Hino Jinsaku (火野 神作 Hino Jinsaku?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a serial killer with a multiple personality disorder. Jinsaku escapes imprisonment and during the course of the Angel Fall Arc his submissive personality takes over. Due to his tendency to call out to his "Angel-sama", he becomes the first suspect of Angel Fall's activation and the primary antagonist of the first half of the arc.

He does not appear in the anime adaptation.


Jinsaku appears as a frail and skinny middle-aged man with beady eyes, which show signs of being out of focus, or focusing in different directions. He has signs of male pattern baldness and a shrill voice.[1]


In his personality during the Angel Fall Arc, Jinsaku appears to be totally helpless to the heed of his "Angel-sama", a probable auditory hallucination that commands him to make sacrifices. During the time of Angel Fall, his right hand however shows signs of his normal personality, writing words involuntarily from the currently dominant personality. For example Jinsaku writes hospital on the ground when he is gravely injured, though he is constantly rambling.

Jinsaku also shows no problems with committing self-harm if commanded to by his "Angel-sama" or his subordinate personality in his right hand.[2]

He specializes in using psychological fear and irritation to cause his prey to become immobile but it is unknown if he is aware that he is doing so.[1]


Jinsaku has a history of being a psychiatric patient. Prior to the events of the arc he had murdered 28 people in ritual killings and had become an internet cult sensation, leading to people to admire or even imitate him. Despite the doubt as to Jinkaku's culpability due to his multiple personality disorder, he was found guilty of murder and was convicted and incarcerated in Shinfuuchuu Prison in Kanagawa Prefecture as prisoner number 710687. The debate regarding his responsibility for the murders was still ongoing during the time of Angel Fall.[1]

The day before the activation of Angel Fall, Jinsaku manages to escape Shinfuuchuu Prison but it is unknown if he did so before the switching occurs.[3] Jinsaku gains supporters and allies, and even wanted to use one of their apartments as a hiding place. However the police were able to pick up his trail faster than he anticipated and he is forced to take refuge in Wadatsumi.[1] He is already injured, probably due to self-harm, before he attacks Kamijou Touma.[1]


Angel Fall ArcEdit

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Jinsaku arrives in Wadatsumi seeking refuge from the police. He hides under the floorboards of the ground level just below Touma, who is watching television, coincidentally about Jinsaku's escape. After he confirms to his "Angel-sama" if he wants Touma to be sacrificed, he attacks him from under the floorboards. Jinsaku misses, but his actions paralyze Touma and the latter is unable to fight back as Jinsaku grabs his foot.

Touma is saved by the timely arrival of Misha Kreutzev, who destroys the floorboards and dives into Jinsaku's hiding spot. She ruthlessly mangles Jinsaku's left wrist and pulls out his teeth in the struggle, which forces him to the surface. He tries to attack Touma again, but the latter distract him with his cell phone, creating more distance between them. As Jinsaku rambles on about "Angel-sama", Touma begins to recall on how his appearance has yet to change despite Angel Fall. Jinsaku then stabs himself suddenly. However, Misha finally comes out of the floor and destroys one of his teeth that she had pulled out. In retaliation, Jinsaku throws his poison-tipped blade, which grazes Touma. This allows him to escape as Misha had to treat Touma for the poison.[1]

Index v04 005 Clean

Jinsaku about to ambush Motoharu.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Kanzaki Kaori, and Misha, with Touma's input, later determine that Jinsaku is the top suspect for casting Angel Fall. They later discover that he has holed up in a residential area, actually in Touma's house, with police and media hounding the scene. Using a bit of magic, they transfer the police's concerns to another house, believing it to be Touma's. In the souvenir-filled house, they discover that Jinsaku has covered the windows and doors, darkening the place, as well as released gas that would cause an explosion. Touma and Motoharu, who were assigned in the ground floor, first encounter Jinsaku. He tries to ambush Motoharu but Touma manages to tackle his friend to the ground. This forces Jinsaku's attention onto Touma, but his weapon gets kicked out of his hands by Motoharu.
Index v04 182

The psycho killer is innocent... sort of.

Touma tries to charge towards Jinsaku, but he flees with his blade. Motoharu pursues Jinsaku instead and tells Touma to turn off the gas. Touma later sees Motoharu fight Jinsaku and using Touma as a distraction, he easily takes Jinsaku down with a single hit. They interrogate him but Jinsaku continue to ramble about "Angel-sama", not knowing what they are talking about, while writing sporadically on the floor with his right hand. This annoys the magicians present as interrogation goes nowhere. Kanzaki threatens Jinsaku with death but Touma saves his life by explaining multiple personality disorder, thanks to Tsukuyomi Komoe's lessons. They conclude that Angel Fall has switched Jinsaku's dominant and subordinate personalities, thus he is not the culprit behind Angel Fall, and his right hand is the true personality that has been kept inside by the switch.[2]

Touma leaves with Kanzaki to go after Misha, who was after Kamijou Touya, the true culprit behind Angel Fall, with Motoharu left to deal with Jinsaku.[4] It is unknown what happens next, but later revealed that Jinsaku has been recaptured.[5]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Jinsaku appears only once in the series and as such his design remains static. His appearance is based on Gollum from the Lord of the Rings,[6] appropriate given his obsession with his "Angel-sama", comparable to Gollum's obsession with the One Ring.



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