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Heaven Canceller (冥土帰しヘヴンキャンセラー Meido Gaeshi (Hevun Kyanserā)?, lit. "Rescuer from the Other World", Yen Press: the Heaven Canceler), often mentioned as "The Frog-faced Doctor" (カエル顔の医者?) by Touma and many other people, is an exceptionally-gifted and benevolent physician known by those who were cared by him or informed personnel. While he may seem just like any other normal doctor, this medical genius also happens to be an acquaintance of the General Director of Academy City, Aleister Crowley, as he manages the machines that extend Aleister's life span while still supporting the foundation of the city itself.


He is bald-headed and his remaining hair has turned grey. He is always seen wearing a doctor's outfit appearing to be slightly fat. His face is his trademark being the appearance similar to a frog.[1] It should be noted that the doctor might even poke fun that he looks like a Frog, as in his ID card he has a sticker that has a frog.[1]


He loves to be relied upon by his patients and will do his best to fulfill their requests.[2] [3] The doctor has followed the Hippocratic Oath faithfully, even though he calls himself Accelerator's "senpai" and said he has lived through and seen much more darkness compared to Accelerator. He still wishes to help anyone no matter who they are and which side they come from, even after all that he has seen. After Vento's attack on Academy City on September 30th, he displays anger when warning Aleister to stop messing around with his patients, to which Aleister replied the only way for that to happen is to stop the machine that prolongs Aleister's life. However, he could not do so, since even after all Aleister has done he is still one of his patients.[4] In Academy City, he is opposed to Kihara Gensei, with his benevolent methods and adherence to the Hippocratic Oath conflicting with Gensei's desire to advance science no matter the cost.[5]


Before meeting with Aleister in Great Britain, he was the one that came up with the idea of establishing Academy City when he first met Aleister Crowley in a small village in England many years ago when Aleister was on the verge of death from being hunted down by the entire Magic Side.[4] While saving him, in his perfectionism he also prevented Aleister from becoming part of the collection managed by a group of wandering treasure keepers who preserve the bodies of notable individuals, having put him in too perfect a state of suspended animation.[6] He helped Aleister escape to Japan and helped him establish the city, but instead of taking on the role of the founder, he preferred to stay at a hospital, where he can care for patients like he had always done.[4]

Despite this, even though most would merely see Heaven Canceller as a mere doctor on the surface, he still holds a surprisingly high amount of authority and privileges in Academy City which was shown many times such as how he was able to get Misaka to see the imprisoned Therestina Kihara Lifeline.

At some point in time, he was able to create a mysterious life support device that can overcome the problems of aging and life limit of a person in the past through some mysterious theory but later abandoned it as well any life-related research all together,[7] it is assumed that Dark Legacy was part of this research.[8] He was also present during Kihara Gensei's presentation of the Crystallized Esper Essence to the researchers of Academy City, confronting him of abuses during his research.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

Main article: Index Arc

Index hears the bare truth from the Heaven Canceller.

He first appears as the frog-faced doctor. He tells Index bluntly that Touma will not be able to remember her as his memories have been destroyed. He later discovers that Touma lied to Index and asks him about it, to which Touma answers that the memories still reside within his heart.[9]

It is later referenced that Heaven Canceller's failure to recover Touma's memories weigh heavily upon him afterwards.[7]

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

He reappears to reattach Touma's arm after Aureolus Izzard cuts it off the day before, and is astonished by it.[10]

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

The Heaven Canceller reminds Yoshikawa Kikyou who he is.

Heaven Canceller is referenced Yoshikawa Kikyou to be able to save Accelerator despite having his head shot. He later proves this, after Yoshikawa Kikyou wakes up in a certain hospital after an operation conducted by the frog-faced doctor, the Heaven Canceller. He states that even though she was shot point blank with the military pistol, and in a vital artery, she survived because of the efforts of Accelerator, who although, unconscious, used his powers to control the flow of blood in her artery and not allow a single drop to spill, and allowed Heaven Canceller to operate on her artery with relative ease. He says that Accelerator does not look good, as his brain was damaged and his verbal and calculation abilities affected, a necessity in using his powers, the very reason why he is called the strongest esper. Although Kikyou is saddened by this, Heaven Canceller says that she should not worry, he need only to use the troublesome thing that the experiment has left behind, the 10,000 clones, as so he could regain them using their network to perform calculations for him. Kikyou asks about Last Order, to which Heaven Canceller tells that she is fine and is with a girl that is similar to her, Misaka 10032. Before leaving, Heaven Canceller tells Kikyou that their little escapades have forced the higher-ups to permanently terminate the experiment, though they are letting her go after killing Amai Ao, she is basically unemployed. Hearing this Kikyou is disheartened that she can't live as a researcher anymore. The frog-faced doctor then tells her that there are other paths and begins to leave. However, Kikyou raises her voice and pleads to him to save Accelerator, and that if he was unable to, then she will never forgive him. The Heaven Canceller, responds to her rhetorically asking who she thinks he is talking to. He continues by saying that this is his battlefield, and that will return from it, bringing a patient who has been fighting for his life.[7]

Alone in the room, Kikyou remembers Accelerator's words regarding him: the man slaying 10,000 to saving the remaining ones. She smiles and says that Accelerator was able to do it because he tried.[7]

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

After Touma got off relatively unscathed from his battle with Sherry Cromwell and her golem, Heaven Canceller is forced to hear his shouts of joy, as he isn't in for his now routine hospitalizations. However, Heaven Canceller notes that if Touma had continued using his fist it would've been fractured, he later gets suspicious of Aleister Crowley for the sheer coincidences that occurred during the arc.[11]

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Due to Academy City policy, Heaven Canceller calls Touma who is all the way in Chioggia, Italy, and tells him to take the Academy City supersonic jet that is awaiting for him an the local airport. The frog faced doctor also tells him about a certain girl that told him to pass a message to Touma about the Penalty game she won from the Daihasei Festival, with this Touma immediately recognize the girl as Misaka Mikoto. Hearing this, Touma demands to stay in Italy instead of going back to Academy City.[12]

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Before the onset of the invasion, Heaven Canceller checks up on the 10 remaining Sisters in Academy City, and during his question of whether or not all the measurements for the clones would be enough for the new Tokiwadai Middle School winter uniforms they would be wearing, he witnesses Misaka 19090 unable to confirm, like all the clones present there, that they only need one measurement for the uniforms, leading to a fight as the Heaven Canceller complicates matters by pointing out that even though they are clones, differences in diet and exercise would lead to changes to an individual.[13]

Heaven Canceller advises Accelerator over the phone.

During the course of the invasion, Heaven Canceller receives Index, as well as Orson, of the Hound Dogs from Accelerator, giving them refuge, and later contacts him regarding the Kihara Amata and Hound Dogs after him and Last Order, warning him to evacuate the hospital. Heaven Canceller says that based on the information retrieved from the Misaka Network, Last Order is still alive and is with an ordinary person, unfortunately they are being chased by a squad of Hound Dogs, though the exact details are unknown. Heaven Canceller then scolds Accelerator for his lack on focus on a single goal, stating that it is impossible for him to destroy Hound Dogs, kill Kihara Amata and save Last Order without a scratch on her, and advises Accelerator to just return Last Order alive, for if she is alive then Heaven Canceller will save her.[14]

After getting rid of the Hound Dogs after him, Accelerator returns to Heaven Canceller's hospital as so he can ambush the Hound Dogs that are after Index and the Hound Dog he spared earlier. Hound Dog members later infiltrate the hospital Heaven Canceller works in to eliminate one of their own (the Hound Dog that Accelerator spared) and Index, and quite possibly everyone else in the hospital. Here, they discover that the entire facility's patients and personnel has been evacuated most likely into it's basement parking grounds. Here, the Hound Dogs (one of which was one of the Heaven Canceller's former patients) get a call from Heaven Canceller who warns them of the Accelerator's wrath and just quit Hound Dog and forget Kihara Amata. However, they do not heed his warnings, to which the doctor tells them not die as so he can save them as long as they are not dead. After the call they are immediately destroyed by the Accelerator in ten minutes.[15]

For most the arc, Heaven Canceller hides in the underground parking space under the hospital. Heaven Canceller confronts Aleister Crowley on one concern: he warns Aleister to keep his hands off his patients. Aleister playfully asks him about what would happen if he would do otherwise, and Heaven Canceller just points out Aleister's role as a patient, like several of his patients in his hospital. In response, Aleister tells him that his actions will no longer be interrupted, cutting his ties with his old friend and kind enemy.[16]

Skill-Out Uprising

Main article: Skill-Out Uprising

Heaven Canceller relieves the worries of Last Order, who has awoken since the invasion a couple of days prior, that Accelerator (forced to work for GROUP) will definitely return.[17]

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

October 9.

Accelerator threatens Heaven Canceller.

After the events of September 30, Last Order is finally able to be released from the hospital. Heaven Canceller expresses his disbelief that no one would be accompanying her, but Last Order reassures him that she'll be fine in going home. Heaven Canceller says that Aiho has already paid for the fare and tells her to go straight to Aiho's home. Taxi later arrives, and he tells the driver to go. He haves a chat with the driver if he knows where Family Side is, to which he confirms. After the taxi leaves, the Heaven Canceller goes to a vending machine to get some coffee, to which a gun is immediately pointed to the back of his head by Accelerator, newly arrived from Avignon. He demands from him the designs of the electrode as he is the inventor. He asks why he needs it and asks him why he isn't he letting him fix it if it’s not working, though Accelerator does not tell. Heaven Canceller carries the conversation and tells Accelerator that Last Order wanted to see him, to which Accelerator says it has nothing to do with him. However, Heaven Canceller rebuts this, saying that she was his patient who wanted to see him and arranging that is his job, leading to Accelerator to complain. The doctor takes out from his coat a USB stick and hands it to Accelerator, making him note of his preparedness, leading to the doctor say that is his job to prepare for his patients like Accelerator. As he waits for his cup to fill with coffee from the machine, he tells Accelerator that it'd be difficult to apply its contents as he created the important parts himself, and says that of if he wants to make an identical electrode he needs to manufacture those using machine tools. Accelerator hears but doesn't answer, taking the USB with him and silently departed. The doctor then turns around and finds Accelerator gone as his coffee has been prepared.[3]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc
Eve of the Festival

The Frog-faced doctor makes his debut in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, treating Touma for the first time with injuries from the gunshot wounds he sustained from Anti-Skill. He successfully operates on Touma, and notes that it was miraculous, noting that the Anti-Skill's training stuck with them despite one of them accidentally firing at Touma. He puts Touma in the ICU, and notes that once his condition stabilizes, he will be handed over to Anti-Skill. He later leaves, leaving Touma in his room.[18]

It is unknown if Heaven Canceller knew that Touma was conscious, but Touma leaves the hospital, still bloodied and weak from the attack.[18]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

Touma finally ends back in the hospital at the end of an arc. He is in his usual room and after the injuries that he acquired in his journey he is all bandaged up and being applied with blood transfusion and an IV. Touma complains about this predicament of being “pumped” with so much stuff, to which it his heard by the Heaven Canceller upon entering the room. He tells Touma that he should be more worried about his body that was in such a bad state that he wouldn’t have survived without taking those kinds of “inhuman” measures, though Touma doesn’t believe him, saying that he is only saying it to scare him. The Heaven Canceller lets him believe what he wants to believe, much to Touma’s surprise, wanting him to confirm to him that he really won’t survive without all the stuff being pumped into him. Seeing that Touma is healthy enough to shout, he then allows people to visit him, then later leaves as Index arrives.[19]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

Main article: Kamisato Rescue Arc

During the Element infestation and heat wave in December, Heaven Canceller devised and set up sonic countermeasures, consisting of long objects similar to glass wind chimes, to keep his hospital safe from attack and cared for the residents who had taken shelter there, including the students displaced from the destroyed Tokiwadai Middle School. When Touma visited on December 9th, Heaven Canceller gave him the key to the Sphere.[20] On December 10th, he treated Misaka Mikoto after she was severely injured by Aleister's curse.[21][22]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the temporary sealing of Coronzon and the subsequent evacuation of Academy City, Heaven Canceller spent some time reviving Kihara Noukan before travelling to Egypt in order to help Aleister's returned daughter Lilith. Apparently on Aleister's instructions, he claimed to be Allan Bennett to Mina Mathers in order to put her at ease, though his silent discussion with Noukan left the truth somewhat ambiguous.[23][24]

After Coronzon's remote attack and the flight to the United Kingdom, Heaven Canceller continued his work in preparing Lilith's physical body, but stepped out to heal wounds on the battlefield during the attack on the Queen Britannia, escorted by Kanzaki Kaori.[25]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

When the Queen Britannia sank, Heaven Canceller went with the RV group as they escaped in the aftermath of the battle, with Lilith's physical body completed.[26][27] Later that day, the RV was on the outskirts of London as victory celebrations were underway. He was present as Mina Mathers was sulking after realizing his ruse. After making a silly comment as though he was in a pediatric ward to try and remedy the mood, he listened to her explanation regarding how William Wynn Westcott had acted as a cloud for Anna Sprengel.[27]

Following the incident at Windsor Castle, Heaven Canceller dealt with Shokuhou Misaki's injuries, prior to their return to Academy City.[28]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

On Christmas Day, when Touma was hospitalized after Anna Sprengel infected him with St. Germain, Heaven Canceller ran a number of tests and informed Touma of the severity of his situation.[29]

Later on, he was working to treat arriving emergency patients and thinking about the overall situation, as the hospital was receiving a massive influx of patients as a result of R&C Occultics disseminating magical knowledge among the esper population of the city and leading them to suffer injuries from the rejection reaction that espers suffer when they use magic.[30]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

Main article: Level Upper Arc

With the Heaven Canceller receiving many patients who have used the Level Upper, he calls the attention of Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko of the queer coincidence of having all the patients have the same brainwaves, which should be impossible unless someone purposefully altered them. This leads Mikoto and Kuroko that the true holder of the brainwave pattern is Kiyama Harumi.[31]

Poltergeist Arc

Main article: Poltergeist Arc

Heaven Canceller discovers the fate of Harumi's students, which reminds him of Kihara Gensei's experiments on the Crystallized Esper Essence, and decides to bail out Kiyama Harumi from her imprisonment, in order for her to help out on discovering a way to bring them out of their unconsciousness. Heaven Canceller manages to track down every child and put them inside the hospital where he works in, and with his resources, Harumi is slowly able to develop a program to awaken them, though every time she comes close, a RSPK Syndrome, and causes earthquakes in the city.[5]

Misaka Mikoto's personal investigation leads her to the abandoned Advanced Education Department, and finds Harumi there, looking for the First Sample, the final ingredient for the cure. After triggering a security alarm, Harumi takes her to the hospital, where Heaven Canceller awaits and explains his reasons for bringing Harumi and the children there, as well as his past with Kihara Gensei. However, Therestina manages to track them down, and with the proper warrant, takes the children away from Harumi, with the Heaven Canceller unable to do anything.[5]

Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

Prior to the start of the arc's storyline proper, Mikoto meets Heaven Canceller again regarding her Sisters. Here, he gives Mikoto the grim news that since the Sisters were supposed to be killed, their bodies are quickly deteriorating and not have much time to live, much to Mikoto's horror. However, Heaven Canceller offers her news that they are being sent out abroad for adjustments to their bodies to allow them to live longer.[32]

The Heaven Canceller gets a major supporting role during the arc. He first appears in the hospital after Febrie is transferred from Mizuho Medical Institute, and discovers that she is an artificial human. He tells Mikoto of this and divulges to her Febrie's apparent relation with the dark side of Academy City, hearing of rumors of a group that attempted to make someone like Febrie many ages ago. He is later visited by Saten Ruiko asking her on a way to reproduce the poison neutralizer, the lollipop, that Febrie requires to survive, though his reply doesn't leave Ruiko with much confidence.[33]

When Mikoto visits her again, he informs her of his analysis of the mysterious hair that was given to him by them. Here, he states that it is the same as Febrie but is different from her, which Mikoto suspects to be from Febrie's older sister. Heaven Canceller bears bad news to Mikoto, stating that at the rate that Febrie is eating the lollipops, she'll deplete at around 72 hours. Mikoto is horrified and hurries to find the group behind Febrie even though she has no clue where to start. Heaven Canceller calls her out on this, and tells her that if she needs information from the dark side of Academy City, she needs to speak to someone who is part of it. Using his influence, he arranges a meeting between her and the incarcerated Therestina Kihara Lifeline.[33]

He later briefly reappears on September 2, while observing Misaka 10032, Misaka 19090, Misaka 10039, and Misaka 13577 enjoying their milk tea.[34]

Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

On September 20, Mikoto visits him to check on the condition of Misaka 10032. Heaven Canceller tells to her that after someone brought 10032 to the hospital, at the same time the information of the virus that she was injected with was sent to him, thus being able to make vaccine for it. He also tells Mikoto that it may take a few days before she recovers.[35] He then observes the condition of Misaka 10032 at night, while Mikoto is walking together with her friends.[36]

Dream Ranker Arc

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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

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Necromancer Arc

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Nectar Arc

Main article: Nectar Arc

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Fourth Friday of August

While Misaka 10032, Misaka 10039, Misaka 13577, and Misaka 19090 argue in the waiting room, Heaven Canceller is enjoying his coffee when a young nurse approaches him. Here, she asks that since the girls are connected to the Misaka Network that functions as a single brain and held a single will that intervened with the individual Sisters, then why they are still arguing.[38]

After taking a sip of his coffee, the Heaven Canceller explains that despite that will that intervenes with the individual Sister so that they don't need to narrow their thoughts down to only one opinion, it doesn't always work for everything. He says that with a normal person, they have multiple options that they can whittle down to a single one and act on it, but the Sisters do not have to choose one from those multiple choices as they can choose all as they have multiple bodies. In the end, he says, the Sisters have a single large will unilaterally intervening in their minds and the different individuals have started to choose different paths of action, allowing them to argue while still being a Misaka, part of the Network. Heaven Canceller states that it is good and it makes them very human. He then says that he hopes that it will lead them to grow individual personalities.[38]

The Second Friday of October

Kumokawa Seria and Kaizumi Tsugutoshi asks the Heaven Canceller to allow them permission in having the Sisters be used in a simultaneous attack on organizations outside of the city in order to rescue the Gemstones that have been captured by them.[39] He later agrees and the Sisters are later successful in freeing the Gemstones with no casualties on their side.[40]

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Heaven Canceller appears briefly after Touma get burns after being subjected by Shutaura Sequenzia's explosive Earth Palette, commenting on how Touma must be trying to aim for record for most hospitalizations.


Heaven Canceller's great medical ability and experience allows him to heal practically any sickness or injury, even if it is terminal. He is said to be so skilled that he can distort God's rules.[7]

He however cannot bring back the dead, patients must be brought to him alive in order for him to heal them and he is also unable to heal specific brain-related injuries, such as Touma's destroyed memories and Accelerator's computation ability; however, in the latter case, he was able to configure Accelerator to control his powers with support from the Misaka Network.[7] He also mentioned that his patients have to be human. An example of such includes Febrie, as she was a Chemicaloid, and therefore not human.[41] Later, even though animals aren't his specialty, he was able to revive and heal Kihara Noukan,[23] who had previously been heavily injured and placed into cold sleep.[42]

He also is the creator of the "Dark Legacy," a tool discarded a long time ago, probably during his young age, which is now on Aleister's hands and used to keep the #4 Level 5 Mugino Shizuri alive and preserve the brain of the #2 Level 5, Kakine Teitoku after the events of the Volume 15.[8][43]

Due to his years of experience, Heaven Canceller is also extremely perceptive, mentally and emotionally. He is easily able to guess what one of his patients wants to accomplish and usually already has what they have in mind. If he is unable to procure what the patients want, then he usually has a backup plan in mind.[3]

He is capable of using sign language.[24]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Introduced in volume 1, though not getting a design until volume 2, Heaven Canceller is described by Haimura of looking like a quack. According to Haimura, while drawing the doctor, Haimura thought that it would be less interesting if characters would look like a moe character or good looking guy, because of that thought, eventually lead to the design of Sherry Cromwell and Vento of the Front.[44]

For his design in the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga adaptation, and had him designed to look like a mascot instead of a character.



  • "Who do you think I am?" (Said various times to various people when they asked about whether or not the patient could be saved.)
  • Actually, there’s a close relationship between medicine and the supernatural… I don’t mean that there are ghosts inside this hospital, you know? It’s just that sometimes, due to religious reasons, a blood transplant won’t do, an operation won’t do, and saving one person’s life would end up with that person suing us. Thus, as a doctor, the way to treat these spiritual groups is to ‘follow what the patient says’” (Epilogue of Volume 1)
  • Hn? Please don't be mistaken though. I prefer to 'do it' than to be 'done in'. And I prefer the delivery platform to the operation table--” (Epilogue of Volume 2)
  • "This is my battlefield, and no matter what, I will return from my battlefield with my patients healed" (Volume 5, epilogue. Said to Yoshikawa when she asked about Accelerator's survival.)
  • "I've seen a hell far worse than any you have ever seen, and I have survived. Don't look down on the profession of a doctor, I've probably seen more blood and tears than you, I just didn't become a tragedy. That is why I'm called Heaven Canceller" (Volume 13, Chapter 6. Said to Accelerator when he accused Heaven Canceller of being only a doctor and not knowing anything about the darkness of Academy City.)
  • "It doesn't matter if her arms are broken, her skin gets torn off, or even if her internal organs are damaged; as long as you get her to me alive, I will definitely cure her. I will protect her life, and regardless of any physical or mental wounds, I will heal it, and let her stand before you whole again" (Volume 13, Chapter 6. Said to Accelerator, telling him to focus on getting Last Order back as first priority, and not to bite off more than he can chew.)


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