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Goryou Maya ( 御霊冥亞 (ごりょうめいあ) Goryō Meia?) is a member of the Kamisato Faction and a ghost.[1]


Maya is a tall girl with very long black hair and blue eyes with bags under them. She wears white burial kimono with exposed cleavage and a triangular headdress with a slight notch which makes it look somewhat like a heart. She is slightly hunched forward.[2][3]

Maya is accompanied by Censers, crane fly-like drones which resemble blue will-o'-the-wisps or hitodama. Floating in the artificial haunted location and mist machine formed by the Censers, she appears like an image projected in fog, occasionally fading in and out.[4][1][3]


Not much is known about Maya's personality, but it can be assumed that she possesses at least some of the traits common to the members of the Kamisato Faction.

Being obsessed with the Internet, she gets along well with the subculture type Sawai Olivia.[3] She is apparently bitter about not being able to eat freely, due to needing to control her intake to maintain her scent.[3][5]


The details of Maya's life before her death are largely unknown. After her death, she couldn't remember her name or how she died.[6] She hasn't recovered the memory of her death, having a feeling that she shouldn't touch it.[7]

Appearing a mysterious shadow on the way back from school, people asked her if she wanted her body back, wondering if she wanted to rest in peace, speculated that she may have been on the volleyball team due to her height, suggested checking through the records and various other things. Kamisato Kakeru was the only one to accept her for what she was and say that she was fine the way she was, that a ghost was fine as a ghost, supporting her existence by saying she did not need to change.[6][8] As a result, she fell in love with him and ended up joining the Kamisato Faction.


World Rejecter ArcEdit

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Maya was present together with other members of the Kamisato Faction during Kakeru's attempted negotiations with Kamijou Touma.[4]

Salome ArcEdit

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On December 5th, Maya was present when Kakeru betrayed Touma and set the Kamisato Faction on him, intending to kill him to make Salome stop.[1] They were thwarted when Salome herself interrupted them, bringing a provoked Accelerator with her.[9] Later that night, when Kihara Yuiitsu stole the World Rejecter, Maya and other Kamisato Faction girls offered their weapons to Salome to increase her power to fight Yuiitsu.[10]

Element ArcEdit

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During the Element infestation and the subsequent heat wave in the city caused by Fran to slow them down, Maya and the rest of the Kamisato Faction set up base in the White Springs Shopping Center. On the morning of December 9th, Maya participated in the faction's march to the Windowless Building and the subsequent battle with Yuiitsu beneath it.[11][12][13] After Kakeru was forced to use the World Rejecter with conflicting desires to protect the others and was exiled, Yuiitsu used the threat of losing the possibility of saving him to force the Kamisato Faction to obey her. Maya and the others then attempted to kill Touma on her orders.[14]

Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

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As a ghost, Maya possesses a number of paranormal qualities. Maya herself doesn't know what a ghost or a soul really is, but pictures it as something like a smell; if she can rub the smell of her life onto something before it fades with time, she can live on and if she can't produce the original smell, she has to protect the current one, as once it disappears it would be the end for her.[3]

Lacking a physical body, Maya makes use of Censers, drones which emit imperceptible low frequency waves and aromas, to create an artificial haunted location to sustain her existence and exert corporeal influence.[3] She also maintains her own scent through eating vegetable sticks and sipping sweet drinks.[5] As well as being supported by a scent, her body also produces a scent, creating a cycle which can be built up to run in a manner similar to that of a perpetual motion machine.[5]

By altering the mix and distribution of these parts, the scent and the 'haunted location', compared to a prism that separates light and how the status of a ghost in a ghost story depends on how the story got started and where it came from, Maya's form can be changed, from something like a harmless wandering ghost to a gigantic destructive spirit.[5] If the balance is disrupted, it can cause her to lose her shape and collapse.[15]

Maya primarily specializes in aerial surveillance,[2] information warfare[3] and long-range bombardment.[13]

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