Grecky Reletsman (グレッキー=リレッツマン Gurekkī Rirettsuman?) is a minor character in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index during the Natural Selector tournament. A mysterious character from the start, his existence is used as a red herring for the 4th New Testament Volume.


Apparently with a flair for the theatrics, Grecky Reletsman covers himself completely in worn-out cloth, from head to toe, as such even the shape of his face or the overall silhouette could not be seen. Furthermore, people such as Shar Berylan, cannot tell if he is male or female.[2]


Greckly is a competitor of Natural Selector, and was apparently famous enough to have himself become the favorite to win the competition.[2]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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He first appears after Shar Berylan showed Saflee Opendays directions. He says no dialogue as he passes Shar and his colleagues, though he mutters something unintelligible. Moreover, a squishing sound can be heard when he makes footsteps, which the narrations states to be unnatural, as well as it seemed to be emanating from no particular direction.

Shar comments that he was a magician, though does not believe he is, and jokes that he would pull a rabbit out of a silk hat.[2]

The last mention of Grecky is during Kihara Ransuu and Útgarða-Loki's illusion duel, after Weissland Strainikov asks where Útgarða-Loki is, and assumed he was referring to Grecky. Ransuu states that he was a fake and that he crushed him, and had begged for his life. It is unknown if this is true.[1]


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