Go Hazime (郷一?) is a character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator anime. He is a fellow scientist of Hishigata Mikihiko.[1]


He has long brown hair. He is shown to be wearing a labcoat over a pink shirts with name tag.[1]


He was a fellow researcher alongside Hishigata in finding ways to achieve Level 6 through the use of esper inside of large machines. He had less scruples than Hishigata, as he was willing to have Hishigata's own sister to be used in the experiment despite Hishigata's insistence in not involving her.[1]

His primary task was apparently to recruit "volunteers" into the experiment, people who are desperate enough to do it, such as women in debt or shoplfiters.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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He was only seen in one episode in a flashback sequence. He and Hishigata complain about how they can't continue with the experiments because they had run out of test subjects. Go asked if they should recruit more, to which Hishigata said to look for habitual shoplifters. This annoyed Go because they already had more than enough recruits, tuned their equipment, and had Esther to help them, but since they were already "broken", they could not use them.[1]

After Taowu possessed Hirumi's body and commandeered the L-type Lab Equipment, the predecessor to the Coffins, he and a bunch of guards entered the testing room and found Hishigata and Hirumi there. Go was happy that Hishigata finally used Hirumi in the experiment, getting them closer to achieving Level 6. He stated that he and Hishigata should share in their success, which annoyed Hishigata. He pulled a screwdriver on him and the guards, declaring they won't use her and that they will leave Academy City. They then found "Hirumi's" heart flatlining in the equipment. Go stated that now she was dead, he and Hishigata could no work together on her. However, "Hirumi" came back alive and knocked out Hishigata. Go was surprised by the equipment's sudden movement as he thought she was dead, and was quickly dispatched by "Hirumi", who slammed the equipment's legs into him, tossing him to the air and killing him.[1]


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