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A golem (ゴーレム Gōremu?) is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter. In Toaru Majutsu no Index all golems shown thus far, consists of solid matter.


The word golem uses the word גלמי (pronunciation: galmi), meaning "my unshaped form". Indeed, Index references that Gershom Scholem refer to the nature of the golem as intangible and formless.[1]


Kamijou Touma faces Golem Ellis.

Golems are principles found in the Kabbalah a human image that are made from dirt, as an attempt by man to mimic God giving life to Man which was dirt before.[2] Golems are merely poor "clones that weren't created properly," so their nature is similar to those wooden puppets in fairy tales.[1] Golems can be summed up as poorly built beings that were created by humans using the blueprint that God used to created humanity, and only those who fully understood the Kabbalah can use it.[3]

Golems cannot speak, and their moans are just the movements of the materials there are formed from.[4] Furthermore, all golems have a safety feature on it, and once the caster doesn't need it, the caster can easily turn it back into dirt.[3]


According to Sherry Cromwell, men were golems originally made of clay, formless and soulless, until God breathed life upon the dirt and called it Man. Man then learned the secrets from the fallen angels, the Grigoris, through oral tradition before the time of Noah. However, Man couldn't understand the Holy language, and the Fallen Angels could not pass their words to them correctly. With this, the life created by Man can only be puppets of mud.[5]

In the 16th Century, the modern concept of golems have been born, and was used for defense and removal of enemy presence.[1] It is most likely referring to the Golem of Prague. Moreover, the Church of England has once used a Jewish guardian stone golem that was forced to be a guardian Angel of England.[2]

Golem Ellis[]

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Well versed in the Kabbalah,[5] Sherry has a golem that she named it after her friend, Golem Ellis is the closest approximation of the classic golem. However, Sherry combined it with Anglican spells. Since she's English, she changed the linguistic system of the golem from Hebrew to that of English. Furthermore, since she's a Christian, she made the golem react to the Cross. According to Index, Sherry apparently attempted to create an angel of dirt using the golem, like an angel that looks like a human from the outside. The head, right arm, left arm, legs were all created in the image of a Cross, each side assigned with the power of the four Archangels, although it is not perfect as it is impossible for humans to create angels.[1]

Using her magic pastel chalk to write a magic circle on a solid surface, Sherry can summon a golem that consists consists of material in its surroundings, such as concrete, iron gates, wires, and even human body parts, as Sherry has often threatened.[6]

Ice golems of the Queen's Fleet[]

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Touma and Orsola face-off against an Ice golem.

All ships can summon ice golems for use as protection. The golems are made out of the ships they are in, and can move independently after being given orders. However, because their type of magic is embedded on the construct and is separate from the ship, it cannot reform after being damaged. It can be destroyed by Touma's Imagine Breaker.[7]

At least 3 meters tall,[7] the golems are designed to look like they are equipped with medieval armor; to complement this, the golems also wield medieval weaponry such as pole-arms and swords.[8] One noteworthy feature of the ice golems is that it can glide on the floors of the ship.[citation needed]

Perfect Golem[]

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The Rosenthal Family is a line of necromancers who have spent over 400 years developing techniques of creating golems from corpses in order to create the Perfect Golem (完全なるゴレム Kanzen naru Goremu?), one with a perfect soul and a perfect body - a god.[9]

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