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Higuchi Pharmacology Laboratory 7 (樋口製薬・第七薬学研究ひぐちせいやく・だいななやくがくけんきゅうセンター Higuchi Sei Yaku Dai Nana Yaku Gaku Kenkyū Senta?, lit. "Higuchi Pharmaceutical Seventh Pharmaceutics Research Center") is a medical research center in Academy City owned by Higuchi Pharmaceutics. It is located in School District 7 and is most likely numbered after the fact that it is located in the district.

It is most famous as the research center that had requested Misaka Mikoto for her DNA Map, in order to help patients with muscular dystrophy. In truth, her DNA was used in order to produce military clonesSisters.[1]


A young Misaka Mikoto inside the facility given the fateful offer.

As seen in flashbacks, the city used to have several doctors and nurses, as well as patients. Hither, muscular dystrophy was of apparent focus.

It was shown that even then, the young prodigy known as Nunotaba Shinobu worked in the facility during the time when a young Misaka Mikoto was asked for her DNA Map.[2]

Although unknown as to what extent their experiments have gone, as it is obvious that even though there are incubation tanks and other cloning paraphernalia in the facilities, that no cloning have taken place in the facility, after the realization and might have been the facility that realized that cloning for a facsimile of level 5 was an impossibility, and ultimately branded it as a failure before being taken up for the Level 6 Shift experiment.[1]


Sisters Arc

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The now unused laboratory, as seen in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S.

Due to the queer actions of Nunotoba Shinobu whom Mikoto has just met, she decides to investigate into her history and discover that she once worked in the 7th Medical Research Center. Mikoto infiltrates the facility after little trouble, and thither, discovers a report anent the malign secrecy of the facility, wherein lies the carefully written and verbose thesis on her genetic code's potential in order to create an army of level 5 clones of her person. Predictably, the noisome suggestions of her apparent cloning sickens her, however, upon reading further upon the report she discovers that Tree Diagram has calculated that the clones are not even up to par with Misaka Mikoto, and could only reach level 2 or 3. With this realization, Mikoto read, that the production have been stopped to reduce the losses of the research center. With that knowledge, Mikoto presumes that there is no longer a need for her to worry and furtively leaves the facility. However, unbeknownst to her, a clone of hers is escorted into the room Mikoto was previously, whose mission it was erase the archived history of the experiments thither.[1]

Later, after acquiring a copy of the list of facilities involved with the Sisters Project, Mikoto marks the pharmacy as having been "evacuated", and later hides the map and research papers inside Kirugumar, and under her bed. This would later prove essential later, as Kamijou Touma finds the copy himself when he visits her room in the Tokiwadai Dormitory.[3]

Three Stories Arc

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Since the First Production Plan started in 7th Medical Research Center, it can be presumed that this was the research center Amai Ao escapes to with Last Order, and the place where he faces off against Accelerator, although, it is not explicitly stated.