Grow Slowly is the second single done by Yuka Iguchi, Index's seiyuu, after Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter, and the first ending theme of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime, starting from episode 2. The single was released on May 15, 2013.

The ending theme is later replaced by stand still on the 11th episode and 14th episode.


There are three versions of the single release. There is the regular edition, the limited Anime PV Edition, and a limited edition. The limited Anime PV edition includes a different tracklist from the other releases, a DVD containting the creditless ending and "The Making Of" interview. For the limited edition, the DVD extra contains the Grow Slowly music video, "The Making Of" interview, and the single TV-SPOT.[1]

Music composition and lyrics done Sho Watanabe, with arrangement by Teppei Shimizu.

Regular EditionEdit

  1. "Grow Slowly"– 4:13 
  2. "stand still"– 4:07 
  3. "Grow Slowly"〈instrumental〉– 4:13
  4. "stand still"〈instrumental〉– 4:04 

Limited Anime PV EditionEdit

  1. "Grow Slowly"– 4:13 
  2. "Everything"– 4:50
  3. "Grow Slowly" (TV Size)– 1:36
  4. "Grow Slowly"〈instrumental〉– 4:13 
  5. "Everything"〈instrumental〉– 4:47


By appearance


TV versionEdit

Japanese English

Shiranai sora nagame nagara


itsumo itsumo kimi to aruite

Kinou made to wa chigau mirai mieta you na ki ga shite


Looking up at a sky I didn't know, always, always, I was walking with you
I thought I caught a glimpse of a future different from our past
So I looked for it

Boyaketeita shikai ni wa mayotteiru to omoikondeita

Kokoro furetara subete kawatte iku

Everything looked so blurry in my eyes, I thought that I was wandering lost
But when I touched your heart, everything changed

Akiru kurai kumo kazoetara mata tooku ni nagarete itta

Oikakete mitsuketa yo ashita no yume

Nido to konai ima tashikamete tsutawatta
Kimi no omoi

I've counted the clouds so much, I'm tired of it, and they keep drifting into the distance
I chased after them and found it, my dream for tomorrow
This moment will never come again, I thought it over, and I understood
Your feelings

Itsuka kitto watashi mo ageyou

Kumo no you ni sotto sotto

Doko made mo zutto zutto mae he

I know, one day, I'll give you mine too
Drifting like a cloud, softly, softly
Where ever I go, always, always, forward


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