Harris Nicholagene (ハリス=ニカラジーン Harisu Nikarajīn?) is a magician who was making use of a shared ceremonial ground hidden in a container yard in Calais's harbor district.[1][2]



Harris Nicholagene is described as a twig of a young man.[1][3][2]


Harris has expressed a preference for mandrakes with a feminine appearance,[1][4][2] but objects to being called a pervert because of this, insisting on alternative reasons in response (such as including an opposite nature to increase the masculinity inside him, and saying that masculinity means sulfur in alchemical contexts when the initial claim was interpreted with a perverted meaning).[2]


Living in Calais,[4] Harris was researching mandrakes and environmental maintenance, with a preference for ones with a feminine appearance, given that they were plants with a humanoid shape.[1][2] Starting with summoning, he intended to move on to growing mandrakes in a sealed glass greenhouse and remaking the environment the plants were growing in to see what effects it would have on them.[2]

Within the month before the Hood summoning incident, he made use of the shared ceremonial ground run by Jack Prometeria, unknowingly becoming part of the summoning ceremony which Jack intended to use to summon the ship.[2][3][5]


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As the phantom Hood was approaching Calais, he was using the shipping container in which the summoning ceremony was performed when Agnese Sanctis and Lucia burst in to confront the presumed culprit.[1] After the situation was revealed and the other four magicians who had used the container in the past month had been brought to the container yard, he and the others interrogated by Agnese.[3][4][2] Answering truthfully about what they were doing, none of them knew the required exorcism procedure as they were not aware of being part of the summoning ceremony to begin with.[2][7][5]


Harris is capable of using a summoning ceremony to create mandrakes.[1][2]


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