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Hokaze Junko (帆風潤子 Hokaze Junko?) is a recurring character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, and the main character of the sidestory Astral Buddy,[3] from which her name is finally revealed.[4]

Once only known as the Ringlet curl girl (縦ロール Tate Rōru?, lit. "Ringlet Curls"),[5] also known as the Drill hair girl, she is a 3rd year student of Tokiwadai Middle School,[2] and the most prominent and arguably the most loyal member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique.


She appears as a beautiful middle school girl with a slender body frame, with a small bust size but her actual size is as big as Misaki's. She has long lavender hair with ringlet curls and purple eyes.[6][7]


She acts like a proper ojou-sama. She greatly admires Misaki,[2] and is concerned for Misaki whenever something concerns her, such as refusing to give her sweets to preserve her figure, and stepping in for her when Keitz Nokleben tried to strike a conversation with Misaki. Indeed, even without being ordered to, she is willing to go to Misaki if she notices something amiss and freely offers to aid her even without knowing any details about the current situation.[8]

Outside of Misaki's clique, she can be described as kind but naive, believing that she can make Misaki and Mikoto get along, as well as being unable to comprehend the lewd nature of Aogami Pierce's conversation regarding his dreams with Misaki and Mikoto.[9] She is also a fan of Gekota,[5] to the point that she has Gekota underwear and is unable to choose between Misaki and Gekota.[10]


Clone Dolly: Ideal

Junko was originally a subject of the esper research laboratory Ideal (part of the Clone Dolly project), alongside others including the Yumiya sisters, Mitsuari Ayu, Shokuhou Misaki, and even the young Ghost Girl herself: Yuuri Senya. Her power meant that she was at risk of harming people who got close to her, so she told others to stay away. Even at this stage, she had a destructive output in the Level 5 range. Her power also caused her painful cluster headaches every day. Misaki approached her nevertheless and used her own power to relieve the pain.[11] However, she was still hesitant in allowing the other girls to get close to her for fear of hurting them with her powers.[12]

Later, she would become part of the experiment that would create the "Ideal" power, the reason why Clone Dolly: Ideal was created in the first place. She was put unconscious as Senya's power was allowed to interfere with her and the other girls' personal realities. As a result, a monster was created from the myriad personal realities that had fused with the AIM being that was the core to Senya's power, and possesses one of the researchers. It goes on a rampage, and hurts both Yumiya Iruka and Yumiya Rakko, the former losing an eye in the process. Junko later wakes up and uses her powers to fight the monster but it had regenerative powers like her. Junko later experiences another headache at the worst moment and is unable to fight any longer. However, she is saved by the intervention of Toomine Kanari, who is fatally wounded by an attack, allowing Ayu to use her powers to "exorcise" the researcher. Junko and Ayu witness her final moments, with Toomine patting Junko's head in comfort one last time.[12]

Tokiwadai Middle School

Sometime later, Junko enrolls into Tokiwadai Middle School. Junko is considered to be the #2 member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique, and manages the clique on behalf of its more "uncontrollable and laissez-faire" leader.[4]

Prior to having her ringlet curls Junko had twin braided hair, that is until the beginning of Spring of the current year of the timeline where she goes to Sakashima Michibata's salon, where he gives her ringlet curls. Junko was dejected until she found that Shokuhou Misaki, the Queen, was all right with it.[13] Junko wore the ringlet curls since then, though she would wear braids before sleeping.[14]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Agitate Halation Arc

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Misaka Mikoto, while searching for Kamijou Touma in the School Garden, sees ten members of Shokuhou Misaki's clique in their winter uniforms leaving a fancy shop. Among them is the "ringlet curls girl", who is carrying a large brand-name gym bag over her shoulder.[15]

Mental Out Arc

Main article: Mental Out Arc

After Misaki visits an SNS that their clique used using her account for the first time in three months asking cryptic questions, the Ringlet curl girl makes use of the vast information network of the clique to track Misaki down. She later confronts Misaki as she prepares to enter the faculty apartment building that Kumokawa Seria currently resides in. Finding her, Misaki says that she did not give her any orders, to which the girl explains that she used the information network of the clique to track her down after she acted suspiciously. She says that there are around 10 other volunteers waiting for her orders and that she and the others don't need to explain the details. Misaki tells her that she will give her orders but at the moment is not a good time, saying that the more people with her the greater the danger of being controlled. The girl accepts, but says that they should at least create an alibi for her leaving the dorm, to which Misaki agrees. As Misaki tries to continue onwards, the Ringlet curl girl frowns and calls to her again, but Misaki tells her to leave her alone for now, saying that the person she is about to meet is as dangerous as her, referring it to more as a request from her instead of an order. Finally, the girl accepts Misaki's request and tells her to be careful, to which Misaki says thanks.[8]

After exiting the apartment building, the Ringlet curl girl appears before Misaki again, asking if there is something wrong. Misaki replies that she is fine though the girl says that if she is in some kind of trouble she need only tell them what to do. Misaki says that working alone is best for now, and says that if she really does need her she will not hesitate to give her an order. Misaki later leaves.[16] Later, after discovering that her memories of Touma was real after all, and that the person made it so that Misaki would notice it, Misaki finally decides to confront her tormentor. She calls the Ringlet curl girl telling her that now she needs her. Misaki instructs her that she will be using them for her own benefit, asking her to gather together only those who are willing to be her pawns.[16]

It is likely that the girl followed Misaki all the way to the Ground Geo where she would later confront Mitsuari Ayu. Later, when Misaki noticed that they would be in danger after the appearance of FIVE_Over (Out_Sider), she had the members of her clique quickly leave in order for not to get harmed. Moreover, it is also for them to take out the people who provides the FIVE_Over OS viewpoints that allow it to create its illusions, and then hijack the lenses to provide malicious feedback to FIVE_Over OS, allowing the clique to take control of it.[17] The Ringlet curl girl is seen taking out one of these people, a man in a knit hat.[18]

Element Arc

Main article: Element Arc

On December 8th, in the middle of the abnormal heat wave, she was present when Mikoto arrived at School Garden with Kamijou Touma in tow,[19] and offered to help Misaki taking Touma to the infirmary, to which Misaki declined, asking her to let her do it on her own.[20]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Junko appears alongside other clique members and Misaka Mikoto in Bali, Indonesia after Academy City is shut down, looking at one of the Crowley's Hazards who lost their way en route to Singapore (a former territory of the British Empire) that were defeated by Mikoto and Misaki.[21]

In the bonus story prior to going to Bali, she and the other girls including Shirai Kuroko are in Tokyo by a convenience store, waiting for Misaki and Mikoto to decide which country there were to go to after Academy City was shut down.[22]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Hokaze among the people returning to Academy City

Following Academy City's recovery, she and the other Tokiwadai students reunited with Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki at the airport in School District 23.[23][24]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

She is first seen walking with the rest of Shokuhou Misaki's clique. Kongou Mitsuko says they look like a procession of a daimyō.[25]

Later, she sees Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki arguing in the library. She tries to come to her queen's assistance only to be subjected to Shokuhou's Mental Out. After Shokuhou stops the mind control, Ringlet curl girl bids Mikoto good day.[7][26]

Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

She briefly appears on September 2, while serving Misaki along with other members of the Clique of the Queen of Tokiwadai.[27]

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

In the days leading up to the Daihaseisai, Ringlet curl girl is having tea with Shokuhou Misaki and two other members of the clique. She scolds Shokuhou who is attempting to eat a second eclair. Shokuhou then uses her mind control and tells her to go eat 20 eclairs as quickly as possible.[28]

Junko showing her Gekota phone to Mikoto

September 20, the second day of the Daihaseisai: She and the rest of Shokuhou Misaki's clique are charged with watching over Misaka Mikoto.[29] She sees that Mikoto has a Gekota phone and reveals that she has one too. She says that she managed to acquire a rare mail order limited edition Gekota strap from that year's M-fes. She tells Mikoto that she will give it to her if she gives her all in the day's events. Mikoto becomes very excited for a moment, but then realizes that this is all a trap and that Ringlet curl girl is frighteningly skilled.[5]

Hokaze witnesses the black sphere

Later that day, during the events surrounding the Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto, which Shokuhou was involved in, she witnessed the black sphere created by the transformed Mikoto from afar, which led to feelings of powerlessness in the coming weeks.[30]

Dream Ranker Arc

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc
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Junko telling Mikoto about getting a limited-edition Gekota strap through a certain promo

Ringlet curl girl appeared again in this arc, greeting Mikoto, who don't have a clue who she is until she takes off her swimming cap and introduces herself. She then talks about a limited-edition Gekota merchandise available through a particular promo to Mikoto. Then, she watched the confrontation between her queen Misaki and Mikoto and tries to calm them down, but fails, even though she is a higher year than them. She left the scene with Misaki when the dorm supervisor appeared behind Mikoto. Later on, Ringlet curl girl meets Mikoto once again to apologize, giving her an Indian Poker card to make up for the incident.[2][31]

Being unable to bond Mikoto and Misaki despite her efforts, Junko cries in disappointment

The following day, Ringlet curl girl asks Mikoto what she thought about her Indian Poker card and invites her over for tea, in which Mikoto reluctantly accepts. At the School Garden, with Mikoto and Misaki drinking tea together, Ringlet curl girl states that this is an opportunity to bond together, but the two Level 5s disagree. She then follows her "Queen"'s orders to stop using Indian Poker (being more popular to her fellow clique members). During the meeting of "BLAU" with his fans, she was clueless on what they are talking about while the two girls she tried to bond each other disgust on what they are saying. She then failed to stop the two Level 5s on getting revenge on "BLAU" for breaching their privacy. After that, Ringlet curl girl tries to lighten the mood by asking them if they have dreams of a gentleman they like, but the two Level 5s dodge the question and make up terrible excuses to leave, much to her disappointment.[9][31]

Astral Buddy

Astral Buddy Arc

Main article: Astral Buddy Arc

Junko is consulted by Kuroko and Makigami Komaki about the "Stay away from my Onee-sama" case. Junko notes that the victims are all her friends, causing Kuroko and Komaki to realize that the "Onee-sama" might be her. Junko proposes that she and Kuroko cling to each other as if they were romantically involved in order to lure out the culprit. This succeeds and the two of them pursue the culprit to the roof, Junko using her ability to enhance her sense of smell. After an argument, Kuroko tells Junko that the culprit is in love with her in a romantic sense, causing Junko to blush with embarrassment. The culprit finds her reaction cute but accidentally stumbles over the edge of the rooftop. Junko attempts to save her but injures her arm in the process, and Kuroko saves them both. After the case is settled, Junko talks to a doll (previously left behind by the culprit), only for the an actual ghost to appear and greet her.[4]

Junko runs away from the ghost, only to wake up in her bed and the ghost to emerge in front of her. The ghost points out that Junko is naked, to the latter's embarrassment. She then explains that she brought Junko here by possessing her body, and finally points out that Junko is late for school. Junko doesn't want the ghost to follow her, so she runs away while using her power. This doesn't work but does allow Junko to realize that no one else can see the ghost. The ghost convinces Junko to help her find the owner of a lost puppy. After this, Junko is able to calm down and talk to the ghost properly. Though reluctant to admit to her being a ghost, she decides to help her. However, Junko becomes alarmed when the ghost asks her what she'll do about school.[32]

The next morning, Junko goes to school (accompanied by the ghost) and takes part in a clique-run brainstorming meeting. Junko starts drawing a picture of the ghost, only for an exhausted Misaki to burst into the room. After providing care to Misaki, Junko and the clique learn that Misaki's bag was stolen by a monkey. Misaki orders most of the clique to pursue the monkey but has Junko stay behind to finish her massage. Misaki notices Junko's picture of the ghost and asks about it, approaching very close to Junko. Two clique members return with the bag and monkey, only to misunderstand the situation. Afterwards, Junko is still embarrassed by what happened and barely pays attention to the ghost or Misaki. Misaki has a mind-controlled girl bump into Junko to secretly pass her a more accurate picture of the ghost (whose appearance Misaki had presumably read from Junko's mind). Junko is confused at the additional picture.[33]

Junko visits the Judgment office to discuss the dropped picture. Junko asks Kuroko if she knows someone good at investigation and she recommends Uiharu Kazari. Junko and the ghost head to Kazari's school, where they meet both Kazari and her friend Saten Ruiko. When Junko brings up the topic of Tokiwadai's seven mysteries, Ruiko is excited and describes several urban legends that she knows. Ruiko eventually mentions Indian Poker, which can supposedly be used to experience these urban legends. She and Junko visit the Indian Poker Trader and examine his wares.[34]

Junko and other students take part in a Powers Development Exam. As one part of the exam, they perform archery under the guidance of Yumiya Iruka. The teacher decides to turn the session between the girls into a contest where the winner gets a rare Gekota makeup pouch (which Junko strongly desires). However, Iruka discreetly sabotages Junko and Kuroko with her ability to win the contest. Afterwards, Junko (still dejected over her loss) walks around while chatting with the ghost girl.[35]

Junko comes to the rescue when Komaki is trying to stop Misaki being abducted.[36] She thanks Komaki for stalling long enough for her to arrive, then proceeds to fight Iruka's accomplice Houjou Arei. Neither of them is able to get the upper hand, so Iruka tells her accomplice that they're out of time. Iruka threatens to attack Komaki in order to lure Junko into a trap - a net made of reinforced fibres. Iruka dares Junko to come after them, on the condition that she do so alone, and escapes with her accomplice.[37]

Junko, having freed herself from the net, meets up with other members of the clique. She is miserable at failing to catch the kidnappers, but Kobayashi tells her to pull herself together. Junko organises the clique and gives orders to find where Misaki was taken. She receives a call from the ghost (possessing Misaki's body) and is now able to track Misaki's phone via GPS. Junko heads out in pursuit.[38]

Following the GPS signal, Junko arrives at a warehouse only to find Iruka there - Iruka had figured out that Junko was tracking them. Junko admits to remembering that Iruka from their Clone Dolly days and they begin fighting.[39] Iruka initially has the upper hand, so Junko decides to retreat, barricading the path behind her. She plans her next move and wonders why Iruka keeps one of her eyes covered by her hair. Junko decides to use a flour-based bomb to destroy the ceiling above Iruka, dropping the large water tank on the warehouse roof. The resulting water hinders Iruka's attacks and Junko takes her down. Iruka refuses to give up, demanding that Junko use her full power. Iruka uses her last resort, shooting countless lasers from her right eye.[40] However, Junko is able to defend with Rampage Dress and rushes to stop Iruka's head from hitting the ground (as Iruka faints from overuse of her power).[30]

Junko receives a call from Kobayashi explaining that her group has successfully retrieved Misaki. After confirming that Junko never visited the enemy headquarters, Kobayashi hangs up. Junko breathes a sigh of relief, only for Arei to attack her from behind. Senya quickly possesses Junko to make her dodge this attack. Arei refuses to surrender and continues fighting, demonstrating even greater physical abilities than before thanks to using both Hard Taping and an electric potential elastic suit. Arei is able to predict Junko's attacks and eventually lands a powerful hit on her. Senya tries to encourage Junko, but instead embarrasses her by reminding her of her past, forcing the AIM thought being to pull her out of the way of Arei's attack. Arei then comments on how Junko doesn't appreciate the danger and decides to force her to fight seriously, by poisoning Iruka and swallowing the antidote. Junko remembers her past and unleashes her full power. With the help of Senya (who possesses Iruka to use her power to blind Arei), Junko repeatedly punches Arei in the abdomen until she regurgitates the antidote, then punches her through the roof and out of the building. Junko tells Senya to handle the rest and then falls unconscious. Rubble falls from the damaged roof towards Junko, but it is blown away by a newly arrived Sogiita Gunha.[10]

Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out

Tokiwadai Election Arc

Main article: Tokiwadai Election Arc
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Other Appearances


MMR: Motto Marutto Railgun

In the fifth short, she is only seen in the false ending of the said short, alongside her fellow clique member Kobayashi Satori.

Non-canon stories

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party

In the short story prior to the events of the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On videogame, Junko is with Kobayashi Satori and the other girls of the clique as they try to spy on Misaki and Mikoto who are in the Rude Café. They are given strict instructions not to follow them, but Junko could not help herself and enters the cafe. She discovers the shenanigans Mikoto and Misaki are up to, and as punishment, Misaki later smashes a pie into Junko's butt. She later whispers into Junko's ear as Satori had telepathic contact with her, threatening her. This forces Satori to call for a retreat for the rest of the clique, living Mikoto and Misaki in peace.


Junko's ability is called Rampage Dress (天衣装着ランペイジドレス Ten'i Souchaku (Ranpeijidoresu)?, lit. "Heavenly Garment Equipping"), a Level 4 esper ability that enables her to manipulate the electrical signals in her cells to draw out further strength. This allows her to strengthen her sense of smell by increasing the sensitivity of her olfactory cells, or to perform superhuman maneuvers by boosting her muscle cells. However, due to the nature of her ability, it does not protect her from any injury caused by straining parts of her body in the process.[4] By using negative potential to deflect the negatively-charged electrons, Junko can create a positive space charge layer, Ion Sheath (イオン鞘?), which retrained the plasma's excitement and lowered its energy level. It can block most of the damage from one of Sogiita Gunha's attacks.[41]

Rampage Dress can seemingly do more than just strengthen the body. Junko is able to use it to block countless lasers fired by Iruka's Wave Conductor ability.[30] This is later revealed to be her having high-level body strengthening and regeneration, allowing her to quickly heal her wounds. Her wounds heal so fast that during her time in Ideal people believe she has never been injured. However, there is a price, as the rapid cell division and injury healing place a heavy burden on her mind and body, taking in the form of pain, specifically cluster headaches, and affects the usage of her power. According to Toomine, the potential into becoming a Level 5 has been detected in her powers, but her subconscious defense instincts prevent her from drawing out her full power.[42]

Since Junko never again experienced her cluster headaches after Misaki used her powers on her,[39] it is unknown to what extent her powers have been affected as Iruka's tiny lasers didn't hurt her at all,[30] though she still can be injured like when she sprained her ankle,[4] or that she is simply holding back.

Junko has knowledge of martial arts and body control techniques, due to her father providing her with books and videos on these things, and uses this knowledge to more effectively use her power. Her natural athletic sense and excellent mind allows her to utilize the knowledge in those books.[10]

Character Art Designs



  • Prior to being named, she was the only unnamed character featured in the opening panel to Chapter 44 as well as on the cover of Volume 8.
  • Misaka Mikoto refers to her as "Ringlet curl girl" in Chapter 49 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, hence the name.
  • Junko can completely conceal her hair inside a swimming cap and retain its form despite its apparent volume.[2][31]
  • Junko has grown from Level 2 to Level 4 in two months in the Clone Dolly Ideal.[39]
  • Junko reads a lot of manga. Her favorite is Ace o Nerae!.[10]
  • Junko's hair color is described as violet in the anime adaptation due to a discrepancy in interpretation of platinum blonde.[43]


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