The Glasses Boy (メガネ君 Megane-kun?) is the unnamed high school student council secretary at the school which Kamijou Touma and his classmates go to after the destruction of his school.[1]


The glasses boy has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a largely grey uniform with a white shirt, a red tie with yellow stripes, a V-neck jumper, trousers and black shoes. He also wears a pair of grey framed glasses.[2]



Salome ArcEdit

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On December 4th, the secretary in glasses showed students of A Certain High School, who were making use of their schools' unused classrooms after their own school was rendered unusable by the High Priest, around the school.[1]

In the evening, he was present with Akikawa Mie, Kamijou Touma and Kamisato Kakeru, as Keshouin Asuka was trying to win an old lunar development forum mascot in a crane game, and showed surprising knowledge about the old mascots.[3]

Element ArcEdit

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Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

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