom as a "fat old man".[1]


George Kingdom was the unofficial leader of the Stargate Project during the Cold War. After the project failed, as he was apparently a skilled person, he was allowed to run various different projects for the CIA as a way to freely to control him and because of his supposed value.[1] He was later somehow allowed (apparently by the Senate)[1] to start another project for the United States' Knowledge 12 program, in order to create their own esper program.[2]

The CIA later complied a list for all the known Gemstones scattered around the world, leaking them to various organizations and then planting two CIA agents within them to create a network of spies across the world. From there they would gather information from the organization's research on the gemstones and using their data begin their own research for their own esper program,[2] even though according to Kumokawa Seria the chance of them discovering a way before they end up killing the gemstones like lab rats is zero opposed to in Academy City.[2]

By early October the organizations have gathered the Gemstones and would have started experimenting on the Gemstones if not for the intervention of Academy City.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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After the Sisters rescue the 50 Gemstones that were gathered by different organizations scattered around the world and where he planted his CIA spies,[3] George is shocked by the turn of events after receiving reports from his spies. As his plans have collapsed overnight, he is now at the end of his rope, and now great fear begins to flood his mind.[1]

Suddenly, someone is able to use his radio frequency; it is Kumokawa Seria. Here, she asks him if he has done sorting everything out, saying that it is underhanded to not even give him a trial after making an enemy out of an entire country, Academy City, subtly implying to him that he will be murdered. Hearing this, the dumbfounded George can only mumble her given name. He then asks her if mass-produced the girls that attacked the facilities around the world, to which Seria confirms. She says that because cloning humans is illegal in international law and the girls taking military action was an unnecessary risk then she owes some for it and that she should at least take care of the aftermath.[1]

Despite being inside a special facility that could function as a shelter a great sense of foreboding permeates through George's body. Suddenly, Kinuhata Saiai arrives complaining that she has to take care of a fat old man who is misunderstanding things. She then says that once she is done she can go watch movies that aren't released in Japan. Before he could turn around Saiai kills him.[1]


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