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===Toaru Majutsu no Index===
===Toaru Majutsu no Index===
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====Skill-Out Uprising====
{{Main|Skill-Out Uprising}}
Hamazura Shiage is a member of a Skill-Out faction led by [[Komaba Ritoku]]. Here, Shiage has recently gotten a nose piercing. After Accelerator kills the former leader, [[Komaba Ritoku]], he is forced to become the leader of his Skill-Out group in a technicality, he is looked down upon by his fellow Skill-Outs and gives little regard for his leadership.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt7 /> Even then, however, under his command Academy City orders the Skill-Out in assassinating [[Misaka Misuzu]]. With their reward being not completely wiped out by the city's operations to take back the back-alleys from them.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt11>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS]] Chapter 4 Part 11</ref> The plan was for Skill-Out to approach the facility in a vehicle stolen under the cover of darkness, fire 8 of their handmade incendiary rockets into the building and then escape quickly, hoping that the attack would kill Misuzu. The Skill-Out also had a rough sketch of the facility, allowing them to shoot their rockets in areas that would block off all the exits and having a good chance to fill the facility with smoke.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt7 />
Academy City gave assistance to Skill-Out as well for the operation, allowing Skill-Out to destroy the facility if necessary just to complete the mission, though also have the main data of the facility already backed up. Academy City isolated Misaka Misuzu in the facility to such an extent that only a few private guards are left within the facility.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt4>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS]] Chapter 4 Part 4</ref>
Immediately after attacking problems arise in their plan, and Skill-Outs were unable to find Misuzu quick enough before she can hide away. With the power being cut-off due to their attack, Misuzu hiding herself in the Substitute Processing Room,<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt6>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS]] Chapter 4 Part 6</ref> the stress in performing the mission, as well as the poor teamwork of the Skill-Out members under Shiage's command, finding Misuzu became a difficult task.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt7 /> Their problems are exacerbated by Accelerator's arrival, and a seemingly innocuous spanner in the works, [[Kamijou Touma]].
Despite these set-backs, they eventually find Misuzu and a debate occurs between them whether or not to immediately kill Misaka Misuzu, who they have already captured, or to use her as a hostage instead to take care of the firefight that had started first. Misaka Misuzu then notices Touma sneaking up on them, ruining his plan in using a gun against Skill-Outs. Now with the risk of trying to get the handgun increased, Touma decides to attack Shiage first with the bullet proof glass. The attack connects to Shiage's face, which painfully removed his nose piercing, quickly taking him down. However, Touma is unable to get the handgun as he discovers that there was actually two Skill-Outs that came to investigate. The Skill-Out however was shaken by fear after Touma takes down Shiage. The other Skill-Outs however, started shooting at Touma, out of terror as the Skill-Out that came to investigate with Shiage was shot down by friendly fire.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt9>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS]] Chapter 4 Part 9</ref>
As chaos erupts in the facility after Accelerator engages them in a firefight, Shiage manages to slip away to the outside. While bleeding, he notices Touma fleeing with Misuzu, thinking of him as someone who was hired by the higher-ups. Here, Shiage accuses Touma of being one with their client, Academy City, and tricking them. However, Touma states that he does not know what Shiage is talking about and only came at the request of Misuzu.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt10>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS]] Chapter 4 Part 10</ref>
[[File:Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_II_E24_17m_48s.jpg|thumb|220px|left|Shiage bleeding whilst arguing with Touma.]]
Angered that someone who is not even involved would ruin their plans and caused their downfall, Shiage attacks Touma with his baton. Touma manages to barely defend against Shiage's initial attack since he first made sure Misuzu was out of harm's way, however, because of this Touma becomes open for another attack from Shiage which momentarily makes him flinch. Still distraught at his situation, Shiage uses the opportunity to gloat on how he can save the situation if he can kill Misuzu. Touma counterattacks immediately afterwards, further injuring Shiage's damaged nose, and downing him. With Shiage down, Touma tells Shiage that he had enough of Skill-Out's treatment towards human life. An angered Shiage states that they had no choice since Level 0s cannot survive without doing rotten actions. However, Touma states that Shiage should not put all Level 0s such as himself in the same category. Hearing this, Shiage realizes that Touma has yet to use any abilities since the beginning of the fight. Touma states that there are many Level 0s in Academy City, living their lives normally and are not being mocked because of their level and states that the reason why Level 0s are being mocked is because of the actions of Level 0s such as Shiage. Touma continues by saying that he may not exactly be a Level 0 such as them, but at the very least he does not act like a minus like them by using his lack of power as a reason to attack others.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt10 />
[[File:Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_II_E24_19m_31s.jpg|220px|thumb|right|Touma and Shiage's attacks clash one last time.]]
Touma's arguments angers Shiage and he states that they are better than those with power since they don't use it to help them. However, Touma counters his statement by asking if he has actually helped someone even without power. With Shiage unable to answer, Touma finally concludes that if the Skill-Outs only used their power to help others instead of attacking espers, then Academy City would have accepted them and not look down upon them. Shiage states that Komaba Ritoku, the former leader of their gang, lived by those ideals, and protected the weak, however, he died because of it. Touma however states that, even then, Ritoku had something that Shiage did not, and that was because he had something to protect that was worth dying for, he was fighting to protect Skill-Out and people like Shiage, he was fighting to protect his friends.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt10 />
Greatly angered by Touma's belittling of them, even though he is a Level 0 himself, a shaken Hamazura Shiage charges towards Touma. Seeing this, Touma prepares his fist and states that the reason why Level 0s are mocked was not because of their weakness and states that Shiage should deal with his illusion on his own. Here, their attacks clash, with Shiage falling after Touma's attack, demonstrating the difference between them.<ref name=MajutsuNovelSSChap4Pt10 />
Believing he ruined Skill-Out and not wanting to deal with the punishment, Shiage leaves the faction.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt1>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 1</ref> He joins up with ITEM's subordinate organization and somehow ends up being assigned to deal with the girls directly.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt2 />
====Battle Royale Arc====
{{Main|Battle Royale Arc}}
[[File:Hamazura_Group.png|thumb|left|220px|ITEM and their grunt Hamazura Shiage.]]
He first appears alongside with the rest of ITEM, acting as the gofer of the team immediately after the [[Assassination attempt of Oyafune Monaka|assassination attempt on Monaka's life]] by SCHOOL in a family restaurant. After Shiage mulled on the uneven male to female ratio as well as Mugino finishing her lunch, Mugino begins saying on how before noon, someone attempted to assassinate Monaka. Mugino states that the higher-ups want to them to take action regarding that. Frenda comments on that she doesn't have information on that. Hearing this, Mugino orders Shiage to send the details of the incident to everyone's cellphone. With a halfhearted response Shiage does so, though he accidentally sends a pornographic video (likely related to bunny girls) he downloaded from the Internet. When the ITEM members see this, all four of them snapped their cellphones shut and looked at him with scorn. Shiage tries to amend his mistake by trying to send the information again, but he however is chastised by them. Mugino is at lost in words, only being able to say his name. [[Frenda Seivelun|Frenda]] says that he is disgusting. Kinuhata Saiai asks if Shiage likes bunny girls. Finally, Rikou says that she is rooting for him. Trembling at their words, he makes sure at sending the information to all of them.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt2 />
Their conversation begins with Saiai pointing out on how she was sure that they took out SCHOOL's sniper three days before. Mugino says that SCHOOL likely hired a new one and ignored their "warning". Frenda states that back then they didn't debate why they were targeting Monaka, but realizes that there must be something up if they still wanted to assassinate her despite her low value even among the Board of Directors. Rikou adds to Frenda's conclusion, repeating what Mugino says. As Mugino tries to think on the reason why SCHOOL went out of their way to try killing Monaka again despite her low value, she asks for Shiage's opinion. Shiage tries to give an answer but his response didn't actually have anything in it. Disappointing everyone, with both Frenda and Saiai calling her disgusting, while Rikou says she'll root for him even everyone else is calling him disgusting. With this disappointment, Shiage kneels on the ground and is promptly ignored. Mugino goes back on topic and proposes that SCHOOL targeted Monaka because there's no value in killing her. Saiai is confused, to which Mugino says that SCHOOL probably didn't care who it was as long as it caused a disturbance, choosing a VIP whose death wouldn't have much of an effect and didn't have strong security. Frenda then states that she feels sorry for Monaka. Feeling proud, Mugino gives her hypothesis on what SCHOOL is after, starting on how if a VIP of Academy City are in danger, people are called in from all sorts of places. She says that roads are blocked off in order for ambulances to travel on as well as important people from various medical industries gather at the hospital for them. Saying this, Mugino asks on what would happen if someone attempted to assassinate a VIP, and she answers on how people will be called in to protect the facility where the VIP will undergo treatment. Mugino concludes that SCHOOL will do something amidst the confusion. Saiai states that their methods are boring. Mugino then speculates on what the facility they would be targeting after creating the commotion. Frenda concludes that Monaka was just SCHOOL's insurance for their plan to be in order and that they are still planning on attacking their real target, to which Mugino agrees. Shiage then speaks up again, asking if what SCHOOL did was really an attempted assassination. Mugino says it probably didn't matter as Monaka may be revived by Academy City's mysterious technology even if she died. Mugino then orders that they need to find the facilities that have insufficient security due to the assassination attempt. She then adds that they also need to see what has changed had the assassination been successful, stating that SCHOOL may have made a situation where they could move whether the sniper succeeded or not, indicating that there might be a facility that has its security reduced regardless as it may be where SCHOOL is headed. She then orders Shiage to find a car for them as they may be heading out soon. Shiage becomes irritated on how Mugino said her orders, but he is forced to acquiesce. However, Shiage complains on how he was once the leader of over 100 Skill-Out, to which Mugino says that it is true though she doesn't his point. Shiage then leaves to find a car with a heavy heart.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt2 />
During [[BLOCK|BLOCK's]] hacking of the [[Virus Isolation Center]] the [[ITEM liaison]] tries to call Mugino Shizuri as she and ITEM prepare to leave to take on SCHOOL. Shiage points out her call, but Mugino tries to ignore it, though the liaison is quite persistent. Mugino later answers the call, much to her frustration. After the call Mugino then tells Shiage to get them a car, the girls get on the car Shiage had just stolen for them, impressing Mugino. Shiage asks where they are going, to which Mugino states that they'll be going to [[Kirigaoka Girls' Academy]] in [[School District 18]] as there is a [[Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory|particle engineering laboratory]] nearby that she believes is SCHOOL's target as the place has become disrupted after the assassination attempt on Oyafune Monaka. Mugino mentions that there are multiple places that she suspected but states that the particle engineering laboratory. Hearing this, Shiage asks what they are after there, though Mugino says that she doesn't know, but says that it is better than dealing with the whole Oyafune Monaka thing. Shiage then starts the car. Rikou then asks if Shiage has a license, to which he responds by saying that he doesn't need a card to drive, only skills. He then drives ITEM with the automatic transmission car.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt5>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 2 Part 5</ref>
While he waits for them outside, Shiage sights a car that he becomes interested in and proceeds to try to steal it. However, [[Yomikawa Aiho]] appears just as he was about to break into the car. She becomes suspicious of him as he was near a particle engineering lab that was being demolished by ITEM during their fight with SCHOOL. Shiage later tricks Aiho that there is a baby trapped in the car he was about to steal, which made the car's alarm sound off as she tries to open it. Shiage returns to his car as a station drives away. Then Mugino taking Rikou with her tells Shiage to stop flirting with Aiho and start the car. Shiage asks where Saiai and Frenda is, to which Mugino says their battle back in the laboratory won't be enough to kill them. As Shiage follows the station wagon, Shiage sees her sporting the marks of battle, with her face swollen and clothes burned. Shiage asks what had happened, commenting on how she's supposed to be the 4th-ranked Level 5. Mugino then says that SCHOOL had a Level 5 as well, the 2nd-ranked [[Kakine Teitoku]]. However, Mugino comments on how in spite of him, they took care of [[Boy with goggles|one of them]]. Shiage then asks what she'll do when they caught up to the station wagon, to which Mugino says that they'll defeat them and take back what they stole. Mugino then says that they stole the [[Tweezers]], though Mugino fails to explain it to Shiage, stating that the only thing he needs to do was to catch the station wagon. Mugino then begins doubting that they can catch SCHOOL with the car they have, to which Rikou says not to worry. Rikou says that her AIM Stalker can track down the owner of any AIM diffusion field she has recorded, as such she can search and find them even if they leave the solar system. Shiage then reassures Mugino, saying they have an excellent navigator, as such they won't get away. Suddenly, they see a mobile crane before them operated by [[Girl in the dress|a certain girl]], intercepting the car ITEM was in. With her skills, she is able to hit the car, pushing it towards a wall. Mugino Shizuri explains to Hamazura Shiage that the ones who are attacking them are SCHOOL, wanting the station to get away. The Girl backs up the mobile crane for about 10 meters as she tries to strike the car again. Seeing this, Mugino orders Shiage to smash the windshield of the car as it had crush the doors too much. They are able to escape the car just in time as the Girl crushes it with the wrecking ball and later explodes. With the crane's engine apparently stalling, the Girl comes down to go after them personally. Mugino tells them that they should split up. Shiage asks why she couldn't stay and fight, to which she says that she is after the Tweezers in the station wagon they were chasing, and she does not care for SCHOOL's subordinates like the Girl in the dress. Furthermore, Mugino states that the Girl's power is troublesome. With that they leave in different directions.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt7>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 2 Part 7</ref>
Shiage goes into an alley between buildings but he discovers that the Girl is following him. He continued to run, climbing up an emergency staircase on one of the buildings. Entering a student dormitory, he keeps on running straight through a hallway but then hears a door open behind him. The Girl caught up to Shiage with a small gun in her hand. Shiage then frantically pushes the button to activate the steel shutters between them, used for protection against out-of-control esper powers. The Girl is shocked and tries to shoot at the shutters twice, but to no avail. The both of them looked at each other on the monitor next to them. As Shiage taunts her, the Girl puts away her gun and takes out a [[File:Shiage_taunts.png|thumb|220px|Hamazura Shiage taunts Girl in Dress.]]40mm grenade launcher. Horrified, Shiage runs along the hallway again as the Girl launches a projectile towards the steel shutter. Shiage did not fully escape the blast as fragments him and propelling him 5 meters down the hallway. Finding his bearings again, he staggers to run away again and finds himself on a terrace with a three story drop below. Not wanting to face the Girl, Shiage jumps down, exclaiming that being a loser is the best. He later sees a young mother pushing a baby carriage down in the alley. Believing he will crash with the carriage, Shiage helplessly swings his arms and legs around trying to get some distance them. He later lands 15 cm from the carriage. His appearance both shocks the mother and the baby, the former asking who he is, to which Shiage says that he is the kind of hero that falls from the sky. He then says that it is dangerous in their parts and advises her to leave before running down a nearby alley.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt7 />
After escaping the Girl, Shiage gets a call from Mugino. She asks him that he didn't screw up, detained, and had someone put his phone up to his ear. Shiage says that he is fine and assumes that Mugino is too. Mugino commends Shiage for his efforts, saying that she had things a lot easier because of it. She then apologizes, stating that he needs him to come back as she needs him to dispose of a body.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt11>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 2 Part 11</ref>
Joined by Rikou, Shiage tries to do so as he was ordered, given advice by Mugino not to think much what was inside the bag. As he carries the bag with the body in it, he feels the contours of the bag and wonders who could've been behind the bag. Shiage tried to get his mind off that feeling and then throws the bag into the furnace. As he tries to operate the furnace that would destroy everything that would remind anyone that the thing inside the bag was a person, Shiage's thoughts wanders again. He tried to not think about it, but fear grips him and he fumbles with the control and the furnace begins to burning the body. Seeing this, Shiage stared upon the furnace and sat down on the floor. Shiage wandered who could've been in the bag, and contemplates its cruel fate. Rikou asks him what's wrong. Shiage asks what exactly human life is as he stares upon the furnace where the corpse is being turned to ashes. He continues by asking why a Level 0's life is such a cheap thing. Rikou continues to call out to him but he continues to stare into the fires of the furnace.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap2Pt13>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 2 Part 13</ref>
As a means to stay his mind from the unpleasant thought of dying like the person in the bag and being thrown like waste, Shiage scattered the person's ashes into a river. As he walked on the riverside however, he is called upon by thugs. Shiage ignores this and for his trouble gets attacked by one of the thugs who recognized him from Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out, wanting revenge for the man giving them trouble from before. As he gets beaten, Shiage's thoughts wander off again to those of the corpse. However, a metal pipe then rolled next to him, and without hesitation Shiage took it and stroke back. Shiage takes down his attacker until the man is bloody, not minding that he has comrades nearby. One of them takes out a hammer as he continues beating on him, to which Shiage hears someone call from afar. It is [[Hattori Hanzou]], a friend from Skill-Out. He knocks out the thug holding the hammer and proceeds to run away with Shiage afterwards. Hanzou berates Shiage for being hung up with victory over the thug to the point that he could've been killed. After checking that no one was following them, Shiage asks Hanzou why he saved him despite running out of Skill-Out. Hanzou points out that isn't something for him to say, as Skill-Out doesn't bear a grudge against him. He tells Shiage on how they don't think their fall was his fault and that no matter who was their leader at that time they would've still fallen. Shiage could not respond but Hanzou keeps on speaking, saying that though it was fun with Ritoku and him with all their little plans, it wasn't at all a nice path to make him want to cling to it. Shiage agrees that it was a terrible life they had but it was at least fun. With that, Hanzou asks what he is going to do now. Shiage says he doesn't know as he thinks that his situation will be the same no matter where he ends up in, even if he goes back to Skill-Out, and that there is no value in going back to it. Hearing this as Shiage started to walk away, Hanzou takes a small handgun from his pocket and tossed it to Shiage, saying that he needs it. Shiage points out that it was a lady's handgun, though Hanzou says that it doesn't matter as a weapon that's a little hard to use is perfect. Shiage then puts away the gun and leaves the alleyway they were in without looking back at Hanzou.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt1>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 1</ref>
Shiage goes to ITEM's [[Private Salon]] in [[School District 3]], regrouping with the rest of ITEM minus Frenda. When Shiage arrives after escaping the [[Girl in the dress]] of [[SCHOOL]], he asks where Frenda is, to which Mugino says that she is gone, dead or captured. She says that in a manner in which she is not particularly caring of her fate only inconvenienced by it as there are only three members left of ITEM that could take SCHOOL down. Mugino then becomes optimistic as they have Rikou for searching. Rikou notices Shiage is hurt, but tells her to not mind, he then asks what they are going to do now as SCHOOL has already stolen the [[Tweezers]]. Mugino asks Rikou if searching for Dark Matter is fine, to which Shiage asks who that is. Mugino answers that Dark Matter (Kakine Teitoku) is the one who leads SCHOOL. Rikou then prepares to use the [[Ability Body Crystal]] to use her power. Here, Saiai sympathizes with Rikou's handicap, as she is unable to activate her power without the use of the drug. After licking the powder of the Ability Body Crystal, Rikou's power begins to activate and searches for Kakine. There, she concludes that he is within the building. Before they could react, Kakine Teitoku himself appears before them, kicking down the door to their salon. Kakine tells them that he has come to declare victory, but Mugino just mock him for being the Spare Plan and running away a while ago. The two of them banter regarding the team mates SCHOOL lost thanks to ITEM. They are however interrupted by Saiai picking up table and smashing it on Kakine. However, his expression remains unchanged, only exclaiming that what she did hurt. Seeing this, Saiai runs towards a wall and destroys it with her fist. She then grabs Rikou and Shiage, winking towards Mugino as she leaves into the hole.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt2>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 2</ref>
She then knocks out every other people she comes into contact with, not taking her chances if they are subordinate members of SCHOOL or not. Saiai then asks Shiage to get a car for them. She tells Shiage that one of the reasons SCHOOL is there is for Rikou, since they know where their hideout was it is also likely that the know all of their other information, and it is likely that they have discovered that they can be searched out through the use of Rikou's power. Saiai states that if Rikou is killed, ITEM will be restricted as she determines if they are the chasers or the one being chased. She continues by saying that as long as Rikou is fine they can still turn the tables around. She urges him to get a car and go into a hiding place where it isn't a ITEM's hideout. She then gives Rikou a stun gun, saying that she needs a weapon as she's always staring off into space. Just then there is an explosion due to Mugino and Kakine's clash, to which Saiai goes after telling them to hurry.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt2 />
As Shiage and Rikou try to escape by elevator, they come upon the 25th floor of the building. However, much to their misfortune, Kakine Teitoku himself appears looking for Rikou. Here they discover that Kakine is dragging Saiai's injured and unconscious body and tossed it before them. Here, he praises Saiai for making the right decision and having Rikou get away as she is the core of ITEM. Shiage whispers to Rikou to go to take the elevator down and escape. Rikou tries to protest but Shiage is insistent, saying that even if he could get away from ITEM by abandoning her, ITEM would still be destroyed. Kakine having grown impatient, asks them how long for them to say goodbye, to which Shiage shouts Rikou to go, shoving her into the elevator. However, Rikou maneuver herself in order for her to move Shiage into the elevator. Confused by the sudden action, Shiage falls down to the floor of the elevator. Before he could make a reply, Rikou apologizes to him. She says that she told everyone what he said by the furnace, and continues by saying she doesn't want him to become ash like the corpse. Rikou smiles and tells him not to worry as she is a Level 4 and he is a Level 0, as such she will protect him. Before Shiage could say anything the elevator door closes, and thus Rikou face off against the 2nd-ranked Level 5.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt4>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 4</ref>
As he sits on the floor of the elevator, Shiage is surprised on how espers like Rikou did not care about the life of someone like him. Recalling how Rikou defended him, Shiage wonders why. However, knowing that she was facing against Kakine to save him, Shiage could not sit idly by. He curses as he stops the elevator, thoughts of facing Kakine and even his subordinates filled his mind. Then, Shiage remembers Touma's words on how there are paths for a Level 0 other than preying on others. He recalls Touma saying on how Shiage could've used his strength to help those weaker than him, help those in need instead of fighting back against powerful espers, things would change for him, and the people of Academy City would've accepted him. Shiage now agrees with Touma's words, as he presses the button back to the floor where he left Rikou, determined to face against a Level 5.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt5>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 5</ref>
When Shiage returns back to Kakine after deciding to protect Rikou, he finds her collapsed before him. Here, he is surprised by Shiage's return. He tells Shiage that Rikou did well against him despite having no direct battle power. He tells Shiage that she must've used her search power to try to interfere with his AIM diffusion fields to reverse the flow and take control of his power. He then comments on how if Rikou developed more then she could've become the 8th-ranked Level 5. Having none of it, Shiage tries to use his handgun. But there, the Girl in the dress arrives, where Shiage immediately recognizes as the "Crane Woman" from earlier. As Shiage struggles who to aim at, the Girl then says that he should stop whatever he is doing. With those words, Shiage couldn't move his body. Here, the Girl in the dress used her powers on him, to make him not shoot at them because it is seemingly against his nature. Seeing Shiage's struggle, the Girl comments on how he may be fairly kind on the inside. She smiles and then says that her power Measure Heart she can freely regulate "the distance between people's hearts." She advises Shiage to stop fighting against them, as she has him set-up to make it seem that the distance between their hearts are the same between him and Rikou. He can't shoot her just as much he can't shoot Rikou. Seeing this display, Kakine begins speaking, saying that the situation made it seem like they were the bad guys. He comments on how Shiage and Rikou, a man and a woman, protecting each other is a moving story, and that it is such a rare sight that he feels that he shouldn't destroy it. He then tells him that Rikou will die regardless of what they do, shocking Shiage. Kakine kicks the Ability Body Crystal case towards him, and says that she was using the Ability Body Crystal to activate her powers. Kakine then explains the usage of Ability Body Crystal and on how it affects Rikou. Kakine tells Shiage that Rikou will not last long in her current state, stating that she'll be fine as long as she doesn't user her powers ever again. As Shiage is frozen in shock, Kakine tells him that they don't need to kill her if she can; use her searching powers and that he doesn't care if she died or not. The Girl then tells Shiage that she collapsed on her own as she kept forcing on using the Ability Body Crystal in order to fight them, and tells him that none of her would be left if they attacked her seriously.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt5 />
As Shiage stares them down after their revelation, he manages to press the button for the elevator. As Shiage waits for the elevator, Kakine wonders if he should kill or let her go. The Girl says that they can just leave her alone as a member of ITEM on the edge of her doom can't stop them. Shiage grounds his teeth after what the Girl just said, despite this he still can't attack her. Kakine says that it'd be easier to kill her, but the Girl counters by saying that since Rikou used his AIM to mess up his [[Personal Reality]], Kakine should check up on that. She says that his power going out of control would be much more dangerous than Rikou, and that she would rather not die if an ally of hers went out of control. Teitoko becomes annoyed at being bossed around, but acquiesces to the Girl's warnings. He tells her that they should leave as though checking up is easy they don't have the necessary equipment. At that moment an elevator arrives, at which point Kakine and the Girl leave, allowing Shiage and Rikou to escape harm.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt5 />
After they leave Shiage checks up on Rikou's condition. She was still unconscious and was in the throngs of a fever, worrying Shiage. Saiai also regains consciousness. She sees Shiage with the collapsed Rikou, and figures out the situation through Shiage's impatient demeanor. She tells Shiage to take Rikou and disappear. Shiage says thank you to Saiai, but she tells him that she didn't say as thanks. She says she was speaking ill of him as she doesn't need useless people like Shiage and Rikou in ITEM, as such she tells him to go out their way. There was a smile on Saiai's lips despite her injuries. Knowing what Saiai actually means, Shiage asks if there is anything she can do for her. Saiai orders him to contact their subordinate organization and call in the information suppression team and an ambulance, as she can't do it herself currently. Shiage complies, and later leaves Saiai.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt5 />
[[File:Index_v15_254.jpg|thumb|180px|right|The Meltdowner's true face.]]
After leaving, Shiage gets a call from Mugino Shizuri wanting to counterattack SCHOOL and use Rikou again to use her power to track them even if it kills her. Shiage does not follow her orders, trying to find a way to get her as far away from ITEM as she could. While carrying her, Shiage comes upon a bridge where [[Yomikawa Aiho]] comes upon them and tells Shiage that although she doesn't know the situation, she'll be taking Rikou with her. Seeing this as an opportunity to allow Rikou to escape from Mugino, hands her over to Aiho, surprising her. Shiage hastily explains that she has been using Ability Body Crystal, which is slowly killing her. At that moment, a bloodied Mugino appears before them, carrying the upper half of Frenda's corpse, whom she killed for her betrayal. Shiage pleads to Aiho to leave with Rikou as she has no way to take on Mugino, the 4th ranked Level 5. Aiho hesitates for a moment, but acquiesces and tells Shiage not to die, as she will bring a fully armed Anti-Skill team once she gets Rikou safe.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt6>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 6</ref> With them gone, Mugino crosses the bridge and says to Shiage on how battling with one's life on the line makes on feel numb. Shiage tries to reply but Mugino tells him to quiet as she didn't ask for his opinion. She then punches hard on his gut, making Shiage nearly vomit. Mugino still hasn't given up on using Rikou and finding SCHOOL. Shiage laughs and asks if she should really be finishing him of that moment. She turns to him in an irritated way but is then surprised on what Shiage does next. He shows his hand holding the case for the Ability Body Crystal that is needed for Rikou to use her AIM Stalker ability. Mugino is enraged, but before she can do anything about it, Shiage jumps over the metal railing and off the bridge, landing, though not gracefully, on a train that had just passed by. Here, Shiage intends to lead Mugino away from Rikou using the Ability Body Crystal. His smile as he got away from Mugino is cut off however as the train suddenly stopped. Nearby, he saw that Mugino has stuck her hand into the ground and cut off the power cables that the trains used using her ability. From afar, Shiage could tell what Mugino was saying through her lips—she was going to kill him.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt6 />
With the train stopped, Shiage hurriedly tries to shake off Mugino. He comes upon a crowd and here discovers however on how relentless Mugino could be, already sighting among the people there. Seeing as how he cannot get away from her by mixing in with a crowd, Shiage continues running and goes inside and discovers to find that he is in a deserted refinery for biological ethanol fuel with all its machinery and paraphernalia. As he wonders about the place, Mugino arrives behind him, complimenting him on finding a deserted place for him to die alone. Before he could turn around, something hits his back, making him fly a few meters before landing, knocking over containers as he does so. Despite being pain, Shiage didn't suffer any broken bones and can still move. He leaves the large area and comes upon a room with lots of machinery, allowing for blind spots and hiding places. Here, he ponders how to defeat Mugino. He knows she isn't invincible even if she is a Level 5. He cites their encounter with the Girl in the dress and the train power cables, thinking that since she didn't destroy the wrecking ball with her power, and destroyed the power cables underground instead of the train, there must be some limitations to her power. Here, he believes that Mugino's power takes a certain amount of time to aim in exchange on how powerful it is, making her weak to surprise attacks, a fundamental flaw of her power being too powerful that it could endanger even her. Then, he hears her calling out his name. An intense sense of danger fills Shiage, and he decides to quickly go down on the ground, only to discover that immediately after the place where he stood was then covered by her beams. Small explosions occurred afterwards due to the alcohol, a few of its heated debris landing on Shiage, making him shout in pain. Since the areas for cover were in her way, Mugino was just going to destroy them all, forcing Shiage to face her. Mugino comments on how the machinery reminds her of the goldfish scooping games at festivals though she forgets the name. Nevertheless she says that they are no match for her Meltdowner. The machinery has now been reduced into rubble and even the outer wall have been damaged. Mugino stands in the center of it all. Here she states on how researchers have said that her survival instincts keep her from putting on more force that what she usually gives out but says that it was originally enough to kill the [[Misaka Mikoto|Railgun]] instantly, though she states that if she does so it would blow her body to pieces. Then Mugino approached Shiage.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt7>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 7</ref>
Moving to a different floor in the plant, Shiage keeps dodging Mugino while she continues her pursuit. Mugino shouts to Shiage on how he should stop getting out of his way and give her the Ability Body Crystal and Rikou as she won't be satisfied until she destroys SCHOOL. Of course, Shiage rejects her as Rikou is in her limit. Mugino gives a callous response to this, saying that she can be replaced as long as they can find SCHOOL. Shiage persists and states on how she would be unable to defeat the 2nd-ranked Level 5 based on facing him twice and the fact that he met the man himself. Shiage asks on what good Mugino would gain in finding where Kakine is. He tells Mugino that he will not allow Rikou to die for something so pointless. Mugino however laughs scornfully at his remarks. She asks on how Rikou drew her in, noting that he might've fallen for her cute face or kind words. Mugino asks him if he thinks everyone who speaks kindly to him is a good person and everyone who talks to him harshly is a good person, stating that it makes himself look like the center of the world. Shiage doesn't deny Mugino's words, and believes that if Rikou wasn't nice to him he wouldn't have made his decision. However, Shiage shouts to Mugino on how Rikou didn't want someone like him to die simply because she was like that. He states that a person like Rikou needs to be happy, saying that if they don't create a society where the kind idiots like Rikou could stand at the top, their world would never get any better. Mugino did not reply to this and fired off another beam towards the metal rubble where Shiage, knocking him back. Then, before Shiage could turn around, Mugino comes upon him from behind and sticks a screwdriver in his right ear. Stuck in place, Mugino held out her other hand and demanded for the case of the Ability Body Crystal. Shiage had a plan however. He gritted his teeth as he took the case from his pocket, and completely ignored the screwdriver and forcefully spun around.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt8>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 8</ref>
This act shocks Mugino as the screwdriver carves the inside of Shiage's ears. Despite the pain Shiage's plan has been fulfilled and he sticks the case of the Ability Body Crystal into Mugino's right eye. Immediately after Mugino screams in pain as her right has been crushed, gripping the affected area of her face. Shiage smiles and taunts her. Mugino screams in rage. She tries to use her Meltdowner on Shiage, but fails to aim properly, obliterating her left arm. What was worse for her is her shot missed Shiage. Still relentless, she shoves Shiage down and climbed on top of him, making him lose his grip of the case, slipping across the ground away. Mugino however was too consumed in rage to care anymore as she stares Shiage down with her remaining eye. She mocks Shiage's words, saying that he can tear of her arms and legs and crush her organs but he can't change the difference between their strengths for he is a Level 0 and she is the Number 4, the Meltdowner. As she grabs Shiage's neck, he smiles. He says that he is no idiot and knew their confrontation would end up like what was happening now. Mugino listens as Shiage sums up her relentless and obsessive personality using videogame metaphors. Mugino is someone who doesn't like messing up even slightly, and when someone like messes up, they'll find another goal that they could accomplish absolutely. He tells Mugino that she could've picked him off at a distance instead of obsessing over a Level 0 like him. He then says that it is her ridiculous obsession with victory left a decisive opening for him. At that moment, Shiage took out the ladies' handgun that [[Hattori Hanzou]] gave him a while back as final ace in the sleeve. Shiage then empties all the bullets of her handgun on Mugino's upper body. Mugino continues to stand and looks down upon herself in shock. Then Mugino falls and stops moving, with Shiage remarking on how it was too easy. He picks back the case of the Ability Body Crystal and begins leaving with his battered body. However, as he does so he hears Mugino muttering his name, and as fear grips him again Mugino howls loudly for his name. Despite her injuries, Mugino Shizuri stands up once again and once again tries to use her Meltdowner. With no options left, Shiage runs toward Mugino and there they clash again. Shiage punches Mugino in the face, and there Mugino is finally felled by Shiage. He then picks up the handgun he casted aside and contacts Aiho on how back-up isn't needed anymore as it is all over.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt9>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 9</ref>
Members of the ITEM's subordinate organization waiting outside of the facility later enter it after Shiage leaves in order for them to destroy evidence. Knowing that Shiage just defeated a Level 5, they don't do anything to stop him. Hanzou appears and calls out to him, saying on how he heard of Shiage's victory over a Level 5 all on his own. Although Shiage is surprised on he could've known, he remembers the handgun and says to Hanzou on how it came in handy. Hanzou praises Shiage for defeating a Level 5 using the handgun as he took out two cigarettes for the both of them. Hanzou says that with that kind of accomplishment no one will reject Shiage now, despite the fact that were not many people who hated him in the first place. Hanzou then tells Shiage to come back to Skill-Out as there are people waiting for him there. Shiage however apologizes, saying with a smile on how he has something he has to do. Hanzou clicks his tongue and remarks on Shiage makes him jealous, but accepts his explanation, not pressing Shiage any further. Hanzou tells Shiage on how he'll now be consolidating Skill-Out for the moment, until Shiage decides to return to them after he is done with what he has to do. With that, they bumped fists and parted ways once again.<ref name=MajutsuNovel15Chap4Pt10>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 4 Part 10</ref>
====DRAGON Arc====
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[[File:Index_v19_165.jpg|thumb|left|180px|Hamazura Shiage faces Accelerator.]]
Shiage's actions interfere with Aleister's plans who later<ref name=Index19Ch03Pt12>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 19]] Chapter 3 Part 12</ref> sends his assassins of the entire dark side of Academy City on a massive hunt to eliminate him. Running, Shiage tries to hijack a mini-copter to get to where Rikou is, but the pilot pulls out a knife and threatens him. After the pilot sees how desperate Shiage is to try and save Rikou, she decided to help. N<span>ot sure what will save him from a hard landing,</span> Shiage jumps out of the helicopter without parachutes and shoots down at three men holding Rikou hostage.
During the time he meets with Accelerator, who was looking for a terrorist group near the same location that Rikou was, Shiage misunderstands him, thinking that his presence was due to another of his dirty jobs, and that Rikou might end up dead just like his friend [[Komaba Ritoku]].
Shiage said then that if Accelerator wanted to kill someone who no longer wanted to stay in the darkness, then he'll take him down. Accelerator knew it was a misunderstanding, but still complimented Shiage for his actions and bravery and then charged at him. Shiage had planned to force Accelerator into a situation where even a bullet would work on him, learning from his experience fighting against Mugino. He then got blasted back by the air pressure created by Accelerator, but Shiage blew apart a passing security robot and threw it at Accelerator, hoping the magnetism from the broken robot would affect the collar Accelerator wears. But before the robot reached Accelerator it got blown away.
Accelerator then charged right into Shiage and held him up by the collar, then blew him across the room. While Shiage was crawling up, Accelerator told him that if he stays down, he'll let him live, and if he gets up, he's dead. Shiage refused to give up, and told him they both have reasons to do what they do.
Accelerator was going to turn Shiage to mush right there, but when he saw Rikou stumbling towards them, he told Shiage if he planned to use her as a shield to keep fighting, he'd do Shiage a favor and rip him apart. He then said that if the girl gets worse from fighting, it would be troublesome for him, and he would retreat, saying that's how a villain should do things. Accelerator then manipulated the vectors under his feet and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Shiage finally realized that he misunderstood the situation, went to hold Rikou and cursed himself for being so useless. Rikou told him he wasn't useless, since for her, he's willing to fight in a building where the [[Anti-Skills]] can't. [[File:Index v19 288.jpg|thumb|180px|Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou "meet" Mugino Shizuri again.]]Shiage isn't convinced, thinking if he was a 'main character,' then Rikou wouldn't be hurt. However, he also thinks that though he's not a top-tier villain like Accelerator, it doesn't matter if he's a punk as long as he can protect Rikou and make her smile.
After that, while trying to escape from Aleister's assassins, he once again met with Mugino Shizuri. She survived her wound thanks to [[Heaven Canceler|Heaven Canceler's]] [[Dark Legacy]], now in hands of Aleister Crowley. After seeing Mugino toying with Rikou, he had finally had enough and decided to step out and fight head on with Mugino once more. After getting Mugino to chase him, Shiage managed to hide in a hanger filled with cutting edge weaponry, and tricked her to blow up a fighter jet she thought he was hiding in, and ended up blowing up the whole place with a chain reaction while Shiage ran away as fast as he could.
After the massive explosion, he went back to check to see if she was alive, and found she propelled herself using recoil force from her own attack like a rocket engine to escape the blast, and got ambushed by her. Shiage ran again and hid himself, but then Mugino Shizuri pulls on his sympathy, saying how she and Kakine ended up like this and how bad it is, before kicking him while he was distracted. After that, Shiage crawled into a testing room for the new jets and their defense, and activated the program that engulfs the whole room except his location in a fierce combination of gale and heat. Mugino was blasted away.
After a hard battle of fighting her and protecting Rikou from her attacks, Mugino, who now has a sense of twisted love for him gives up and helped him and Rikou to escape Academy City by allowing them to steal a jet which was programmed to fly to [[Russia]] and shooting down their pursuers.
====World War III Arc====
{{Main|World War III Arc}}
October 30th.
After reaching Russia, because Shiage didn't know how to pilot the jet, he and Rikou, using parachutes, jumped out of the jet after setting it to self-destruct, and landed in Russia close to [[Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations|Elizalina Alliance of&nbsp;Independent Nations]], the country where Vento had taken Sasha to.
[[File:Index_v20_025.jpg|thumb|180px|left|Shiage and Rikou near the border to Elizarina Alliance of Independent Nations.]]
As they travelled in a small car near the border with the Elizalina Alliance, Shiage planned to rob a corner store next to a petrol station for some supplies and wanted to avoid hurting the employees. When he charged inside, there were already three robbers in there that had tied up the female employee, threatening her with a dagger. When the Russian robbers asked "Who the hell are you?" in Russian, Shiage just replied, "A robber, so put your hands up!" in Japanese without understanding a word they said.
After hearing many gunshots, Rikou sees Shiage coming out of the shop with merchandise, such as food and warm clothing. When she asked if it went well, Shiage replied he got thanked by the employee and got all the things for free, even fuel for the car. They drove off again with Rikou remaining confused about what happened.
As they drive along, Rikou says that she's planning to find the balance in the scales of the situation, so that even though Shiage’s a small piece, if he can get in the right position to tip the scales, they can then make demands towards Academy City. Suddenly, Rikou’s physical condition got worse, and Shiage panicked and stopped the car. After that, a [[Digurv|Caucasian man]] tapped on the windows, and Shiage reached for his hidden gun then lowered the window. The Caucasian was a tour guide before so he can speak Japanese, and is offering Shiage an 'equivalent exchange;' taking Rikou to their village’s doctor, in exchange for some fuel since their electricity generator just ran out of fuel.
The doctor treats Rikou, but says there’s nothing he can do due to the difference in technology, and that it's risky to treat her. All Shiage cares about now is for her to feel as little pain as possible. Rikou said Academy City started this war for a reason, and if they can get to that reason they can use it as a bargaining chip. Shiage is resolved to head off alone to find the cause since he don’t want to burden Rikou.
The blonde man who brought them there is named Digurv. He and Shiage end up talking, saying that the village is nervous since people from nearby villages were taken by the Russian military into concentration camps, but they were fortunate enough to be saved by another Asian youth and many managed to escape to this village. Shiage feels guilty since he’s from Academy City that’s responsible for this, but Digurv says it’s not his fault since this village is close to Elizalina Republic and the Russian military had their eyes on it for a while.
To prevent the Elizalina Alliance from taking over the area, the Russian Government spread a large amount of landmines near the area. The villagers make a living by unearthing those landmines and trading them with NGOs for food and other supplies, even though it might be safer detonating the mines on the spot. The [[Glickin|soldier]] mentioned they were waiting for a convoy to deliver something before they got attacked. Though he’s from the opposing side, Digurv said he'd still save him, though he did mutter that they have a lot of guests. Shiage then thought that ‘something’ would be delivered and thought it might be what he and Rikou were looking for.
Then, a ten-year-old girl ran out of the clinic Rikou was in and told them something urgently in Russian, which Digurv translated for Shiage and told him the pirates were coming. The Russian government had reinstated the medieval practice of hiring mercenaries to rob the resources of other countries and making them their own, with a large share going to the pirates. This has the benefit of weakening opposing countries and strengthening their own.
The incoming pirates had armored vehicles and due to the snow, it was hard for the villagers to run. Shiage hid Rikou under the clinic inside the basement. Digurv could hear two tanks making their way down, and said conventional reasoning of how the military works doesn't apply to these people. Suddenly, the tank dropped down from the ceiling, as the pirates didn’t realize this would happen when they rammed the building. As the pirates came out of the hatch, Shiage and the others climb up just in time to avoid the building being ripped apart by gunfire. An explosion suddenly appeared in front of them and blasted both Shiage and Digurv off their feet. Digurv then carried Rikou for him. Shiage saw a machine gun turret behind a sandbag wall 10m away, and ran there to try and take it.
Shiage then found one of the tank’s anti-aircraft guns was changing its aim towards a 30-year-old mother running away with her 10-year-old girl while holding a baby in her arms and saved them. With a voice louder than gunfire, he yelled out for them to keep running; the tank focused its attack on him and the machine gun was blown apart. He saw Digurv running towards him with Rikou in his arms. Shiage was angry to the point where he wanted to start fighting back, and asked Digurv to take care of Rikou for a while. The man asked what was Shiage going to do, since they don’t have RPGs or AK guns and Shiage replied that he was going to use the landmines the village had dug up.
Shiage took a landmine and set it up, while the villagers made some sort of device to enable the landmine to be detonated like a hand grenade, just pull the pin and wait for something to go over it. He threw a landmine at the tank, but since the landmine is set to explode towards one direction it missed the turret and blew upwards, not stopping the turret’s turning. It turned out Shiage was aiming for that to begin with as the blast destroyed the stone building the tank was next to and the debris came down and stopped it from turning, and the tank could no longer move. Then Shiage walked up to the tank, since these are not conventional soldiers, they don't have weapons to shoot footsoldiers equipped on the tank. He told them, "It’s a cold day today. It's a nice day for a barbecue." in Japanese, not caring if they understand it or not. He then chucked a Vodka bottle into the air hole. Then when the pirates came scrambling out of the tank, thinking it’s a Molotov Cocktail, he readied his handgun without hesitation. The pirates came out of the armored vehicle due to it being stuck and decided to fight on foot, but found if not taking into account proficiency in fighting, the villagers have more guns and people than the pirates. The attack on the village stopped.
Digurv told Shiage that the villagers had locked the pirates up in an unused shelter. Normally, the pirates deserved to have their legs broken and be devoured by wild dogs, which some villagers were actually advocating to do. If Shiage, the one that stopped a tank, hadn’t begged not to kill them, nobody would have stopped. Shiage felt his gun’s weight more keenly after that. In the end against the hated enemies who were frozen in fear against Shiage after running out of the tank, Shiage didn’t open fire. If his life were at stake Shiage wouldn’t have hesitated, but as he had time to think about it, he couldn't shoot another human.
The villagers raised an alarm, three helicopters each over 30m long were heading their way. These are probably all pirates. Digurv told the villagers to scatter and hide in the forests, since the pirates might have heat and magnetic sensors. Shiage decides to stay and fight, using one of the anti-aircraft gun turrets from the tank he immobilized. After removing the rubble using heavy machinery normally used to remove snow, they found the twin-linked gun have one of its barrel broken. As Shiage climbed in Digurv smiled mournfully and said that just one person can’t operate that – they’d need at least 3 people; one to move the vehicle, one to shoot, and one to command and look at their surroundings. Digurv planned to ask some of the villagers to come and help, but Shiage don’t want to—it’s one thing to risk himself but it’s another to risk others’ lives. The soldier they saved earlier decides to help them, he says that he wants to pay back the debt of them saving his life. Shiage decides he absolutely cannot lose, for the girl that he holds more important than his own life, and for the villagers that took care of her.
The Pirates fired missiles at the turret which Shiage have driven back into the forest, and after they blew out a clearing in the forest it gave Shiage's group a chance to fire back without the trees getting in the way, and managed to take out a helicopter. The other two helicopters decided to not use missiles and just pepper them with shots, and chased after the turret using the sensors in the helicopter. The sensors says they've hit their target, but later found it is metal from the cars the villagers hid in the forest to confuse the sensors and ended up being open to return fire by the turret.
The remaining helicopter is about to shoot Shiage and the others, before a 3.5m long sword ended up stabbed into the helicopter from the side. Acqua then pulled out the sword and landed, with the helicopter crashed behind him and burned brightly in orange flame, but the snow around Acqua turned to water and put out the flames, with the rest moving unnaturally. Acqua then said he might not know what happened here but he'll help.
25 kilometers away from the border with Elizalina Alliance, Shiage sees Acqua attacking a russian fortress. The battle ends in just 20 minutes, and Shiage gets and eerie feeling just by looking at this one sided slaughter. Shiage analyzes that exceeds the limit of human realm. After a brief conversation with Acqua, they spot an incoming Academy City force, Shiage then hastily reunites with Rikou and the villagers and decides to go to Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations. The villagers sadly say goodbye to them, and the little girl says Shiage to take care
Later, they're trying to get away from academy city's infantry and armors as they got really close to the border with the Elizalina Alliance. As they enter into its territory, one of the armors still pursues them, but they're saved by Accelerator. In the country, Rikou is healed by [[magic]] procedure. Although it did not completely cure her, the undigested Body Crystal was removed and her condition has gotten much better, thank to [[Elizalina]].
During the fight against [[Fiamma of the Right|Fiamma]], [[Archangel Gabriel|Gabriel]] and the [[Star of Bethlehem]], Shiage and Rikou captured one of Russia's special op agents setting up the biological attack, and asked the ex-soldier who came out looking for a missing child to go back and warn everyone about the incoming attack. Shiage then went to find the abandoned nuclear base, and told the ex-soldier if he doesn't call back in 30 minutes then evacuate anyway.
[[File:Index_v21_284.jpg|thumb|180px|Hamazura Shiage inciting Acqua of the Back to rise up again.]]
Later, when Acqua lost all his ability to perform magic and messed up his body draining about half of Gabriel's Telesma, Shiage and Rikou came across him while they are trying to stop the biological attack from Russian Military, and Shiage asked Rikou to heal Acqua as they took out some bandages. Acqua asked them to stop, as on the battlefield resources are limited and those can be better used by saving someone else, to which Shiage just told him to shut up. Acqua continued saying he achieved what he came to do, and they should just leave. Shiage then replied in a pained voice, "What about the ones waiting for you to come back?", and Acqua froze up. Shiage continued saying Acqua has saved so many people, just like when he came to save that village and him, there's no way he'll be alone as those people follow in his footsteps; so what about everyone he'll leave behind? Shiage's words are like nails pinning Acqua down, preventing Acqua from sliding off into oblivion. Acqua flashes back to many people, the [[Knight Leader]], the ones he saved, and most importantly—3rd Princess [[Villian]]. Shiage grabbed Acqua by his collar and yelled at him to stand up. Blood spurted out as Acqua tried; he may have lost all his abilities as a [[Saint]] and one of the [[God's Right Seat]], but even now as a "Ordinary Human" he clenched his teeth to stand back up.
Academy City forces wiped out the troops planning a biological attack, but Shiage and Rikou got caught up in the blast and Shiage fainted. When Shiage finally woke up Mugino Shizuri is right behind him and he narrowly avoided an eye-beam by her.
Mugino engages in fight against him and uses Body Crystal, but the effect is too much to handle and she ends losing the fight. Then, Shiage as he see a powerless and trembling Mugino on the ground, decides that even if he choose to save his loved one, Rikou, that doesn't mean that he can't forgive Mugino and try to save her too. As he always regretted fighting with Mugino all that times and as he released what’s from the bottom of his heart Hamazura Shiage finally saw the image of their ‘true enemy’. It’s not monsters like Mugino. It’s people that can turn a normal girl into such a monster. He doesn’t want to spout lines like it’s due to the failure of society or circumstances. Just like Mugino’s disaster is something that can never exist in nature, she was that kind of nightmarish existence.
Shiage reprimands her, “So, you have to have the resolve to apologize to Kinuhata, even if it might means putting your life on the line. And say sorry to Takitsubou, and cry for forgiveness in front of Frenda’s grave. Then…” Shiage finally got the words he wanted to say out, “Then, we can go back to being ITEM. We can definitely go back!” After that, he swore that he, a Level 0, will protect all of them even if he has to risk his life.
After their talk, Academy City’s bomber planes drop three units to silence them. They are attacked by soldiers [[Equ.DarkMatter]]. Mugino, Shiage and Rikou defeat them. The group take down [[ITEM liaison|ITEM's liaison]] on the Board of directors and began to interrogate her to spilling all she knows about Academy City's 'potential ratings', known as [[Parameter List]].<ref name=MajutsuNovel22>[[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 22]] Epilogue</ref>
===Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index===
===Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index===
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====Freshmen Arc====
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Shiage is out watching a movie with Rikou, a movie recommended by Kinuhata, and they were clearly not enjoying it. The movie scene is actually based off of another series by [[Kazuma Kamachi]], called [[Heavy Object]].
Later, he is forced to split from the rest of ITEM due to an attack by several delinquents. He meets with Hanzou and discusses his plans for the future with Rikou with him. Hanzou cryptically comments that he has a job, but that such a job would conflict with Shiage's plans for the future and then leaves. He then meets [[Kuruwa]] and speaks with her for a bit, learning that the job that Hanzou has taken is to protect [[Fremea Seivelun]]. Shiage, realizing that Fremea is [[Frenda|Frenda's]] sister, decides to help out Hanzou, while also keeping the rest of ITEM from getting involved, as he does not want to drag them back into Academy City's Dark Side.
Hamazura tracks Hanzou to an underground mall where Hanzou is protecting Fremea from an attacking Power Suit. Shiage defeats the Power Suit and manages to escape with both Hanzou and Fremea and hides out in a private salon that ITEM uses. However, their mysterious attackers are able to determine their locations and attack the building with a massive number of [[Edge Bees]] while Hanzou is out searching for Kuruwa. Shiage once again manages to escape, but is separated from Fremea in the chaos. He manages to destroy many of the Edge Bees, and fights [[Kuroyoru Umidori]]. However, Umidori is forced to retreat before killing Shiage when she finds out about how [[Accelerator]] is rapidly advancing on her position.
Shiage manages to fight his way out of the building, and sees Fremea. However, right afterwards she is attacked by a power suit piloted by [[Silvercross Alpha|Silvercross]], while Umidori hurls a car at her. However, Fremea is saved from the car by Accelerator, who was nearby when attacked. Despite Accelerator's intervention though, she is still captured by the Powered Suit, [[Highway Cheetah]].
Shiage asks Accelerator to help him get back Fremea, and after a somewhat rocky introduction, Accelerator agrees. Accelerator, having figured out what the mysterious attackers' purpose was, reveals that Fremea herself had no value on her own. What the attackers (A group calling themselves "Freshmen") wanted was to bring both Accelerator and Shiage together and make them work together. It is explained that though Accelerator and Shiage were both extremely dangerous on their own, they were not dangerous enough to require to be removed. However, now that they are working together, they are dangerous enough that the Board of Directors would be forced to remove them.
After his pursuit vehicle was disabled he was given the "Dragon Rider" power armor and motorcycle to chase after Fremea. He eventually saves her, but loses the motorbike in the process, and defeats Silvercross. Near the end of the volume, he and Hanzou stop an armored suit invasion and Hijacks the [[FIVE_Over]] to render Umidori harmless, though she managed to get one final attack that was blocked by Kamijou Touma, who arrived at the last moment.
====Homecoming Arc====
{{Main|Homecoming Arc}}
After [[Leivinia Birdway]] decided to move the conversation to [[Kamijou Residence|Touma's house]], he noticed Touma being slightly depressed and suggested alcohol to raise his spirits. Touma is separated temporarily from them and they manage to catch up to him at his dormitory. Shiage decides to call Touma "sensei," after seeing him be associated with and followed by many different girls despite being heavily intoxicated. <ref name=NT2volumec1p4>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 02]] Chapter 1 Part 4</ref>
During the intro to magic, Shiage thought he might be able to protect ITEM and Fremea better when learning magic might be possible but was told by Touma that since Academy City had altered and change his brain he wouldn't be able to use magic. Shiage zones out of the conversation since he learned he couldn't use magic and had attention problems; this results in Leivinia slapping him. <ref name=NT2volumec1p8>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 02]] Chapter 1 Part 8</ref>
About further in the conversation, members of ITEM show up continuing on the "Hunt for Hamazura" game. Takitsubo Rikou is the first in locating for Shiage because of his closeness with Frenda, this results in a humorously dark side revealed to Shiage terror. Mugino Shizuri and Saiai show up to conclude the race with Mugino kicking him in the face, Kinuhata Saiai being second and Rikou being last as you had to apparently touch Shiage to not be the loser. <ref name=NT2volumec3p7>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 02]] Chapter 3 Part 7</ref>
When [[GREMLIN]] begin their attack Shiage tells Touma that he will him as everyone in Academy City owes him a lot, he leaves the dorm to help prevent [[Radiosonde Castle]] from dropping onto the City. Later he help Touma get to the magical tracking device by stealing construction equipment. <ref name=NT2volumec4p9>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 02]] Chapter 4 Part 9</ref>
====Hawaii Invasion Arc====
{{Main|Hawaii Invasion Arc}}
====Ichihanaran Festival Arc====
{{Main|Ichihanaran Festival Arc}}
=====Eve of the Festival=====
Hamazura Shiage conspires with [[Kinuhata Saiai]] in order to have her accompany [[Kuroyoru Umidori]] to the [[Hero's Cave]], a dentist clinic in School District 7, after noticing that she has been avoiding chewing with her back teeth. He installs gum into the ports where her nitrogen lances are fired out of, knowing that she would resist.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel5Chap2Pt4>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 05]] Chapter 2 Part 4</ref>
Shiage first appears with Rikou in the lobby of the aforementioned dentist clinic, waiting for Fremea Seivelun to finish. As Fremea screams, Shiage casually talking to Rikou about jobs that pay people to make children cry.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel5Chap1Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 05]] Chapter 1 Part 2</ref> Later, with Rikou, they accompany Fremea back to their dorm before going home. While Rikou tells him that they need money for some detergent, Shiage laments on how there is no sex appeal to her attitude. His lamentations ends when Rikou finally says that Fremea is gone, much to his irritation.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel5Chap2Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 05]] Chapter 2 Part 2</ref> He and Rikou later spend the night trying to find Fremea after learning that she has not returned to her dorm in [[School District 13]].<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel5Chap2Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 05]] Epilogue</ref>
=====During the Festival=====
Shiage plays a minor role in the latter half of the arc, but does a crucial part in its resolution.
Shiage first appears alongside Rikou, spending their entire night searching for Fremea, whom they found in a bench in School District 7, unharmed. While carrying the sleeping Fremea in a back alley, they come upon Fräulein Kreutune, who has now acquired the function of wanting to eat Last Order's brain. Believing her to be a drunk, they pay no mind to her. She mistakes Fremea for Last Order, and tries to lunge at her, but quickly realizes it isn't her and runs away. Fräulein's actions frightens Hamazura because he feels that he was just in a cage with a wild beast.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap5Pt1>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06]] Chapter 5 Part 3</ref>
Fremea wakes up in Shiage's back, and complains about "him" getting lost. Since there are loose animals, the trains have been stopped, and the buses have been reduced, as such, they have are stuck in School District 7. Fremea then says that she is hungry, to which Shiage and Rikou take her out. For much of her meal, Fremea manages to annoy both Shiage and Rikou, the former trying to stay the latter's hand. After getting tired, Fremea forced her way towards Shiage's back, forcing him to carry her, annoying them both. Up there, she finds Last Order accompanied by [[Accelerator]] and [[Yoshikawa Kikyou]].<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap5Pt8>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06]] Chapter 5 Part 8</ref>
Their reunion is cut short as chaos ensues, when Fräulein tries to lunge herself towards Last Order. Fremea, who is still clinging on Shiage's back is thrown down, after Fräulein mows tackles Shiage down to get to Last Order. Fremea and Last Order bear witness to Accelerator attacking her and her invulnerability. As [[Kakine Teitoku]] attacks with his [[White Beetle|Rhinoceros Beetles]], Accelerator sends them down the subway tunnel in order for them to escape as he tries to engage in battle with Kakine.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap5Pt13>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06]] Chapter 5 Part 13</ref> Yoshikawa Kikyou then gathers attention towards her, and states that Accelerator has bought them time and that whatever issues they might have they need to escape. Shiage agrees, stating just being in the same same place as them could get them smashed into pieces, but adds on how it would be dangerous to support him without a plan. Kikyou asks if he would support if he did have a plan, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Kikyou asks if he would support if he did have a plan, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Just then, the White Beetles come before them. But their attack never comes, [[Beetle 05|a beetle malfunctions]] in trying to check the order of ''"Destroying any and all elements that obstruct our mission,"'' due to the presence of Takitsubo Rikou and her AIM Stalker.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt12>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 7 Part 12</ref> As he rechecks his orders, he asks his fellow Beetles to assist him. Here, they list down what they think their mission objective is: ''"to defeat Fräulein Kreutune and eliminate the objective behind her actions, eliminate anyone who would obstruct the battle between Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, secure the battlefield, eliminate the recent continuing threat to the City by defeating all dangerous elements,"'' and finally, ''"to protect the residents of the City from all anticipated dangerous elements."'' However, they then shortly fire at each other, concluding that they, as well as Kakine Teitoku, are "also" dangerous elements in the City.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap5Pt14>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 5 Part 14</ref> Beetle 05 is then felled, and near Shiage and the others, asking what he was doing, to which Shiage replies not to ask him. It tried to target Last Order again, but the malfunction has taken hold, and determined that Last Order and the rest of them are not a threat. Beetle 05 tells them that he will save them in order to protect this order list from a fatal contradiction. Getting back up, Beetle 05 eyes' turn from green to red, indicating that he has indeed been lost from the will of the original. Perhaps, this is due to his close proximity to Rikou, at that moment. Moreover, a form of direction had appeared within Beetle 05.<ref name=NT6Chap5Pt17>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 5 Part 17</ref>
Underground in the subway tunnel, the group flees, whilst Beetle 05 holds the other beetles off as long as his strength could bear it. The beetles concentrated their fire on Last Order, for they determined that she was the quickest method in robbing the reason for Fräulein's actions. When they came upon a locked door and Beetle 05 opened it for them, telling them to go as he fires another shell upon the ceiling, collapsing it upon the other beetles. And when all of them have escaped into another hall, they discovered that the door was too small. However, Beetle 05 paid no attention to this for he did not intend to beat the other beetles in the first place. Beetle 05 slammed into the door, shutting the egress from the other beetles with his body. Shiage questions his judgment, to which Beetle 05 states that it his plan, and that since he has left Kakine Teitoku's control, he can no longer renew his Dark Matter, and will break apart. He tells them that the only way to escape from the enemies that can regenerate infinitely is to block their path. But Shiage would not stand for it and demands for him to come as well, but Beetle 05 will not yield. And Shiage could only feel helpless, as Beetle 05 acts as a wall against the other beetles for them. He is later forced by Yoshikawa Kikyou and Takitsubo Rikou to leave. However, the group finds out later that they have lost the children.<ref name=NT6Chap6Pt3>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 6 Part 3</ref>
[[File:NT_Index_v06_163.png|thumb|180px|right|Mugino angry after Shiage loses Fremea.]]
Outside, Kikyou tries to contact Last Order, but she wouldn't answer, and is relieved that she did not, as it eliminates a means for her pursuers to track her location. Shiage asks what had happened, to which Kikyou says that it is most likely that there is someone protecting them from the beetles, to which Shiage assumes as the irregular beetle. As they try to figure out how to find them, Kikyou asks what they should do even if they did, as the beetles are ever close in their pursuit, citing their firepower and armor as a deterrence to their actions. As Kikyou, Shiage, and Rikou brainstorm on how to get pass their armor, Mugino and Saiai appears before them. Saia explains how they got here, to which Shiage explains to them the situation in "30 seconds." Mugino was polite in the beginning but became displeased as Shiage's story went on, and had grabbed Shiage by the collar. She is angry towards Shiage for having no idea where Fremea is, and allowing her to leave with a probably dangerous out-of-control weapon (Beetle 05), and the fact that he has no idea why she was being attack or who was behind all of it. Rikou and Saiai frantically try to stop Mugino from making Shiage worse off in her anger, but later tosses Shiage aside near a tree. Mugino tells that him believing that he will be defeated once he is spotted from whether he's 4 kilometers or 1mm away, as well as his plan on opposing the beetles as nonsensical. She is further enraged after he asks where they could find a means of attacking from kilometers away that can break through the beetles' armor. She tells that they all need firepower that can take out the likes of those beetles 5 kilometers away, and states that it is easier than spinning a pen in her fingers. Shiage still doesn't understand, to which Mugino asks if he thinks the 4th Level 5 is cheaper and harder to use than a rocket launcher, as Mugino as she continues to step on Shiage as punishment.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap6Pt7>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu Novel Volume 06 Chapter 6 Part 7</ref>
Mugino then asks Shiage, and asks what had happened to the security buzzer that Shiage gave to Fremea. Shiage's actions seem to indicate he forgot, and as Mugino prepares to deal out punishment, he takes out the GPS tracker to find the security buzzer, ending up next to the multi-level overpass. There, they find [[Fräulein Kreutune]], and was about to witness the battles that was about to occur for her sake. Then, [[Cendrillon]] comes up to them, who rudely tells Mugino to point her to their apartment again, angering her. Cendrillon ignored their reactions and tells them that she has left some of her ingredients in back in the apartment, and that she needs them in order to resolve a large problem in the city. Mugino is annoyed and not wanting to deal with the situation took Shiage and told Cendrillon that he will show him the way to the apartment. Then, with all this commotion, Yoshikawa Kikyou tells them that the girls are together and are with a large rhinoceros beetle, though she says that they are safe for the moment. Mugino, unused to having information being given without compensation in return, is surprised with Kikyou's actions, which she points out. She tells them that Kakine Teitoku is trying to kill them, and asks for their help. Mugino says she doesn't care as long as she gets Fremea away from Last Order, but Kikyou notes on what Fremea would feel if that were to happen.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt18>Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu Novel Volume 06 Chapter 7 Part 18</ref>
Shiage tries to diffuse the situation, saying that if Fremea's friend is about to be killed, there's nothing wrong with fighting to save her. With that, despite in her displeasure, concedes, and asks where Kakine is, to which Kikyou states that they are in the underground passageways of the multi-level overpass, noting on the behavior of Level 5s fighting. She also states that she also has to deal with Last Order being eaten. Cendrillon then speaks up on how she will be needed to keep the girl from being eaten, surprising Mugino. Cendrillon states that to protect Fremea's friend, they also must protect Fräulein, as is the will of Kamijou Touma. After Mugino translated her words, Shiage recalls the softhearted mood that pulled others together in Hawaii after hearing Touma's name. They then ask Cendrillon on how they could stop Fräulein Kreutune, to which Cendrillon says that Fräulein Kreutune will eat a specific person's brain, and that she left the materials needed to use against her back in the apartment. With that, they all went their separate ways in order to protect Fremea's friends, with Mugino going to the multilevel overpass.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt18 />
Shiage and Rikou leads Cendrillon back to their apartment, as Kikyou tags along. There, Shiage overhears Kinuhata Saiai complain to herself about doing all the work, even though she handed off the dark side investigation to Mugino, she is missing the Ichihanaransai. She leaps up after being heard by Shiage as she relieved herself by shouting, and beats him up with a wrestling move. As Cendrillon prepares the ingredients left alone, Kikyou asks if this is truly how they could make a human body, doubting the ingredients before them. Still lying on the ground, Shiage asks what they need to do. Kikyou translates Cendrillon's words, stating that they need only to follow instruction using the specified amounts, knead together the excess brain material into a paste that has a similar structure to Last Order's brain. Kikyou states that she knows her brain structure, then sends out the plans to those involved, except Accelerator, who's mobile phone could not reach the message him at the moment.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt18 />
Shiage asks if this is really Touma's instructions, to which Cendrillon replies that she doesn't know, and that tells that it may be a problem if the replica is too perfect, as such, they should create another replica that is made out of candy, and feed [[Fräulein Kreutune]] with it instead.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt18 />
Shiage takes the replica in a clear bag, and heads out for the multi-level overpass. He is asked by Rikou if the plan would really work, to which he replies that he has no idea, though it does make a bit of sense. He the comments on being stuck behind the scenes, but tells that even if he doesn't like his role, he shouldn't slack off.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel6Chap7Pt18 />
It is presumed that Shiage was the one who gave the brain to Fräulein, and later witnesses her embrace with Last Order and Fremea, as well as her change of form. He most likely took Fremea back to School District 13 afterwards.
====Agitate Halation Arc====
{{Main|Agitate Halation Arc}}
Shiage appears in School District 13 on a stake out near Fremea Seivelun's dormitory with Kinuhata Saiai to watch out for attacks from the remnants of Freshmen. Throughout the day Shiage has as a strange sense of foreboding but paid no heed to it. Seemingly to relieve this feeling, he notes to Saiai that they are becoming complacent, though Saiai states that an attack from them is unlikely after they have defeated Kuroyoru and Silvercross. Shiage states that she isn't taking their mission seriously, to which Saiai points out that Shiage himself as a hypocrite for always is trying to partner up with Rikou. Tired, Saiai asks if they could end their routine as Fremea has the Rhinoceros Beetle as her guardian, attached on her backpack. Just then, right on schedule, Fremea's dormitory turns off its lights for the night. However, they then discover that Fremea turned her lights back on. Saiai tries to call her as she is still awake, but she doesn't answer. Suddenly, the alarm for the emergency exit in the dorm is activated, which confuses Shiage as [[Kakine Teitoku (Beetle 05)|Beetle 05]] could've easily taken care of any enemy. Saiai however, doesn't care about the details and urges Shiage to quickly investigate what's happening.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Chapter 3 Part 2</ref>
As part of their investigation, they simply asked the dorm supervisor of what had transpired, and stated that there was no fire nor robber. In other words, they had learned nothing. Shiage and Saiai later hear the sound of explosions as the result of Kuroyoru Umidori's battle with Rensa, who has initiated another phase of her and [[Yakumi Hisako|Yakumi Hisako's]] [[Agitate Halation Project|plan]]. Fearing that Fremea is involved, they rush towards the sight of the blast. The both of them suspect the Freshmen, though they are open to any possibility. Suddenly, an exhausted Yakumi Hisako arrives, telling them to stop, though she realizes that they would be the easiest hero to draw using Fremea Seivelun (relating to the Agitate Halation). This confuses Shiage, but Hisako too realizes that words have no meaning to "heroes", and decides to try a more convincing reason for them to give up.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt5>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Chapter 3 Part 5</ref>
Then, sounds of chaos erupts of all around them. Saiai warns Shiage that they are surrounded, and there they see innumerable cockroaches surrounding them, all under the control of Yakumi Hisako. The two are already disgusted enough but Hisako reveals that she has modified their brains to make them eat anything and everything, even people.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt5 /> The man-eating cockroaches slowly approached them. As Saiai has the Offense Armor, she is protected from the roaches, and suggests Shiage split up with her. Shiage hesitates but Hisako cuts into their conversation, warning them that it is a dangerous gamble as though they may not be able to eat a wall of nitrogen created by her Offense Armor, she may not able to create the wall in the first place. Saiai points out that the conditions are similar to Hisako, as she too has something that protects her and sends orders to them. Shiage tries to stop Saiai from advancing, but Saiai points out that Hisako may have the ability to attack multiple places and that they can't leave Fremea unprotected. Hisako however taunts them of even believing that they can get away, but Saiai is unperturbed. Still confident, Hisako explains the reason she chose roaches is because the disgusting image they sow, causing more mental exhaustion than other insects like termites, and affecting her Personal Reality which controls Saiai's powers. The explanation alone was almost enough to overwhelm Shiage, but Saiai ignores it and tells him to run. Shiage still hesitates, but Saiai asks him if he is willing to let Fremea see the grotesque things that came from the dark side of Academy City. She reiterates that being the one that Fremea trusts is and is attached to the most, he has the obligation to live up to the trust, and that means not allowing her to see the things that the both of them have seen. With a nod, Shiage runs away from the battle, apologizing to Saiai, though she answers that she never even thought he could be any help.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt8>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Chapter 3 Part 8</ref>
Angry at his own powerlessness, Shiage shouts as he runs away from Saiai and Hisako. After staggering a few times, he comes upon something that crashed from the roofs. It is an injured Umidori, and as Shiage tries to go towards her, Rensa appears before him. She refers to Shiage as a low level problem, and that it would be difficult to convince him that Umidori is her enemy. She concludes that Shiage is expendable to the experiment, and prepares to attack him. Umidori, unable to speak, hastily writes down that Rensa is a cyborg, a more advanced one. Suddenly, Rensa's back opens up and a large mechanical flower opens up from it, performs some sort of calculation, and then folds back within her again. She then fires a nitrogen spear, and Shiage immediately concludes that she can copy esper powers, and that she can construct output points similar to Umidori using her mechanical arms. However, that is not the only thing she can do, as she boasts that she can freely switch through all Level 5's powers other than the [[Sogiita Gunha|7th ranked]], and any esper within 200 meters. Rensa relates on how she will kill him to fix the error and then continue as planned to have Umidori framed for killing Fremea. After some pondering, Shiage is still confused on why the assassins would go out of their way to try to kill Fremea in such a massive scale and frame it on Umidori. Moreover, he ponders on why she hasn't killed the both of them yet, and concludes that Rensa wants them to run away in order for them to draw out Fremea for her. Seeing the cyborg, Shiage assumes that Rensa has to hold back in order for her not to accidentally kill them. Whispering to Umidori, Shiage says that he will charge at Rensa, making her falter and block her vision. Shiage tells Umidori that she needs to stab a spear from behind him, even if she needs to stab it through his body so long it won't kill him. Shiage's plan is under the assumption that she will not use Accelerator's redirection for them to stay alive and escape.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt8 />
[[File:NT_Index_v07_274.png|thumb|180px|left|Shiage falls after being pierced by Rensa's Dark Matter while Umidori can only look on with despair.]]
With that, Shiage begins charging towards her. However, though Umidori is impressed by Shiage's bravery, she realizes the absurdity of the plan working under their circumstances, and has come to conclude that Shiage will be abandoning her in order for them to destroy each other. Wanting none of that, she determines that she will kill Rensa but not for Shiage. She does nothing as Shiage charges towards Rensa who prepares to use her arsenal of powers. By the time she realized the truth, it was too late. Shiage is struck down by hundreds of wings of Dark Matter, though not killing him as Rensa has intended. There, Umidori screams due to her feelings. Seeing as Shiage is injured, he cannot lead Rensa to Fremea, therefore, she concludes that she will kill him and use another acquaintance to find Fremea Seivelun instead. While on the ground, Shiage apologizes for not working harder in gaining her trust, making Umidori feel guilty. As Rensa prepares for the killing blow, Shiage tells Umidori to abandon him, as Rensa needs her alive to frame her for Fremea's killing. He suggests asking help from ITEM before Rensa get the chance to use them to find Fremea. But Umidori can only drown in her own guilt, blaming herself for the doom Shiage will have to pay in her stead. Suddenly, Kamijou Touma finally arrives and prevents her from killing him.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt9>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Chapter 3 Part 9</ref>
Both Shiage and Umidori are on the ground during Touma's domination of Rensa and her eventual defeat after trying to copy the Imagine Breaker. Touma approaches the two of them to check on their condition. Shiage states that he is not going to die right away, but tells him that he'll be a burden. He says that he and Umidori will hide, and Kinuhata can take care of herself. However, he states that the real problem would be Fremea. Shiage hands his phone to Touma, where he can follow the GPS signal of Fremea's security buzzer with it. Touma understands, but tells Shiage that it isn't him that Fremea is waiting for, just the replacement. Touma tells Shiage not to die while leaving him with her. And Shiage agrees with a handshake.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Chap3Pt11>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Chapter 3 Part 11</ref> Shiage later takes Umidori to a [[Heaven Canceller's Hospital|certain hospital]] to get treated.
After we the events of the arc, Shiage meets the wheelchair-bound Umidori, as well as Kamijou Touma, all three bandaged. Touma asks for Shiage and Umidori's condition as they were the worst off. Shiage states that he will not be long there, but Umidori's stay will take a while. Umidori states that it is not a problem, and shows off the movements of her arms, which is still somewhat awkward. Touma's gaze falls upon Umidori, and in a strangely odd voice, says that she will kill him if he says anything unnecessary. Shiage then asks how much Touma found out. There, Touma states that Rensa was completely destroyed, as such she won't come back to enact her revenge. Touma then says with a heavy heart that maybe the reason she was destroyed was because she lost control and not because of the Imagine Breaker. A silence pass by as Touma ponders on Rensa's fate and her sacrifice to save Hisako. Touma then tells of the involvement of Yakumi Hisako in the Agitate Halation Project and Fremea being in the center, but that is alone the limit of his knowledge and references the dangerous things that were found in the hospital Hisako works in. Umidori then asks if he is satisfied with that conclusion, stating that the truth will never come to light, as the truly dangerous things are still hidden within. Shiage asks if there are still people out there who will use Agitate Halation. Umidori says that it doesn't have to be anyone directly related to the project. Shiage then falls silent after hearing Umidori's words. Touma replies that he knows what the stakes are, and it is the reason why he retrieved all 40 hypothalami that is used for Rensa, impressing Shiage as Touma did not go straight to the hospital. Here, they saw the grim reminder that not everyone can be saved. Seeing them, Umidori asks if what Touma intends to with them. Touma replies that he will have them put into cold storage until the time technology has advanced enough to find a way for them to be truly saved. As Touma leaves, Shiage calls back to him, asking what he is going to do now. Touma replies that he will do the same thing as always: ''"No matter how many times I reach game over and no matter how many times I must pathetically hit continue, I will not stop moving forward."''<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel7Epilogue>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07]] Epilogue</ref>
====Magic God Othinus Arc====
{{main|Magic God Othinus Arc}}
In the final recreation of the world by [[Othinus]] created specifically to break [[Kamijou Touma|Touma's]] spirit, known as the [[Omega World|''Version_Omega'']] world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Ritoku survives and has somehow become part of ITEM as a subordinate. Hamazura Shiage, Hattori Hanzou, Komaba Ritoku, and Fremea Seivelun are first sighted by Kamijou Touma entering a family restaurant where ITEM is in, apparently late. Here, Saiai asks why they are late and why their efficiency is dropping as they gained more subordinates. Shiage blames Hanzou for the shortcut they took, but Hanzou says it is because Ritoku could not leave a vending machine with a roulette alone. Frenda, who is alive in this reality, wonders how Fremea could be so attached to a macho man like him.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel9Chap7Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 09]] Chapter 7 Part 2</ref>
====St. Germain Arc====
{{Main|St. Germain Arc}}
Shiage does odd jobs with the help of Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, wanting to make money for him and ITEM without resorting to thievery. After testing a mass production version of the [[Dragon Rider]] with [[Aneri]] the driver-assistance AI, Stephanie arrives and offers him a job in transporting cargo to [[TV Orbit]] in the [[Dianoid]], where ITEM is waiting for him as well, using [[Power Lifter]]s.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap1Pt4>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 1 Part 4</ref>
After arriving there, the two prepare to use their Power Lifters to transport a large die-like container to TV Orbit, which is found in the mid-level of the Dianoid. Despite learning how to use the Power Lifter recently, Shiage is able to use it well. As they begin transporting the container, Shiage notices [[Kanou Shinka]] slip into the cargo bay. He threatens him that he is the 6th-ranked Level 5 [[Aihana Etsu]], though Stephanie scares him away.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap1Pt8>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 1 Part 8</ref> After [[St. Germain]] seals the Dianoid, preventing people from escaping and entering the building, the elevator that Shiage and Stephanie are in with their Power Lifters. As Stephanie is unable to communicate with TV Orbit on what they should do next, Stephanie decides that they must continue with their delivery even if the elevator has broken down. They escape into the elevator shaft while carrying the large container with the legs of their Power Lifter.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap2Pt1>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 2 Part 1</ref>
They later break out of the elevator shaft and arrive at their destination. They later deliver the container to TV Orbit, and from there ask what has happened. The two discover that the Dianoid has been sealed preventing anyone from leaving. The woman from TV Orbit asks them if they could use their Power Lifters to break open the emergency stairs as they have done with the elevator doors. Stephanie makes an attempt but fails due to the carbon nature of the Dianoid. Stephanie believes that they should wait for Anti-Skill to come and burn their way into Dianoid, but Shiage is adamant that there is someone behind the sealing of the Dianoid and that waiting is the wrong choice. Seeing it now as part of their job, the two later go down back into the elevator shaft and try to find the source of the sealing of the Dianoid and end it. Stephanie later pushes Shiage in order to give him the opportunity to solve what was happening.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap2Pt5>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 2 Part 5</ref> Shiage himself encounters St. Germain, at which point Aneri suggests to Shiage that they should hide. Here, Shiage fears for the worst with ITEM encountering the man, and opts to take him right then and there.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap2Pt9>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 2 Part 9</ref> His plans fall apart as Kamijou Touma falls down upon him. After finding their bearings, Touma, whom has met St. Germain earlier and claimed to be a Magic God, pleads to Shiage to wait until they find a way to deal with a Magic God. Shiage doesn't care about Touma's explanations, oblivious of the true power of a magic god, wanting to see to it that ITEM is safe. Seeing as Touma will not allow him to fight St. Germain, the two begin fighting.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap2Pt11>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 2 Part 11</ref>
Despite the massive advantage that Shiage has with his Power Lifter, Touma manages to force the fight on his terms, pulling Shiage out of the Power Lifter. Touma has the upper hand until Shiage surprises Touma and hits him in the thigh. Shiage later knocks him out, beating the hero World War III and the one who solved the GREMLIN crisis.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap2Pt12>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 2 Part 12</ref> While running about trying to find ITEM, Touma runs to him again as they are attacked by St. Germain's Chambord spears that goes through the bodies of people. Shiage believes that he has settled things with Touma, to which Touma replies that he did but says that the St. Germains will not listen to them. As they are enclosed by St. Germains and their spears, Touma tells Shiage to flee and go to his girlfriend as he will handle the St. Germains himself. Guilt-ridden Shiage takes Touma and flees, surprising him. As they flee, they are saved from being skewered by the Chambord spears by the timely arrival of Stephanie.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt5>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 3 Part 5</ref>
Hiding in a theater's third story seats, Shiage sees a beam of light pierce nearby, showing to Shiage that at least Mugino is fine. Touma then discusses his plans on saving Shinka, whom referred to himself as Aihana Etsu to Touma. He then discusses the inconsistencies in St. Germain's actions surrounding him, the sealing of the Dianoid, and St. Germain's obsession with Shinka. This leads to Touma to conclude that St. Germain wants Shinka to do something for them. Touma then tells Shiage that Shinka wanted him to search for the "last vestiges" of Frenda in his place. Hearing this, Shiage confirms to Touma that he knows who Frenda is. Touma tells him that the secrets of Frenda may be the key to breaking Shinka free from St. Germain and that they need to search the upper level for clues about her. Hearing this, Shiage agrees and teams up with Touma.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt7>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 3 Part 7</ref> After climbing up an elevetor shaft, the two arrive at the upper level, and with the help of Aneri, manage to find Frenda's room.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt9>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 3 Part 9</ref> After entering the room, instead of finding bombs as one would expect from Frenda,<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt11>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 3 Part 11</ref> they instead find birthday presents for every one of her acquaintances, even Shinka. There, Shiage realizes that the strange duality of Frenda's personality. Shiage sees a recording of Frenda dancing for Mugino and vows that he will never let Mugino see it.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt13>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Chapter 3 Part 13</ref>
Despite all this, Touma finds that nothing here would help Shinka solve how Frenda disappeared. Just then, they see security footage of Shinka and the St. Germains in the basement of the Dianoid, and finds out that Shinka is blaming Touma, who is known for saving people whenever he is present, for not saving Frenda. Hearing this, Shiage is disgusted by the fact that Touma is getting blamed for something that he has never been involved in, and is shocked on how accepting Touma is of the blame. Touma understands that Shinka isn't thinking rationally as he is being manipulated by St. Germain, but is willing to have Shinka take his anger out on him. Shiage tells Touma that the fact that other people using Touma's presence in the incident that killed Frenda and others as if his existence determines who lives, spits on all those who tried to survive. Touma agrees that the world doesn't revolve around him and that he is only fighting for his own desires. In the end, Touma decides to save Shinka despite wanting to kill him, which Touma says is because of his own selfish desires. Hearing this and seeing Touma act, just makes Shiage think that Touma truly is a legitimate hero. Touma is willing to have Shinka fulfill his vengeance on him. He instructs Shiage to save Shinka with his Power Lifter after Shinka loses his reason to fight.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt13 />
Just then, they are alerted that the Dianoid's graviton-style artificial gravity control device is being tampered with by St. Germain and is likely being turned into a gravity bomb. Shiage wants to prioritize the bomb, but Touma is adamant in saving Shinka. The conversation shifts to St. Germain's inconsistent schemes, with Touma telling Shiage that the St. Germains are not after Shinka or the gravity bomb but something else entirely. Shiage is completely out of the loop as Touma speculates about the structure of St. Germain and explains it in layman's terms. Returning to rescuing Shinka, Touma still wants to go through with his plans, to which Shiage, having enough of it all, knocks Touma off his feet. Here, Shiage tells Touma to stay back as he will be the one to take Shinka's revenge in his place, not wanting Touma to die for the sake of Shinka's life. Before trapping Touma in Frenda's room, Shiage confesses to Touma that Shinka should have a better reason to have revenge on him because he wasn't there to save Frenda back then. Shiage later leaves for the lower level through the elevator shaft again.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt13 />
Shiage later arrives and tells him that hat he was the one who let Frenda die and that it makes no sense for him to attack Touma as he is a much more suitable candidate for revenge for Frenda. St. Germain tries to intervene but Shinka stops them. Shiage urges Shinka to fight him and he relents, despite the fact that he knows that he is only hurting himself by doing his revenge. Little did they know that Touma has arrived, sneaking into the basement. Not wanting to let Shinka fall into vengeance, he tosses the gift that Frenda prepared for Shinka prior to her death next to him. St. Germain tries to intervene but Shinka stops them. Here, Shinka sees that it was a voice message from Frenda for his birthday. The message has Frenda admire him for being a crybaby, and that she respects him for it as it prevents him doing awful things. There, Shinka is finally lifted from his despair. He casts aside the shield, the name of Aihanu Etsu, and calls himself Kanou Shinka again. He tells St. Germain that he will not accept him. Realizing that their ruse has been found out, destroys Frenda's present, though Shinka remains steadfast. With that, Kamijou Touma and Hamazura Shiage decides to aid him against St. Germain at the same time as their respective group of friends arrive in the basement.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Chap3Pt13 />
Much of the battle has Shiage, along with Touma, protect Shinka from the attacks of the St. Germains and their plant matter creatures. It is also thanks to Shiage and Aneri that they are able to detect the release of carbon monoxide by the St. Germain's plant matter creatures and has Mugino use her Meltdowner to burn the air to prevent their suffocation. He also calls out Mugino in nearly hitting Shinka with her Meltdowner and references her involvement in the events that lead to Shinka siding with St. Germain in the first place (her killing of Frenda). Finally, with all their combined efforts in delaying the St. Germains, Index and Othinus are able to create a countermeasure against the framework that makes up the St. Germains and is finished off with a punch on one of them by Shinka.
After the defeat of St. Germain, everyone leaves Shiage to deal with the graviton-style base isolation structure, much to his chagrin. Only Rikou remains by Shiage's side. She tries to get close to Shiage but is prevented by Aneri, the AI of Shiage's Power Lifter, making Rikou jealous.<ref name=NTMajutsuNovel12Epilogue>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 12]] Epilogue</ref>
====Magic God Invasion Arc====
{{Main|Magic God Invasion Arc}}
Shiage participates in the [[Anti-Crime Orientation]], roleplaying as a hostage. He, however, is mistaken by Fremea, who is roleplaying a police, as a criminal, much to his chagrin.
Shiage tries to change the subject toward [[Arrowhead Comet]], but she refuses to listen. As they try to cross the road, Shiage gets a message from Aneri. Although the message was just gibberish, the message stopped Shiage in his tracks, preventing them from getting run over by [[High Priest|High Priest's]] destructive chase with Touma.<ref name=ShinyakuV13Ch2Pt5>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 13]] Chapter 2 Part 5</ref>
====Salome Arc====
{{Main|Salome Arc}}
On December 4th, Shiage accompanied Rikou to a bank so she could sever ties with the old ITEM bank account. While waiting for her, he was approached by [[Salome]] who was targeting members of the Kamijou Faction. Salome attempted to provoke Shiage, taunting over his position as an errand boy for ITEM, however Shiage didn't respond in the way she had hoped. After Salome decided she wouldn't gain anything from attacking him, Shiage watched as she set her sights on the vault as the guards moved in before using her [[External Offering]] to attack, causing the building to tilt diagonally.<ref name=ShinyakuV15Ch2Pt2>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 15]] Chapter 2 Part 2</ref>
====Element Arc====
{{Main|Element Arc}}
Around the start of the abnormal December heat wave, Shiage went out for an early morning jog but was soon brought to a halt by the heat. He then ran into an old man who he often met during early morning jogs, who was prevented from walking his dog. The two briefly discussed the abnormal heat and how they hadn't heard anything about it in the media. After Shiage suggested the underground tunnels as an alternative to the hot asphalt for the old man's dog walk, their attention was drawn to a commotion nearby and saw a group of office workers running up the underground stairs, being chased by Elements. As a couple of mantises turned their attention to the two, the old man was pulled away by his dog, leaving Shiage to run from the Elements and the fleeing crowd.<ref name=ShinyakuV16BTL1>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 16]] Between the Lines 1</ref>
====Aleister Crowley Arc====
{{Main|Aleister Crowley Arc}}
On December 11th, following the incident at the [[Windowless Building]], Aneri attempted to alert Shiage by flashing 'warning' on his smartphone, though he didn't understand what Aneri was trying to warn him about.<ref name=ShinyakuV18Q>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 18]] ?</ref>
====Processor Suit Arc====
{{Main|Processor Suit Arc}}
====Return to England Arc====
<!--Temporary arc name placeholder. Don't insert link until finalized.-->
Following the evacuation of Academy City on December 12th, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou accompanied Aleister and Touma's group on their journey to the [[United Kingdom]] in order to seek out [[Coronzon]]'s influence and seize the demon's achilles heel.<ref name=ShinyakuV20Pr>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20]] Prologue</ref> Separated from the others during the landing at [[Strait of Dover|Dover]], they appropriated a car to continue their own journey, with [[Nephthys]] and [[Niang-Niang]] tagging along with them in the back.<ref name=ShinyakuV20Ch1Pt3>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20]] Chapter 1 Part 3</ref> On the way to [[London]] and with the [[Crowley's Hazard]]s pushing forward, they picked up nuns of the [[Agnese Forces]], eventually dropping them off at the [[British Museum]] after getting caught in the crossfire between the Crowleys and the [[Divine Mixture]]s.<ref name=ShinyakuV20Ch2Pt7>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20]] Chapter 2 Part 7</ref><ref name=ShinyakuV20Ch3Pt3>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20]] Chapter 3 Part 3</ref> Not long afterwards, the group saw the activation of [[Isis-Demeter]].<ref name=ShinyakuV20Ch4Pt1>[[Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20]] Chapter 4 Part 1</ref>
==Other appearances==
==Other appearances==

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Hamazura Shiage

Hamazura Shiage (浜面 仕上 Hamazura Shiage?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He initially played a small antagonistic role as the reluctant leader of Skill-Out against Kamijou Touma and Accelerator. However after becoming a subordinate of ITEM his mettle is tested during the citywide factional war on October 9, and proves himself after deciding to protect Takitsubo Rikou and defeating the 4th-ranked Level 5, Mugino Shizuri after being consumed by her need for vengeance against SCHOOL.

A Level 0 without any noticeable powers, he is a science side protagonist who mainly struggles in the story to protect what's important to him from the Dark Side of Academy City, relying only on his skills and wits to outdo his opponents. His continued survival against the odds has turned into an anomaly that disrupts Aleister Crowley's plans and calculations time and time again. His presence in the story as the powerless and unlikely hero marks a strong contrast between the other two protagonists, something that is even noted by Aiwass.


He looks like an ordinary teenager with unruly blonde hair. Shiage previously sported a nose piercing a month before his proper introduction but[2] it was violently removed after Touma hits him in the nose with a stolen bullet-proof riot shield.[3]


Shiage can be considered a balance between Touma and Accelerator. Like most members of his Skill-Out gang, he is lawful; however, while he and Touma share some of the same traits, such as their reputations as delinquents, their victories over higher-ranked espers through tactics, and their interference with Aleister Crowley's plans, he isn't as idealistic or as compassionate as Touma, at least not initially. In battle, he prefers to avoid fighting if possible or to finish the fight as quickly as possible, which is somewhat like Accelerator's personality. Aiwass once commented that Shiage is someone who is never noticed by people and doesn't have any talent, but for the sake of the person he loves, he’ll become the hero[4].

Initially, he displayed an inferiority complex that makes him think he can't do anything right or complete. The main reason behind this is that he had been always branded as a powerless person, and unlike Touma, he has yet to display any power at all even "any" manifestation of an esper ability. Therefore, due to his lack of power and mockery by other higher level espers, he joined a Skill-Out gang. This complex can be seen in his usual internal monologue, as he always complains about the situation but he never says it out loud, an example of this is his remonstrations on his treatment by the girls from ITEM as they talk in the family restaurant.[5]

He falls in love with Takitsubo Rikou, and because of this, he decides to fight the 4th-ranked Level 5 esper, Mugino Shizuri, also known as Meltdowner, in order to protect Rikou. As far the plots advances, he began to show a nicer side similar to Touma, as seen when he aids Russian villagers during pirate attacks, convinces Acqua to not give up on life, and his reluctance to fight Mugino leads to him forgive her and express his desire to get everyone back together as ITEM again.

Shiage is suggestive to anything sex-related, as shown when he got a nosebleed simply by seeing Kinuhata Saiai putting a stuffed bunny doll behind Rikou to give her a bunny girl look even though his perversion is usually used as comic relief.[6].


Not much is known about Shiage other than the fact that he is a Level 0, thus having gone through the Power Curriculum Program. Shiage knows how to operate construction machinery, though how he is able to learn it is not known. Prior to the first Friday of January of the current year, Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out faction scouts him to be a potential member.[7] By May, Ritoku has named Shiage as the leader of his Skill-Out if anything happens to him.[8]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Other appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Third Friday of January

Shiage, an apparently new member of Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out, joins him and Hattori Hanzou to steal an entire ATM using his construction equipment knowledge. Shiage asks how they gather money from before, to which Hanzou says that they steal something and then run, leading to Shiage to say that their style is lame. Hanzou says that it would be easy for them to drag a weak-looking person into a back alley and beat the money out of them but says Ritoku is against letting people lay a hand on fragile girls. Shiage asks about Ritoku, to which Hanzou recalls of that scene in an elementary school where Ritoku sent a man with a bow gun who invaded the school flying 5 meters with just his fist. Hanzou declares that when it comes to little girls Ritoku is really shy. They later find Ritoku looking at online store for an XL-sized Santa outfit and white beard. Hattori then says that he remembers what the girl (probably Fremea) said to Ritoku, and that is she asked if Santa Claus really existed. Ritoku then becomes embarrassed.[7]

As they try to check up the ATM, Ritoku calls his attention to a thing he has found, a GPS transmitter. At that moment, Anti-Skill cars drive behind them, and a barricade robot appears ahead of them. Shiage then decides to break through the barrier, forcing the pursuing cars to slam the breaks due to the debris that it caused by destroying the barrier.[7]

Yomikawa Aiho, whose vehicle was used as part of the barricade, manages to jump out of the way as Shiage, Ritoku, and Hanzou manage to get away with their stolen ATM after smashing through the barricade. Their recklessness makes Aiho interested of them. As they drive off and try to get as far away as possible, they find Yomikawa Aiho uses a Fukuoka Fireworks Manufacturing large specialized transport truck catch up to them from a side street, slamming into the station wagon. Shiage lets their station wagon slide as so not to lose control. After he regains control of the vehicle he speeds off again. They later see that she has passed off the vehicle as an Anti-Skill vehicle by attaching red lights on top and uses a megaphone to ordering them to stop.[7]

Hanzou tries to shoot at her, but she uses the truck to pin the station wagon on a guard rail. As it could not handle the force, the rail breaks apart with the station wagon and transport vehicle, sending them into an uninhabited warehouse. After striking the inner wall of the warehouse, the truck becomes stuck and couldn't move anymore. Aiho is later given a three-shot at by Hanzou, who says that it is powerful and cool to fire a bunch of bullets at once. Hearing their argument, Aiho determines that her opponents are all idiots. Suddenly, either due to the crash, the gunshots, or both, the truck's transport of soccer ball-sized fireworks falls out all over the warehouse. Moreover, Hanzou's haphazard firing had hit some sort of electrical wire which in turn has come into contact with some leaking gasoline from the truck. Seeing this, Aiho flees.[7]

This was apparently all set-up by Shiage, who had Hanzou fire at the truck's fuel tank. The three then find that Aiho is running away, to which Shiage says that he wants to capture her and show her up. Ritoku responds that they will do no sexual crimes, though Shiage says he knows and changes the subject to the ATM. As Shiage tries to go back to the station wagon, something hit his toes. Much to their horror, they find one of the soccer ball-sized fireworks spheres on the ground and that the truck they hit is from Fukuoka Fireworks Manufacturing. With a flash from the electric wires that has been severed, the fireworks explode. Aiho later comes and arrest the three after escaping the explosion.[7]

In their cell, they are ignored by their fellow inmates due to how they looked all covered in soot. Shiage complains that though stealing an ATM is bad, Aiho is worse as all the cash in the ATM had been burned up. Ritoku comments that Aiho would likely make things more peaceful if she lets criminals go, and calls her a horrible Anti-Skill and an idiot, though somehow appends at the end that he hates large breasts. Shiage tries to justify to Ritoku that Aiho isn't a fragile girl and then makes lewd gestures regarding what he will do to her. However, Hanzou has yet to speak, as he just sits in the corner of the cell with his arms around his knees and not moving. He then apologizes to Shiage and Ritoku, saying that he has fallen in love with Yomikawa Aiho.[7]

The Fourth Friday of May

Kuruwa's ninja technique.

After complaining about Ritoku naming him as leader of his Skill-Out if something happens to him, Shiage tries to break in a sports car. Suddenly, he hears someone call out to him by saying "Hamazura-shi". He later discovers that it is Kuruwa, a girl he met a week before still looking for Hanzou, popping from under the sports car he was trying to break into. Seeing her clothes irritate Shiage a little as compared to his shambled look, Kuruwa uses high-quality materials, in his opinion, a terrible yukata. Seeing her, he tells her that he hasn't seen Hanzou either. Her manner of speaking takes Shiage aback however, as she wonders where Hanzou could be. Admiring her breasts, Shiage wonders why Hanzou wants to avoid someone with breasts like Kuruwa's. Peaking at her, Shiage notices that her yukata resembles that of a kunoichi. There however he picks up the pieces that Hanzou's name is exactly that of the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzou. He mocks the connection and goes back to in trying to break into the sports car. Suddenly however, Kuruwa says that she must eliminate him. Hearing this, Shiage notes on how that it is stupid for a ninja then asks if Hanzou truly is a descendant of a near future-like Shinobi Soldier. Kuruwa then becomes flustered, as Shiage's thoughts is preoccupied in wondering if Hanzou truly is a ninja then he must use mysterious ninja techniques. He then wonders why he is being pursued by Kuruwa. Shiage then asks Kuruwa that if Hanzou is from the Hattori family then what group does she belong to.[8]

Kuruwa hesitates in answering. Shiage continues and concludes that there must be some kind of conspiracy involving some ninja faction that's going to plunge Hanzou into some kind of miracle battle. Hearing this, under the belief that Shiage actually knows what he is talking about, Kuruwa says, as she sweats, that she cannot let him return alive. Shiage however is surprised by this, saying that the world of ninjas has some cheap conspiracies, as he buried his head in his hands while Kuruwa is at her wit's end. As Shiage wonders what he should do, Kuruwa pulls out a handgun out of her sleeve, confidently telling Shiage to prepare herself. However, Shiage is unimpressed by this, much to Kuruwa's chagrin. He asks if it is really okay for a ninja. Apparently feeling guilty, Kuruwa tries to explain herself. She says that a ninja is always armed with the latest equipment and as such it is okay for her to use it. She references the ninjas during the Warring States up to the Edo period used arquebuses camouflaged as staffs and inro. Shiage clarifies however that he doesn't care what she knows about how it worked historically and tells her not to destroy people's dreams (his stereotyping of what ninjas do), noting several clichéd ninja techniques like splitting into multiple versions of herself in a puff of smoke, among others. As Shiage goes away disappointed, Kuruwa begs him not to go with such a sorrowful look in his eyes.[8]

Much to Shiage's annoyance, his dramatic acting didn't help him in getting away from her, though Kuruwa has not realized his ruse and completely forgotten about searching for Hanzou. Wanting to impress Shiage, Kuruwa says that she is going to show him a ninja technique, though Shiage doesn't believe. Kuruwa says that she is serious about it, and says that Shiage is lucky as a chance like this doesn't come along often. Hearing this, Shiage becomes interested in seeing a real ninja technique, and enters a back alley at the invitation of Kuruwa. Shiage assumes that she doesn't want to use her ninja technique in public, to which Kuruwa says that he is correct though says it also embarrassing. As Shiage becomes confused at this, Kuruwa begins undressing before him, much to his shock, asking Kuruwa what she is doing. Kuruwa says that she thought Shiage wanted to see a kunoichi technique, to which Shiage replies that what she is doing isn't something that he wanted to see. In spite of his remonstrations and truly believing that Kuruwa is going to show him her naked body, Shiage becomes excited at the prospect. Suddenly, Kuruwa twists her hips as she continues undressing, which inconveniences Shiage as he can't see her from the angle is she is undressing. Distracted by this, Kuruwa sees an opening and knocks Shiage out.[8]

The First Friday of October

Shiage's first job as a member of the subordinate organization for ITEM is to forge an ID for Kinuhata Saiai to fake her age as she wants to watch an R18 movie. With that done, she later takes Shiage with her to assure that her cover that she is of mature age holds up. After going through backalleys they eventually come upon a secluded theater that showed specialty films.[9]

Entering the small theater, Shiage asks Saiai why no one is there fifteen minutes before the movie starts. A great sigh escapes Saiai, surprising Shiage. Here, Saiai discovers that since she is the first guest of the exclusive screening then it means she's the only one that truly understands how great the film they are about to see truly is. Here, she laments on how it feels like she is the only the director is trying to reach through the film. After buying some popcorn, Shiage finds the already seated Saiai mocking his choice of popcorn, saying that it makes one thirsty. In spite of this, Saiai consumes the popcorn he brought. Shiage shows that he has brought a drink, to which Saiai mocks though at the same time drinks it.[9]

As the movie starts, Shiage questions the quality of their production. Here, Saiai lectures him that B movies like the one they are watching is supposed to be poor of production. Shiage asks why they couldn't just watch a normal movie in a normal theater. Saiai says that though the huge hits may break records over and over again, but a good B or C movies will stick with one more. In spite of this, Shiage just sighs and says he doesn't understand it.[9]

Hearing Saiai's words, Shiage thinks that it can apply to espers as well, wondering how many espers had undisplayed abilities that were hidden because the city lacked budget, staff, or the proper facilities and equipment. He then wonders about his own powers, about Saiai's own powers, as well as the possibility that people outside the city displayed powers that can rank them amongst the Level 5s. As these thoughts fill his mind, he projects his feelings regarding espers to that the film, and became more interested in the film he is watching with Saiai.[9]

Believing that he now understood Saiai he looks to her. Much to his surprise, she complains on how the film is boring. Annoyed, Shiage complains about her attitude and asks for her to at least pretend she is enjoying the film. Saiai explains that she thought that it would be good but became disinterested after 10 minutes. Shiage complains about how he felt he understood B movies and the growing sense of identity he had with it. This just confuses Saiai, asking what kind of understanding he can get from the terrible movie they are watching. Having loss empathy for the heroine in the movie, Saiai estimates her time of death. Shiage protests, saying the heroine will survive the movie. Hearing this, Saiai proposes a bet, wagering a pack of gum.[9]

Needless to say, Shiage immediately loses after the heroine is eaten in the movie, much to Saiai's delight.[9]


Hamazura Shiage is a true level 0 with no esper abilities. As a result, if he wants to survive, he must think ahead and rely on his wits and his skill in weapons. He has demonstrated that he's considerably proficient with firearms. He was able to successfully shoot 3 people holding Rikou hostage while falling out of a helicopter.[10] In close combat, as he is a Skill-Out often involved in streetfights he is very skilled, able to go toe-to-toe against Touma during their fight. Shiage himself has stated that in order to fight with espers, Skill-Outs work out more than professional athletes in order to have a chance. [11] Moreover, using his wits, he constantly outsmarts higher level espers who underestimate him or rely heavily on their powers, an example of this is shown when he tricks Mugino into attacking a jet while he escaped, leaving her caught in an explosion.[12] He also showed as well to be a great tactician, knowing when to use his advantages, such as when he instead used the case to attack Mugino's eye first in order to make her think he had no weapons, until the right moment where he can take her by surprise using his gun.[13] During his talk with ITEM's liaison at the end of World War 3, he stalled her long enough for Digurv to get help, during this instance he also learned enough about the Parameter List and how it could be used to blackmail the Academy City Board of Directors to negotiate with him.[14]

Of other skills he has, he has proven he has to get through security systems and locks by using a fiberscope on a connector at the bottom of his cell phone that he uses to send a small optical fiber thinner than somen into the keyhole to check the arrangement of the pins then, he uses the image of the inside of the keyhole displayed on his phone to use a number of wires to unlock the door.[15] He can also operate heavy machinery, a fact that is praised by his Skill-Out comrades[7] and even aiding Touma when he was in need.[16]


Komaba Ritoku

Komaba was one of Shiage's best friends during his days in Skill-Out and not only cared for him but also respected him as the leader of that organization. It’s on his behalf that Shiage decided to protect Fremea Seivelun. He also participated in the stealing of ATM machines and was the one that lead the operation. It can be said that Shiage's philosophy of protecting the weak was influenced by him and Kamijou Touma.

Hattori Hanzou

Hanzou has been one of Shiage's best friends since his early days in Skill-Out and therefore cares about his progress and well-being. It have been stated that they had a lot of fun, along with Komaba Ritoku, stealing ATM machines where Hanzou was the one who came up with the planning. He was the one who gave Shiage the lady's gun he used to defeat Mugino Shizuri and is always encouraging him to come back to Skill-Out, but still, he respects his decision of not doing so.

Takitsubo Rikou

Takitsubo Rikou is Shiage's girlfriend. They began dating after volume fifteen and have been together ever since. Shiage fell in love with Rikou because she treated him kindly when he was an ITEM grunt, in contrast of the other members who treated him like dirt. He has repeatedly proven his willingness to go to any length to protect her, including fighting the level 5 Mugino Shizuri.

Kinuhata Saiai

Kinuhata Saiai was Shiage's superior in the original ITEM, and one of his team members in the new one. They have been friends since the end of volume 15. Regardless of his status she always treats him like a lackey and enjoys teasing him.

Mugino Shizuri

The relationship between Shiage and Mugino is portrayed as one of evolution. At first, she only sees Shiage as a disposable grunt, therefore she only acknowledges his existence to mock him or to give him orders. Then after her defeat at his hands, she became obsessed with the idea of killing him to the point that she disregards her own well-being. This conduct finds its motive in the fact that a level 0 like Shiage beat an elite level 5 like her. This only changes when Shiage shows his concern for her as a friend and his desire to reform ITEM. It's from this point onward that Mugino acknowledges Hamazura as a colleague and true friend, although she still frequently mocks him.


  • While Hamazura lacks any visible power, like Touma or Accelerator, he possesses skills that both of them have. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and tactician like Touma, and skilled with firearms and machinery like Accelerator.

Character Art Design

Design evolution

Shiage was simply designed by Haimura "as someone to lose" to Touma, although, he did not consider that his role in the story might expand greatly later. Shiage is as well affected by Haimura's style change for the novels, having larger heads and smaller bodies.

For his appearance in the 3rd New Testament volume, Haimura had him wear the outfit hat he drew for him in Pixiv, along with Misaka Mikoto.



  • (Said to Kamijou Touma, from Index Volume SS1): "So that’s what happened? We’re all done for here. We’re all going to get taken in by Anti-Skill and the guy at the center of it doesn’t even know what’s going on? My life, the life of Hamazura Shiage, is about to end. This is the finale... I thought I had at least gotten wrapped up in some conspiracy or been dealing with some genius tactician, but I wasn’t even being tricked? Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!"
  • (Said to Touma, talking about Skill Out, ibid): "Level 0's like us can't live without doing this kind of thing! We get mocked wherever we go, and when we make a place for ourselves, it gets destroyed in the name of making the area look nice. With things like that, what path other than preying on others is there for a level 0?"
  • (Said to Touma regarding Ritoku, ibid): "Our level 0 leader, Komaba Ritoku, lived like that and he died earlier today. He died while trying to protect the weak! In the end, it just isn't that simple for us. When the dropouts in the back alleys try to do that kind of thing, we just get laughed at!!"
  • (Internal monologue regarding being part of ITEM, from Index Volume 15): "Being the only guy in a group of girls is kind of awkward."
  • (Said to Takitsubo Rikou as he drives an automatic transmission car, ibid): "You don't need a card to drive: you need the skills."
  • (During his escape from the Girl in the dress, ibid): "Ha ha!! Being a loser is the beeeeessssttt!!"
  • (To Rikou, ibid): "Damn it. When did a Level 0 life become such a cheap thing…?"
  • (Shiage's thoughts after Rikou protects him from Kakine Teitoku, ibid): "But I thought espers didn’t care about the life of someone like me. I thought we were like a bunch of disposable convenience store umbrellas. So if I died, I wouldn’t just be burnt to ash in a furnace and thrown away with the kitchen trash?"
  • (Said to Mugino Shizuri about Rikou, ibid): "But she said she didn't want a selfish bastard like me to die. She's the kind of person who says things like that! Someone like her needs to be happy. It isn't people like you and me that should stand above everyone else. If we don't create a society where the kind idiots stand at the top guiding everyone else, this shitty world will never get any better!!"
  • (After defeating Mugino Shizuri, ibid) "That was too easy, Level 5."
  • (Said to Russian Privates, from Index Volume 20): "It’s a cold day today... nice day for a barbecue."
  • (Said to Digurv, from Index Volume 21) "I have no intention of having my life cut short and I’m not going to force your hand. I will live on and I will run as far away as I need to in order to do so. So believe in me just this once. Don’t give up. What we hold within ourselves is not something cheap enough to just abandon because of a war."
  • (Said to Acqua of the Back, from Index Volume 21) "You've managed to survive in these situations for such a long time. That time you saved me and my friends, it didn't seem like anything special to you, as that was the path you walked. So a guy like you will never be alone. Even if you don't think about it, there are several people relying on you. What will happen to them?"
  • (Said to Acqua of the Back, ibid): "To die for the sake of the world, to die to protect others, who would accept such stupid excuses?!! They are unacceptable! The reason you fight is not to let those waiting for you to not be able to do anything other than cry!!" (...) Stand up, hero!" "STAAAANDD UPPPP!!!"
  • (Said to Mugino regarding saving her as well, from Index Volume 22): "To get back everyone together as ITEM, I’m willing to stake my life on it."
  • (Said to Equ.DarkMatter soldier, ibid): "This is ‘ITEM’. Don’t go forgetting that even if you go to hell!"
  • (Said to the ITEM liaison, ibid): "Humans really are scary.As long as they can make the excuse that they are doing something to protect those they care about, they can do any kind of cruel thing. That’s how I see it anyway. I’ll be showing you just how cruel humans can be."
  • (Said to a man, from NT1) "Everyone has things I don’t. No matter how much I struggle, I just can’t obtain them and yet I still have a final goal that I want to grab no matter what. Be proud, hero. You are what I long to be."
  • (To Rikou, from NT6) "...Takitsubo, can I be completely honest? This is a pain in the ass... But it means we can’t overlook this."
  • (To Rikou, ibid) "I may have been stuck behind the scenes without anything important to do... But getting a shittyrole is no reason to slack off!!"


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