The Griffon Driver (グリフォンドライバー Gurifondoraibā?) is armored vehicle developed by Academy City.[1]


The Griffon Driver is a black luxury car, over two meters tall and over twenty-five meters long. The bulletproof vehicle has a body made of composite armor, tinted bulletproof glass more than fifty centimeters thick, a door rivaling a bank vault with eight rods and a vacuum lock, and tires containing sponge rather than air, in case of hits from a sniper rifle or anti-tank mine.[1]

In its original function as an armored vehicle for carrying and protecting VIPs, the Griffon Driver was intended to follow a policy of active defense, staying on the move so no one would know where it was.[1]

Kihara Yuiitsu's mobile biological laboratory is housed in one of her Griffon Drivers. Through a back door with biometric security, the inside is lined with cold material resembling silver stainless steel, illuminated by bluish infrared light. Through a decontamination room, smaller than a phone booth, the main area resembles a plant factory with something similar to water tanks with no water inside lined up on metal racks on the left and right walls. Small digital counters on the glass surfaces are used to manage temperature and humidity and there are two round holes in the sides of the tanks with thick rubber plastic gloves attached on the inside, allowing work inside a completely sealed environment. The laboratory's mechanisms can be operated through voice recognition, with a finger snap activating the recording function. Discarded samples are neutralized by being frying with ultraviolet and electron beams.[1]


The Griffon Driver was originally developed for the use of the Academy City Board of Directors during World War III. After the war concluded, it came to be used by Kihara Yuiitsu to house her mobile biological laboratory.[1]


Salome ArcEdit

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At some point prior to disguising herself as Keshouin Asuka, Yuiitsu visited her laboratory housed within the Griffon Drivers, parked in School District 17, in order to prepare the samples necessary for her plan to take revenge against Kamisato Kakeru and steal the World Rejecter, including a piece of Sample Shoggoth.[1]


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