Ground Geo (グラウンド・ジオ Guraundo Jio?) is an experimental geothermal power station, located in Academy City's School District 21, at New Mountain.[1]


Situated on the mountain's peak, the facility is comprised of a circular artificial lake, about 50m in diameter with concrete edges, with a metal tower rising from its center.[2]


Ground Geo generates power through deep magma heat conduction, a method previously considered in theory before being applied there. A 1km heat-conducted rod, placed vertically down from the mountain peak, extends underground and heat from magma is transferred to liquid which is flowing within the rod.[1]

The station produces an output of 2,027,000 kW, far surpassing the output of a nuclear power station and since the energy is directly extracted from magma deep underground, it has virtually no effect on the environment, making it extremely clean. The primary problem with this method is that it produces extremely faint earthquakes, however, these are too weak for people to feel and don't affect everyday life.[1]

Though previous geothermal stations had to be constructed on active volcanoes that could grow unstable in the future, the heat-conducting rod method allows for construction in flat urban areas or even on the ocean floor. Much like wind turbines, Academy City's primary method of power generation, they can be freely constructed anywhere, with potential applications being endless.[1]

The plan to place a heat-conducting rod deep underground was primarily seen as an experiment towards the future construction of a space elevator.[1]

The facility has a high level of computer control with normal operation being fully automated. Every part of the facility is monitored by 32,000 sensors and the slightest abnormality is immediately reported.[1]


The facility had been running for more than 3 years before the current year of the story timeline without issue.[1] In August, one year earlier, it was also the location for Mitsuari Ayu's attempted suicide [3] and for the second encounter between Shokuhou Misaki and Kamijou Touma three days later.[4]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Mental Out ArcEdit

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At some point in November, the surroundings of the power station were covered with the Five Over Outsider's camouflaging powder to alter its appearance and files relating to it were modified, as part of an effort to make Shokuhou Misaki suspect that her memories had been falsified.[5] When revisiting the locations where she had met Kamijou Touma, Shokuhou visited the power station and on noticing that it was considerably different from how she remembered it, began to doubt her memories.[6]

After Kumokawa Seria discovered a Strobila in her neck[7] and learning that it had no data in it,[8] Shokuhou revisited the facility to confirm her suspicions. Once she discovered the presence of the camouflage using a toolkit,[5] Mitsuari proceeded to attack her.[9] A battle ensued between the two and their puppets,[10][11] which was eventually ended, just as Mitsuari was trapping Shokuhou in the Five Over Modelcase Mental Out, by the arrival of Kamijou Touma.[12]


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