Hard Taping (発条包帯 (ハードテーピング) Bane Hōtai (Hādo Tēpingu)?, lit. "Spring Bandage") is a type of special military-use ultrasonic wave elastic taping which is used in Powered Suits.


Hard Taping

Komaba Ritoku explains how hard taping works.

It is the portion of a Powered Suit which gives it its mobility. The taping gives a Powered Suit a higher mobility than a fully-equipped vehicle and allows it to move at speeds greater than 10 times what a vehicle can. While meant to be used in Power Suits, it can also be used directly on the human body to enhance and reinforce the joints and muscles to increase its mobility and strength. When used this way the user can gain a dramatic speed increase while still allowing for the subtle and minute adjustments characteristic of a living being. However as it is not meant to be used like this it puts a heavy strain on the body of the one using it as they will not have any of the safety devices which a Powered Suit has.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Skill-Out Uprising ArcEdit

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Komaba Ritoku had Hard Taping hidden on his body under his cloths during his battles with Musujime Awaki and Accelerator. It was installed throughout his body and mainly on his legs to increase his mobility and leg strength. This allowed him to defeat Awaki as he could move fast enough for her to not be able to use her Move Point accurately. Since it was not meant for humans it put a heavy strain on his body.[1]


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As Hamazura Shiage is being pursued by the remnants of the Hound Dogs, he saw them moving at speed beyond that of special training and realized that they must be use Hard Taping as it reminded him of Ritoku.[2]

World War III ArcEdit

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Hamazura Shiage realizes that the people he fights wearing the Equ.DarkMatter suits wear Hard Taping underneath the suits as unlike other Powered Suits they are designed for lightweight mobility, while also lacking the necessary mechanics that normally give the operator increased strength and mobility.[3]

Astral BuddyEdit

During last battle with Hokaze Junko, Houjou Arei made use of Hard Taping Custom (発条包帯・改 (ハードテーピング・カスタム) Bane Hōtai Kai (Hādo Tēpingu Kasutamu)?) and an electric potential elastic suit to strengthen her physical abilities.[4]


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