Harzak Lolas (ハーザック=ローラス Hāzakku Rōrasu?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a tall man who tells stories to the young Lindy Blueshake, the heir to the media empire of Olay Blueshake, the media queen, and her ward.


He is described as a large man who towered over two meters tall.[1]


He is fond of Lindy Blueshake and vice-versa, and tells stories for her, even though she should be studying instead. Because of his status as an immigrant and the poor naturalization methods of his parents, he has a hard time dealing with the culture of Hawaii and as well most of modern American society.[1]


He is apparently an immigrant to the Hawaiian Islands, and states that his parents did a poor job of naturalization.

Sometime after Olay Blueshake lost custody of her child, Harzak was made as the legal guardian of the young Lindy. Thereafter, in an effort to protect her from her mother and her enemies, he and the young Lindy began to live in a remote region of Hawaii, in the Napali Coast of Kauai. There, he lived with her in a log cabin besides a precipice with a garden, surviving only in small amounts of technology such as solar powered generators. Harzak also apparently tutors Lindy as well, and is the one who retrieves mails and packages for them.

He apparently wanted to seek the true king of the Hawaiian Islands and become a member of its kingdom but became tired of heading to and from the mountains.


Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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Because of their remote location, they are unaware of the invasion of Hawaii by Trident forces, or the fact that Lindy's mother is looking for her, among others.

Harzak is first seen tending to the garden, planting a queer plant. Here, she and Lindy goes on with their habit of arguing with each other, like a parent to their child. Their conversation ends when they notice the falling of the ashes brought about the eruption of mount Kīlauea, and later, one of the robotic surveillance units used by Olay. Chaos ensues immediately after, as Trident forces began to pour into the area, and they are confronted with them. They are later saved by the intervention of Kamijou Touma and Kuroyoru Umidori, who are then confronted by Saronia A. Irivika. However, because of Touma's arrival, Harzak, with Lindy in tow are able to make an escape.

They are later pursued by Trident forces, until the arrival of Roberto Katze, Leivinia Birdway and Hamazura Shiage, who saves Lindy. At this point in time, Harzak is separated from Lindy, despite her remonstrations of going after him. To which Roberto states that he would be much safer if he wasn't with her. Indeed, he is found to be safe, and is later used by Roberto's plan. Here, all of assets and inheritance of Lindy is transferred to him, as her legal guardian until she should come of age. Of course, this is short-lived as the companies and investors that were allied with Olay's media network, quickly pull out once Olay's involvement in the invasion was made known, the remaining money that they have would later be used for reconstruction and reparations, due to the invasion.

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Harzak Lolas is seen during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo with Lindy again, acting as her bodyguard. He is with her during her document signing with Kamijou Touya. Here, he assures Touya not to worry about corporate spies as they have a way of finding out corrupt personnel.[2]


  • (To Lindy Blueshake from NT3)"No one likes studying."


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