Horokawa (幌河 Horokawa?) is a background character introduced in the 7th volume of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a probably a member of fencing club in a high-class girl's school in the School Garden.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Agitate Halation ArcEdit

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During the wild goose chase Kamijou Touma is put in the School Garden, the girl is part of a team hunting him down. There information about Touma is apparently widely varying as they are unsure what he looks like, Horokawa even believes he is a monster like a white alligator, after deeming that Touma is underground instead of above them on a rooftop after they tracked his cellphone signal.[1]

Horokawa's senpai suggests to her that what they're doing is not practice and that they should their sabres.[1]


  • (To her senpai, from NT 7): "But if this mysterious being can move freely within the sewer, does that mean he is a monster similar to a white alligator?"


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