The Glasses Girl (眼鏡さん Megane-san?) is a minor character in Toaru Majutsu no Index, appearing only once during the Deep Blood Arc. She was one of the students of Misawa Cram School brainwashed by Aureolus Izzard.


The glasses girl is a petite school girl with braided hair and glasses.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Deep Blood ArcEdit

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The glasses girl first appears as one of the students of Misawa Cram School who was brainwashed by Aureolus Izzard to use the Gregorian Chant Replica. However, as an esper this caused the unstable mana to start ripping apart her blood vessels, causing her serious injuries all over her body. Kamijou Touma ran into her and canceled out the portion of the Chant being created by her and carried her away while running from the spell. They were saved when Stiyl Magnus destroyed the core of the spell before it converged on the two.[1]

After the destruction of the spell Himegami Aisa came and helped Kamijou in giving medical attention to the glasses girl, stating that only the girl's capillaries were damaged and her arteries had not ruptured. They were able to stop the girl's blood loss but could not sterilize the wound so they intended to call an ambulance to get her to a hospital. However, shortly thereafter the Aureolus Dummy stumbled upon them and began battling Kamijou. As the battle intensified the Dummy began to want to test the abilities of the Imagine Breaker and began to fire a large number of golden darts at him. One such dart was deliberately fired past Kamijou and towards Himegami. However, before it could strike her the glasses girl moved in front of Himegami despite her injuries and blocked the dart with her hand. Despite this, she did not show a look of pain and instead used her other hand to gently push Himegami away from her. She attempted to mutter something but all that could seen was her smile as she melted into gold due to Limen Magna. Witnissing this caused Kamijou Touma to shout in rage and the Aureolus Dummy to be surprised for moment, leading to an opening for Kamijou to exploit and which led to him being defeated.[1]

Later, after Kamijou was sent away and had returned to the cram school he witnessed the glasses girl in a classroom like nothing previous had happened due to Aureolus Izzard's abilities, something which shocked him.[2]

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