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The Invasion of Hawaii is a major story arc introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. On November 10th of the current story timeline, GREMLIN as well as its hired armed wing, the private military company, Trident invades the Hawaii islands as a starting point for the invasion of the United States of America.

The story arc revolves around the key factions of the invasion, GREMLIN and the United States of America, factions that are against GREMLIN but is unaffiliated with the United States, the Dawn-Colored Sunlight led by Leivinia Birdway, and by association, members of the Kamijou Touma's group, as well as the individual movements of it's key figures and leaders.


With the confirmation that Kamijou Touma is still alive and Academy City remained intact using the failure of Radiosonde Castle,[1] the core members of GREMLIN begins to initiate the first step of their plan, which requires the eruption of Kilauea to erupt explosively and blow dust into the atmosphere. The core members of GREMLIN did not disseminate this plan to the lower members, and later gave them an alternative plan that the lower members would want to achieve.[2]

Olay Blueshake, the media queen, with aspirations to have a seat in government, witnessing the United States of America left behind during the War, due to the presence of a queer it was wholly unprepared for, the occult, somehow comes into contact with GREMLIN, and from there, hires its armed wing for them, Trident.[3] It is not exactly known how Olay Blueshake came into contact with GREMLIN, however, the plan to invade Hawaii and change America into a theocracy have originated with her.[4] She may had a vested interest in Hawaii personally, as her daughter was hidden there from her by the government.[5] Lower level members such as Cendrillon and Saronia A. Irivika, embittered by the events of the War, agreed to this plan, which, if it were to succeed would twist the balance of the two sides.[2]

Involvement of other parties

Leivinia Birdway and her cabal, the Dawn-Colored Sunlight, was already deeply invested against GREMLIN, and have rescued Kamijou Touma out of the Arctic Ocean after the events of World War III, for her own plans. Leivinia also knows that GREMLIN has begun appearing in Hawaii, and knows that they will likely cause a global scale chaos,[6] though it is unknown on what extent she has known.

Knowing that GREMLIN uses a combination of magic and science-side technology and ideals in order to further their goals, Leivinia decides to use the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City, as a means to draw out GREMLIN's core members, though the result would weaken Academy City both economically and politically in international affairs. To accomplish this, Touma is used to gather members around him, people from Academy City, in order to form a group influential enough in future events and that would help in marking Academy City into an interfering entity by the world, especially the cooperative institutions.[7] Leivinia may have planned beforehand to make Touma and the others be discovered by the world as, entities of Academy, in their involvement in Hawaii.

She is later successful in manipulating into getting a powerful enough group to aid her against GREMLIN, but ignorant enough not to question her motives—the Kamijou Faction. And with Aleister Crowley to preoccupied with the unraveling of his plans after the events of the War, Leivinia is able to get them out of the City, with little trouble.[6]

Planning of the invasion

GREMLIN required for an explosive eruption,[Notes 1] which would cause ash to flow over Hawaii to completely isolate it from the mainland, and as such be unable to provide aid when the invasion begins in earnest.[8] The technology known as Trigger, which Olay may have known of due to her influence in government and military,[3] was supposed to provide this.[Notes 2]Using her mind-manipulating powers, Saronia takes control of several people in government and military, and with the help of other people within the government and military that are allied with them on their own,[9] Saronia orders them to search for information regarding Trigger, however, these strange events did not go unnotice, as Roberto Katze as well as his aid, Roseline Krackhart can attest.[10]

For the invasion to succeed, Saronia must be able to assassinate Roberto Katze,[11] and if necessary, Roseline Krackhart as early as possible,[12] as so power can be transferred to the Vice-President, who is under their control.[13] Trident and GREMLIN forces to overwhelm the military of Hawaii and successfully invade it, with the aid of the eruption of Kilauea using Trigger to isolate the islands,[8] in a matter of hours to facilitate an easier way for the negotation of making the United States fall under the control of GREMLIN and Olay Blueshake,[13] and turn it into a theocracy.[4] Olay Blueshake would also provide information and intelligence using Free Compound Eyes for the invasion.

Several agents of GREMLIN already arrive on Hawaii before November 10th.[6] Notably, Saronia managed to take control of several military and government personnel on the island using her magic, and somehow managed for a seedling, a plant she required for her magic to work in an area, to end up in the lap of Harzak Lolas, Lindy Blueshake's legal guardian.[14]

Preludes to the invasion

The disappearance of President Roberto Katze

Prior to the invasion, Roberto Katze escapes the sight of his Secret Service, and his aid, Roseline Krackhart, after a press conference in Oahu, regarding the dumping the Golden Arms that was left back in World War III in the waters of Hawaii.[15] He borrows a video camera from a mother and daughter near the press conference room, telling him of his fears within the government and what he plans to do next, taking the Imperial Package with him.[16]

From then on, the government and the military would be preoccupied in searching the president, as he has removed the GPS from his person, making him harder to track down.[17]

Terrorist incident at New Honolulu International Airport

Main article: New Honolulu International Airport terrorist incident

Leivinia takes down Cendrillon in the airport.

Touma and company arrive in New Honolulu Internatioal Airport seperately, as so not to draw suspicion from Academy City.[18] Needing to draw information regarding GREMLIN's plans in Hawaii, Leivinia set-up an event that would gain attention to GREMLIN, being of a sensitive ideologies, here, Leivinia had her cabal set up a suspicious suitcase, which forces the airport's security to announce a fake announcement to force people out of a dangerous area without panic. Touma receives a message from Leivinia, and along with Misaka Mikoto, rendezvous with Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst. A member of GREMLIN has arrived to deal with the incident, Cendrillon, and from there on, Leivinia's cabal tries to attack but is quickly subdued by her magic.[19] Leivinia on the other hand, walks into the airstrip and continues her communication with Touma, here, she is trying to find a jet fuel tanker that should help her defeat their foe.[20]

Back with Cendrillon, her attention is later drawn by Touma's presence, and he, with Mikoto, Shiage, Umidori, and Worst are drawn into a struggle with her, with Cendrillon dominating at all fronts, and having known Touma's Imagine Breaker, has prepared countermeasures before it. Meanwhile, Accelerator observes from afar, not knowing what to do, as he doesn't exactly know if his esper abilities would affect Cendrillon. As Cendrillon begins her final attack to take down the members of the Kamijou Faction, including Accelerator, Leivinia arrives and drives the tanker she was looking for unto Cendrillon. She lives, here, Leivinia ignites the jet fuel carried by the tanker, and with accordance with Idol Theory, the resulting explosion and flames weakens Cendrillon's power, and rendering her defeated.[Notes 3][21] The group, other than Accelerator and Leivinia later evacuate the airport.

Interrogation of Cendrillon

Misaka Worst tormenting the original Misaka.

After the evacuation the group ends up splitting back into smaller groups with different people than before. Hamazura helped to lead people evacuating the airport was soon reunited with Kuroyoru who quickly realizes that with Misaka Worst she free to do as she wanted once again much to Hamazura's horror, this was short lived with Touma's sudden appearance.[22] Elsewhere Misaka Mikoto and Misaka Worst end up together after separated from their groups in the confusion, Misaka Worst then introduces herself as the Third Season of the clone project. Misaka Worst then begins to tease the original on her plan to purchase a set tag rings from Cupid Arrow for herself and Touma.[23] With Accelerator, Leivinia tries to interrogate Cendrillon for information, but is cut short by the interference of Saronia, who unbeknownst to the group, made up a ruse with Cendrillon to fool them regarding her real powers resulting in Cendrillon getting seriously injured, sensing the inevitability that Leivinia will go after her next.[24]

Oahu shootings

Main article: Coral Street Shopping Mall shooting

Saronia seeing the danger the Kamijou Faction and Leivinia Birdway in their plans, tries to initiate an attack on them, at the same time as assassinating Roberto Katze and Roseline Krackhart.

The shooting begins just after Leivinia and Accelerator stop Edward Torke from assassinating Roseline Krackhart at Hotel Firefly, as so they can analyze the spell Saronia used and draw her out. The shooting begins with an attack of a hapless family member of one of Saronia's hostages, though, it is unsuccessful and was later incapacitated by Accelerator and Leivinia. Meanwhile, Roberto's would-be assassin is later convinced by Roberto in aiding him in giving him information regarding the one who is manipulating his loved one, from there Roberto would try to go to Coral Street Shopping Mall in order to stop Saronia. Despite these setbacks, Saronia continues with her attack, though also planned for it to fail, and as such using the chaos to escape. Here, she is now using her hostages to attack them. However, she did not anticipate Leivinia and the Kamijou Faction, in convincing the attackers to their side, and there she is attacked by them. Accelerator later arrives and saves the hostages, forcing her to retreat, though is later flanked by the arrival of Touma and Shiage—basically trapped, along with Leivinia's countermeasures.[25]

An explosion later rocks the mall, and signaled the arrival of the first GREMLIN and Trident forces, which Olay Blueshake provided to save Saronia.[Notes 4] Accelerator tries to do battle, but is later caught into a trick by them, making him accidentally use magic. It would take Roberto Katze's arrival to save Accelerator, after being overwhelmed by the magic that he used.[25]

Search for the Trigger

Volcano investigation team.

After the incident in the mall, Saronia contacts Olay regarding her premature use of Trident, which Olay justifies that if Saronia was captured the plan would to go on a standstill. She later orders Saronia to proceed in acquiring Trigger,[26] however, Saronia is unaware that Olay has already brought into Kilauea and ready for activation, and Saronia is only being used to distract the Kamijou Faction and Leivinia.[13]

Roberto with Accelerator, later tells the rest of the group that through his investigation of the queer nature of the people in government and military, he can determine what GREMLIN is after, Trigger, which the group deduces that GREMLIN would be trying to cause an eruption of Kilauea, the largest active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands.[27] With that, the group set out to Pearl Harbor, with Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst, going to Volcanoes National Park to investigate. As President of the United States, Roberto Katze, with Touma, Mikoto, Accelerator, and Leivinia, enter Pearl Harbor with little trouble, and later directed by a mind-controlled Bax Silver that Trigger is in one of the cargo planes in the runway.[28] Meanwhile, Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst discover that GREMLIN agents have already set-up the Trigger in Kilauea.

Fight in a cargo plane

Map showing the assumed movements of the Kamijou Faction right before the Eruption of Kilauea. (Click on image for more detail)
Mt. Kilauea
Accelerator and Leivinia.
Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto.
Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst.

Touma and Mikoto, with Roberto go into one of the cargo planes, while Leivinia and Accelerator investigate another. Here, Touma's group discover that the cargo plane has taken off, as well as Saronia is also present in the plane. Touma is engaged in a fight, while Mikoto protects Roberto from the attacks. Saronia later uses the pilot that she mind-controlled to her advantaged, but after Touma ordered Mikoto to destroy the plane's cargo, she discovers that Trigger is not here,[29] shoots the pilot and later parachutes out of the plane leaving Touma, Mikoto, Roberto and the pilot to their dooms.[30]

The Eruption of Kīlauea

Main article: Eruption of Kilauea

Despite Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst best efforts in destroying some of the devices that is used by Trigger, Kilauea erupts and they are forced to retreat.[31] Roberto, Touma, and Mikoto later treat the pilot of the cargo plane and are later successful at having an emergency landing on Lanai, and are later rescued by Arc Daniels and his colleagues from the landing on the ocean.[8] Here, they witness the eruption of Kilauea, fulfilling the core plan of the inner echelons of GREMLIN.

Mjölnir would later come along and take in and control the volcanic energy made through the erupting for the use of GREMLIN's attempt on creating Gungnir.[32]

The Invasion of Hawaii

Kilauea erupts, though not to their expectations, spewing volcanic ash into the atmosphere instead of lava that the Kilauea volcano is known for. Immediately after, landing ships disguised as tanker and passenger ships invade all the islands of Hawaii.[33] Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto witness first hand the use of Narwhal missiles, immediately implicating mercenaries as part of the invasion.[8] The mainland has also detected the advancing military force in Hawaii, in California, Alfred Thirdman tries to find a way to open up aid to Hawaii, but is unable to due to the volcanic ash.[33] GREMLIN and Trident's invasion has begun. In Molokai, Saronia is observing the ongoing invasion of Trident and GREMLIN, and is later called by Olay Blueshake, saying that the Vice-President cannot take over power and fulfill the theocrization of the United States, since Roberto still has the Imperial Package, allowing him to have complete authority over the government. With this, Saronia states that the shortcut by using the Vice-President, and they need only finish the invasion of Hawaii. She later threatens Olay for using her as a distraction for the faction, showing the strain between them.[13]

The Fall of Pearl Harbor

Main article: Fall of Pearl Harbor

Trident along with GREMLIN specialist attacks Pearl Harbor, perhaps due to its importance to the United States in the Pacific, as well as having the largest collection of facilites in Hawaii, which makes it securing by the Trident an utmost importance.[17] Trident's strategy revovled around isolating Hawaii from outside aid,[33] and through dominance with anti-ship missiles, along with the element of surprise and the addition of the occult with their plans, Pearl Harbor is quickly overwhelmed by their forces, decimating their fleet, and sending the men into chaos, and making them unable to mount a counterattack.[34]

Leivinia, Mark Space, and Accelerator, opted to help the surviving American military in Pearl Harbor to retreat, attacking Trident and GREMLIN.[35] Their efforts allow enough military from Pearl Harbor that is still a sizable threat, as well as save Roseline Krackhart, as the battle in Pearl Harbor spreads into Oahu's roads near the bases.[34] In Lanai, Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto discuss the suspicions regarding Saronia's powers, as he and Roseline was able to see that there were people being controlled even though they were not acquainted with magic or the occult.[36] They later discuss the possibility that Saronia was able to control people without magic, as in people willingly followed them, Roberto later states that Olay is the most likely suspect for hiring Trident and leading the invasion, being the media queen.[9]

Map showing the assumed movements and positions of the Kamijou Faction, as well as Saronia A. Irivika, right after the Fall of Pearl Harbor. (Click on image for more detail)
Mt. Kilauea
Saronia A. Irivika in Molokai.
Accelerator and Leivinia.
Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto.
Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst.

Touma later relays the information to the others using a conference call, there Roberto further states her Free Compound Eyes, and that since of her illegal activities she is wanted by the authorities, and has gone into hiding. Without knowing of her location, the group plans to meet up with each other again. Shiage's group, which is still stuck in Volcanoes National Park, disguised themselves and steal one of their hovercraft to get off the island.[3]

The Search for Lindy Blueshake

At the height of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Olay Blueshake reveals herself to Roseline Krackhart, taunting her that the United States would soon fall before the might of the occult and Trident, and turn the country into a theocracy as a defense against the occult. However, now that Roseline knew of Olay's involvement, she now had a chance against Olay, her daughter, Lindy Blueshake, with that she gathers 200 volunteers that she could trust and begins her search for Lindy Blueshake,[37] who is in Hawaii as protection against her mother and the people who are her enemies.[4] Roberto discovers this through the Imperial Package and with Touma's insistence, opts to save Lindy Blueshake from Roseline Krackhart, in the fear that she might become a scapegoat.[37] Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst, later pick up Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto from Lanai, as well as Leivinia and Accelerator from Oahu in Pearl Harbor, later, Roberto discovers Lindy's home at Napali Coast, Kauai.[38]

Despite their success, Trident and GREMLIN do not stay long in Pearl Harbor and secure it, and was commanded to search for Lindy Blueshake.[39] From there, Roseline Krackhart and her 200-man volunteer military force, the Kamijou Faction, Trident and GREMLIN under the command of Cinesic Evers, and Saronia. A. Irivika, with Olay Blueshake pulling strings in the background to hinder the both of them as well as the others,[38] begin converging in the island of Kauai.

The Battle of Napali Coast

Main article: Battle of Napali Coast

Map showing the assumed movement of the forces of Kauai in the invasion, just before the start of the battle. Inset shows Kauai in relation to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands
Saronia with her Trident and GREMLIN forces invading Napali Coast from the ocean.
Roseline's volunteer forces approach Trident's defensive line near Anahola in the north.
The Kamijou Faction along with Roberto Katze, approach Kauai from the southeast.

The Kamijou Faction is somehow able to land on the southeastern side of the island of Kauai, despite Trident's defensive line on the coasts using anti-ship missiles, though this could be justified since their hovercraft was small. After landing on the island, they formed groups and opted to take different routes towards Napali Coast: Touma with Umidori, and Accelerator with Mikoto, move clockwise, while Shiage, Leivinia, and Roberto move counterclockwise.[38] Meanwhile, Roseline begins her counterattack, one of which is witnessed by the President himself, using jets to fly flow to bypass Kilauea's dust, they bombed Trident's defensive line near Anahola, allowing for Roseline's ships to land 150 of her troops on the northeastern part of the island.[40] Accelerator, Mikoto, and Misaka Worst, later diverge from Touma and Umidori, and attack Trident's defensive line in the south, as so to allow naval ships to land in Kauai safely.[41]

For Trident's part, Cinesic Evers sets-up a base on Nohili Point, and takes command from there.[42] Saronia is later deployed along with a handful of Trident soldiers towards Napali Coast, going from the ocean in the north as it would be quicker, and are the first ones to arrive at Lindy Blueshake and Harzak Lolas' cliffside home.[43] Battle immediately takes place after Trident arrives at their home with Touma and Umidori. Lindy and Harzak try to escape, but she is later taken by Trident, though are later repelled by Shiage. With Roberto securing Lindy, they are forced to leave Harzak behind for his own safety.[5] In Roseline's side, her forces manage to penetrate deep in the island, she is later stuck in Waimea Canyon due to the debris of a recent skirmish against Trident there.[42] Roseline's troops arrive at Napali Coast as well, and after securing Lindy Blueshake and some insubordination, transfers command to Roberto. Here, he contacts Roseline who is Waimea and convinces her that they do not need to use Lindy Blueshake to stop the invasion, to which she agrees.[42]

Parley at Nohili Point

With their forces combined, they later attack Nohili Point, and overwhelm Cinesic's forces there and captures him. Roberto later threatens Cinesic Evers and his Trident on the apparent judicial difficulty in handing out a sentence to an entity that declared war on the United States of America, and tells that the US may not be able to punish Trident under any existing law, laws that should also protect Trident from illegal and unfair punishment. Cinesic doesn't give in, as Olay and Saronia have already taken over the government, though Roberto refutes by saying that they too have an anti-occult specialist, and that Trident have already loss, and that the only thing to do with Trident is how to hand out punishment to them, and that Kilauea's ashes have thinned, which would end the isolation of Hawaii. Despite this, Cinesic orders all Trident forces in Hawaii to assist Saronia in Napali Coast, believing that since the President and Lindy Blueshake is with him, Trident can still turn the situation around of Touma is defeated.[44]

Struggle at Sunny Watcher 44-19

Saronia arrives at Sunny Watcher 44-19, Lindy's cliff side log home,[38] and using her magic, turns Touma's left arm limp, making him unable to move properly.[45] With no advantage against magic, as well as Trident troops hounding the area, they are both forced to retreat in the Lindy's home. Though trapped there, Touma, knowing that attacking forces, both Trident and GREMLIN would know that they should logically play in the defensive, Touma suggests to charge ahead, cutting off support from each other. Touma asks Umidori if she can supply him with nitrogen spears by making herself a makeshift arm, she agrees, despite the difficulty. Touma contacts Leivinia and regarding Saronia's powers. Touma states that she should at least be able to figure what Saronia was trying to hide based on the false information she had propagated. Leivinia agrees, and sends out the order to her subordinates to figure it out.[46]

The puppeteer finally appears.

Leivinia later contacts Touma, and says that Saronia's power is to turn an area in to an enclave, where she, as the Leshy, rules those who are a part of it, and punishes those who are outsiders, like Touma. Although the exact method is not known, Touma conjectures that Saronia needs at least a few days of preparation. After the calle ended, Umidori finishes only one arm, forcing Touma to plan on charging towards Saronia in order to gather information regarding her powers. Umidori later tells Touma that she is not going to use her power, and instead is going to use the violent aftermath of an esper using magic, due to her being a cyborg, she can transfer the effects on any object she chooses. With this, and despite Touma's reluctance, Umidori uses a magic spell using her make-shift arm upon the cliff-side house. The cliffs crumble down, taking out several Trident and GREMLIN forces, though incapacitates her. Saronia arrives inside the building, after ordering backup from the West of Napali Coast.[47]

Kamijou Touma vs. Saronia A. Irivika

Touma fights Saronia, despite lacking his left arm. Saronia shows her superiority in physical combat, as Touma's body lacks the balance he needs to pull off his punches. Even then, Touma manages to catch sight that Saronia isn't using magic against him, despite the advantages of doing so in their fight.[44]

On the defensive, buys time by talking to her and allow her to air her grievances, while he tries to figure out her powers. From time-to-time, Saronia would use pollen on Touma, though it would misfire and miss, forcing Saronia to resort to attacking Touma physically. However, Saronia manages to trick Touma by distracting him in throwing seeds and then firing pollen upon him. Touma is hit, and the left side of his body is made limp. Unable to support his weight, he falls, though; he manages to pick up vital information on her magic.

Touma later picks up his phone and dials numbers on it; Saronia manages to disable Touma, however. There, Touma reveals what he knows of Saronia's powers, much to her amusment. At that moment, Touma's body launches upward, supported by Umidori's cyborg arms, which wrapped around his left leg. With that, Touma manages to finally hits Saronia, though, since the Bomber Lance have been spent, Touma falls to ground again, only able to crawl. Saronia begins ranting about the result of World War III, and on how other nations are reconstructing every aspect of her nation like a puppet, and calling it just and good. Touma tells Saronia that it is his duty to fight those who are making her suffer in the name of justice, and that she shouldn't do things that will make the world blame her. Of course, Saronia does not believe him. All the while Touma is trying to figure out about her magic. Without her realizing, Touma has managed to crawl towards the garden to the side of the log house, and touch the seedling that Harzak Lolas planted. It was an unexpected move, and with that Saronia's enclave there is destroyed and her rules gone. Unable to counter Touma's moves, Touma completely overpowers Saronia.[14]


The true GREMLIN starts to move.

With Saronia defeated, Cinesic is forced to negotiate the conditions of their surrender to Roberto, to which he states that their sentence can be reduced if he orders to quickly withdraw his troops, and reveal all information he had on the organization they have on GREMLIN.[48] Ultimately, Trident disarm and surrender themselves. Hearing of the surrender of Trident, several GREMLIN-affiliated magicians quickly slip away unnoticed, since they were also wearing Trident uniforms. GREMLIN has also cut-off communications with Olay after the failure of the invasion.[49]

Saronia is later captured and taken into custody by the American military,[49] along with Cendrillon, who later escapes.[2] Cendrillon, later manages to end up in Diamond Beach, where she meets Marian Slingeneyer, where she reveals to her that Cendrillon is not a part of GREMLIN, and loses like her and Saronia where only used to further plans, and that GREMLIN never wanted to turn the United States of America into a theocracy, and never believed that the invasion would actually succeed. In anger, Cendrillon tries to attack her, but is quickly taken down by Mjölnir, Marian's creation, and later threatens Cendrillon that she will turn her into something similar.[2]

Fall of the Blueshake Media Empire

With Olay still in hiding, Roberto, with Lindy's cooperation, tries to squeeze Olay into a tight corner. After Trident failed to capture Hawaii, and GREMLIN cut-off her connection to her, Olay believes that she can still control parts of the government using her pawns, or create confusion within it so she can form a contract with GREMLIN again or another organization due to the political vacuum. Her plans are later dashed as, Roberto makes his move. Since, she cannot perform her duties as the owner of the Blueshake media networks due to her being on the lam, the American Bar Association transfers all of her assets and economic foundation, to Lindy Blueshake, as part of Olay's inheritance wish. Furthermore, since Lindy is still a minor as such Harzak Lolas, her legal guardian, will be put in charge of Lindy's inheritance. However, since Olay was involved with the incident in Hawaii, those assets maybe used to compensate for the damage that has been done.

Olay herself confirms this, as she discovers that her subsidiaries, companies, and real estatehave liquidated, as means of her shareholders to minimize damage, as their group's market value. Olay could not also reveal herself to stop the transfer of assets, as enemies she had made will be after her, and that there would be no guarantee in regaining the assets, as she may be pursued by the government for her involvement in Hawaii. With no guarantee, her aide suggests to her to show herself and imprison herself for own safety, before their location is known. With that Olay Blueshake falls.[49]

Problems for Academy City

With Touma and company being influential in the events of the invasion of Hawaii, the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City severs its connections with Academy City, believing that the city itself was allowing people to meddle in international affairs.[50]

Future implications

Mikoto tells Touma that he does not need to do everything alone.

With what happened to Academy City, Leivinia's plan is successful, which would most likely draw GREMLIN to the cooperatives, bringing turmoil in the science side as well. This, however, strains her relationship with Kamijou Touma, and forces to break his connection with her, opting to take his own path separate from hers and the other members, after blaming himself in trusting Leivinia in order to fix the damage. Misaka Mikoto tries to accompany Touma as well, though his actions showed that he might abandon her, as so he believes that she should not carry the burden of her own faults.[51]

Meanwhile, the 27 cooperative factions would later move against Academy City, and would later try to find a superior power other than the City's esper powers, possibly to gather political support from other nations.[52]They will later form Science Guardian and quickly set-up the Natural Selector tournament in Baggage City, as a brazen attempt to overthrow Academy City's authority over supernatural powers.[53]

Despite the failure the invasion, GREMLIN was able to successfully erupt in Kilauea, and spread volcanic ash in the atmosphere, with their plan finished in its first stage. In the meantime, information regarding Brunhild Eiktobel was retrieved by Othinus, giving a steady path Gungnir.[2]

And within all the commotion after the invasion, a mysterious entity takes over Olay Blueshake's FCE after she disconnected it.[54]


  1. It is currently not known how GREMLIN would have manage, either using magic or technology, on turning Kilauea, an active volcano that erupts lava into one that explosively erupts thick ash.
  2. Trigger is a military technology developed for the purpose of not to stop an eruption from occurring but to distribute the energy to minimize its destructive property of the sheer force of an eruption using explosives distributed around the volcano's surface.
  3. Cendrillon's magic bases itself around the classic Cinderella tale. Here, Leivinia uses the fact that Cinderella loses the enchantment given to her during midnight, however, it specifically refers to the passage of time to another day. Leivinia based her counterattack by mimicking the rising of a sun, via the explosion of jetfuel, in order to weaken Cendrillon.
  4. One can assume that since both Misaka Mikoto and Misaka Worst was tasked by Kamijou Touma to disable the cameras due to Leivinia's suspicion that Saronia was using surveillance cameras to spy on them, was a direct reason why Olay was forced to use GREMLIN and Trident to rescue her.


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