Grand Magic (大魔術(だいまじゅつ) Dai Majutsu?) is a term used to refer to certain spells that take effect on a world wide scale in Toaru Majutsu no Index, such as the distorting effect of Angel Fall.


The term grand magic was used to refer to Angel Fall alone, up until Tsuchimikado Motoharu's explanation to Kamijou Touma regarding the use of Feng shui by Kamijou Touya to arrange the souvenirs and charms in his home to create a magic circle. Here, Motoharu states the danger of moving or touching the souvenirs as would create an entirely new magic circle, therefore a new spell.[1]

List of known Grand MagicEdit

Motoharu lists examples, and all refer to them in as Grand Magic:

  • Earth Shaker (極大地震 (アースシェイカー) Kyokudai Jishin (Āsu Sheikā)?, lit. "Maximum Earthquake")
  • Phantom Hound (異界反転 (ファントムハウンド) Ikai Hanten (Fantomu Haundo)?, lit. "Underworld Reversal")
  • Cocytus Replica (永久凍土 (コキュートスレプリカ) Eikyūtōdo (Kokyūtosu Repurika)?, lit. "Permafrost")



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