Glastonbury (Anime)

Glastonbury, as seen in the anime.

Glastonbury (グラストンベリ Gurasutomberi?) is a Mobile Fortress owned by the United Kingdom. It was first deployed by Carissa during the Battle of the Strait of Dover.[1]


Glastonbury is a town and civil parish in Somerset, England. It is the home of the Glastonbury Festival, a five-day contemporary performing arts festival and the largest greenfield festival in the world, and in a few legends, thought to be the site of King Arthur's grave.


The Glastonbury appears to be constructed of a random assortment of many stone cubes, looking like a castle and a giant floating piece of quarried stone.[1]


Glastonbury is not meant to be used in high altitude battles, being designed to conquer areas along the surface. As such, the mobile fortress has an altitude limitation imposed on it.[2]

The surroundings of the fortress are forcibly designated as part of the United Kingdom, enabling usage of power from the Curtana. The range of this effect is around 10 kilometers.[1]


World War III ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index III E20 06m 18s

Glastonbury in the skies above the Strait of Dover

The Glastonbury was deployed by Carissa during the Battle of the Dover Strait, in which French forces had solidified the waters of the strait, immobilizing the British naval forces there.[3][4][1] It's presence enabled power from the Curtana to be supplied to the knights, turning the tide of the battle.[1][5]

It later took part in the efforts to deal with the Golden Arms of Telesma which were appearing due to the Star of Bethlehem.[2]


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