Himegi Matsuri (姫戲茉離 Himegi Matsuri?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.[2][3]


Matsuri is a petite young girl with blonde hair which curls at the ends.[4] She dresses up like a princess and wears a small crown.


Matsuri acts like the way she dresses, like a stuck up princess.[5] Despite her bratty and haughty nature, she tries to help others when she can, even if she is endangering herself.[1] Her absolute rule, in her own words, is that she will save anyone in need.[3]


Matsuri's background is largely unknown. At some point in the past, a mechanical heart and tubes were installed in her body in order to gather secreted materials from an esper's body.[3] At another point, someone saved her in her time of need. Later, that person needed help themselves, motivating her to try and save them.[1][3] Prior to her meeting with Accelerator, she had been confined for a while.[5][3]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Nectar ArcEdit

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Himegi Matsuri's Mechanical Heart

The mechanical heart and collection system

Matsuri is a Level 1 esper. In spite of this, her body has been chosen as the one to be used to gather the secretions that are used to create the Body Crystal.[1][3] The machine which collects these secretions and functions as her heart uses gears and springs to move,[3] and is connected to thin tubes extending throughout her body, including her brain.[3]


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