Hishigata Mikihiko (菱形幹比古 Hishigata Mikihiko?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator. He is a scientist working for the DA, a rogue Anti-Skill group.


He has messy blond hair, and what could only be described as bored-looking eyes. He is shown to be wearing a labcoat over a turtleneck sweatshirt.

He is often seen with a sucker in his mouth.


He is willing to use corpses for his Coffins and even use live humans for his research, if him wanting to use Accelerator as a specimen is something to go by. He is willing to slaughter a subordinate if they have failed the organization, as exemplified to what happened Nishio. However, he is wise enough not to take on challenges when he does not have the time, as with Accelerator.[3]

He has a verbal tic or a peculiar way ending of a sentence, using Yeah (うん Un?) sometimes at the end.[3]


He and his sister Hirumi are part of the DA, and are in search for the perfect mind and body,[3] and in turn achieve the perfect esper.[4] However, the two have their own plans and are just using DA for their own ends.[5]

In the beginning he was doing research on how esper powers resided in the human body. He was later helped by the arrival of Esther Rosenthal, who claims she had been "tricked" into participating. Regardless, it was with her help that Hishigata was able to strengthen esper powers by reinforcing the body, though only on corpses.[4] This would eventually lead to the Coffins. Later, Hirumi dies but is resurrected by Esther, much to his relief. However, she later discovers that Hirumi became possessed by the evil spirit Taowu, though Hishigata could not tell the difference.[4]

DA apparently wants to cleanse Academy City of evil, as well as put a new "layer" unto the world using Last Order,[3] which is apparently putting her into the core of a weapon that Hishigata has built.[5] He later meets Esther Rosenthal who became privy to a few details on their plans,[3] and becomes essential with the plan in putting Last Order into the core of the aforementioned weapon.


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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He directs Nishio when he tries to infiltrate a certain hospital where Esther went into after escaping her restraints.[6]

He later berates Nishio for blaming him regarding the Prototype Coffin failing against Accelerator. He later kills Nishio using the Qiong Qi after he discovers that he lied that he has captured Esther. When Esther arrives with Accelerator in the warehouse, he divulges to her that their plans are advancing, and later tells Accelerator that he would like him to be a specimen of his. He later has the mecha leave as it is too soon to fight Accelerator, easily deflecting his wind attacks using the mecha.[3]

Later, he is present with the voice conference of his colleagues and superiors concerning the recent actions by Nakimoto Rizou of the Academy City Board of Directors, a former financier for them. He later receives a report that one of the DA operatives captured a hostage during a botched mission. Seeing that the hostage is a clone, he requests his superior if he can have the clone, to which his superior allows, though asks why, to which Hishigata gives a hackneyed response that it is about "justice".[7] As the extermination campaign on DA continues, the top brass of the organization are looking for a means to turn the tide, and one of them asks Hishigata about the weapon that can "settle things on the battlefield", to which he says the weapon will not work as Esther has escaped and that DA has failed in capturing Last Order as so to acts as its core. However, he assures them that if they can get the Sister he requested, then he should be able to pull it off. Seizing this chance, the leaders then have the remnants of Branch 03, the one that was destroyed by the Scavengers, to regroup in Seiin High School, specifically its Sixth Chemistry Building. After the end of the conference with the leaders, he then visits Hirumi, saying that it is about time for them to cut ties with DA, and that they will do it once they get their hands on the Sister.[5]

After a fierce battle with DA and the Scavengers, Accelerator gets attacked by Hishigata and his Qiong Qi, and later Hundund and Taotie.[8] This allows him to finally get Misaka 10046, and collect data from her.[9] Esther and Hasami later infiltrate Hishigata's headquarters, where she confronts him about Hirumi who is possessed by the evil spirit Taowu, though Hishigata doesn't believe her. Esther promises that for her friend Hirumi's sake, she will stop them.[4]

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  • (To Nishio, from Accelerator Chapter 2): "Fragile justice is an evil that disturbs the order. An evil must be destroyed even if its one of us. Our organization is meant to bring perfect justice to Academy City."


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