Healing Magic (回復魔術 Kaifuku Majutsu?) is a generic term used to refer to any magic spell that can heal injuries.

Principles[edit | edit source]

There are apparently different types of healing magic, some are more specialized, such as Stiyl Magnus being only able to heal burns,[1] or more mundane and subtle ones, such as the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church's "Dietetic treatment".[2]

Healing magic isn't a simple process for magicians, due to differences, in religions, sects, rules, and spells. The magician also has to consider the type of injury, as there are different types of healing magic for each injury. There are apparently specialized magicians for each type of injury.[1]

If certain conditions are met, like a person with vast knowledge, like Index, even an amateur can cast a spell, as with the case of Tsukuyomi Komoe.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Toaru Majutsu no Index[edit | edit source]

Index Arc[edit | edit source]

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Index and Komoe prepares to cast the healing magic ritual.

Index forces Komoe to have her help her in a complicate healing spell. Here, the rituals are quite complicated, requiring Index to force Touma out of Komoe's apartment in order for him to not negate anything, as so she can create the room into a temple for an image of angel to descend into. Index uses the reversal of Idol Theory. After making a miniature model of Komoe's apartment, and with the two of them singing, allowed Index to make a link the room to the model, in which anything that would happen to it would happen to the room. Index then tells Komoe to imagine an angel, and after much difficulty, manages to summon an image of it, finishing the ritual and healing Index.[3]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc[edit | edit source]

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Kanzaki Kaori while visiting Touma at the end of the arc at Heaven Canceller's Hospital mentions that the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church's have a "Dietetic treatment" that allows them to heal them selves by eating and is dismayed at the fact that it would be useless on him.[4]

Daihasei Festival Arc[edit | edit source]

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Orsola eating muffins made by the Amakusa in the library.

When Stiyl is talking over the phone with Sherry Cromwell, Orsola is heard over the phone working along with Sherry on decoding information on the Croce di Pietro. When Sherry chastises Orsola for eating while working, she replies this is a muffin made by the Amakusa that helps with physical recovery as she is still hurt from the events of the Book of the Law that include food rituals that heal her wounds and replenish her energy.[2]

Much later, after Himegami Aisa is brutally attacked by Oriana Thomson due to a case of mistaken identity, Komoe tries to repeat the same spell she did with Index, though she fails to properly set-up the spell. It is not until Stiyl Magnus arrives that they manage to heal Aisa.[1]

Apparently, the healing spell Komoe is using, is one that requires delicate mixing of a magician-made "model" or "miniature garden" to a fixed amount of space. By using this method, if one is to patch up a ragged doll, the person can heal an injured person. But, if one doesn’t separate a fixed perimeter and just completes the model, there won’t be any effect. Not just in the physical sense, the caster has to consider the magic symbols and the way the Angel’s power is to flow in.[1]

Acqua of the Back Arc[edit | edit source]

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After Touma is brutally beaten by Acqua of the Back, Itsuwa tries to heal Touma with found objects nearby, following the tenets of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church. It is different from the spell Index, Komoe, and Stiyl used as it apparently does not need a miniature model or an image of angel to be used. Moreover, it can be done in quick succession. The spell produces green glowing little balls that dance around the body and enter wounds. They are negateable by the Imagine Breaker, which is why Itsuwa fails to heal Touma no matter how many times she used her spell.[5]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[edit | edit source]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc[edit | edit source]

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Cendrillon drags Touma into a nearby alleyway. Discovering that he was shot, she tries to use healing magic on him but the Imagine Breaker simply negates her attempts.[Notes 1] She then tries to use first aid on Touma with items she found on the ground, to which his protests fall on upon deaf ears.[6]

Coronzon Arc[edit | edit source]

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During the events surrounding the emergence of the reproduced Golden Dawn, it was noted that Aleister Crowley cannot recover using healing magic on himself, due to containing the damage caused by the 'sparks' from magic recoil within his own body.[7]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. It is to be noted that the spell was not negated until the light of the spell spread from his wound to the rest of his body where it reached his right hand and negated.

References[edit | edit source]

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