Guatemala (グアテマラ Guatemara?), officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country located in Central America. Guatemala shares borders with four countries; Mexico to the north and west, Belize to the northeast, Honduras to the east, and El Salvador to the southeast.


The Brain Distribution Clarification Center (脳分布解明センター?) is located in Zacapa, Guatemala.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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On the Second Friday of October, Misaka 10050 was one of the Sisters sent to Gemstone Mining research organizations around the world. She was sent to Zacapa, Guatemala, at the Brain Distribution Clarification Center, to destroy the facilities and rescue the gemstone there. During her periodic progress report, she had about to seize the Gemstone, as there is no resistance headed for the Seventh Research Building.[1]

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